Best Liquid Chlorine for Pools of 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Chlorine is a must-have pool chemical to disinfect your swimming pool by eliminating germs, algae, and bacteria like salmonella and E. coli, as well as germs that cause viruses such as diarrhea and swimmer’s ear or other infections.

You can find two different types of chlorine- liquid and granular. Liquid chlorine is best as it’s easy to use, budget-friendly, and effective. But finding the best liquid chlorine for the pool is daunting as there are uncountable options in the market. Therefore, not all of them come with the same concentrated strengths. Fortunately, we enlisted the most effective liquid chlorine that will serve your purpose. So, read on to explore the best liquid chlorine to sanitize your pool. 

Our Top Picks at a Glance

The 6 Best Pool Liquid Chlorine: In-Depth Review 2022

01. Chamipon Pool Shock Liquid Chlorinator (Best Overall)

Liquid Chlorine Pool Shock - Commercial Grade 12.5% Concentrated Strength

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From the view of multi-purpose sanitizing efficiency to value for the money, this chlorine will be your go-to pool sanitizer. Thanks to its 12.5% strengths of sodium hypochlorite. Yeah, it may not sound more, but it helps you disinfect your pool by killing harmful bacteria. 

As this liquid chlorine, you don’t need to wait for dissolving as the granule forms of chlorine are required. Just mix it with your pool water and walk away. 

The best part is- this bottle of liquid chlorine is NSF-50 and NSF-60 Certified. It means you can use it for sanitizing multiple surface types. For example, you can remove black mold and green algae from the house, sidewalk, and retaining wall.


  • Effective in killing bacteria & germs to leave your pool crystal clean
  • Work to remove mold and green algae from multiple surfaces
  • Bring no damage to the environment as it is EPA certified


  • A bit pricey compared to granular. However, it’s okay to use in a pinch. 

02. Quality Chemical Chloro-Guard Chlorine (Runner-Up)

Quality Chemical Chloro-Guard Chlorine. Pool Grade Liquid Chlorine

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“Pool-grade liquid chlorine to disinfect pool water by eliminating bacteria!” This is what we can say about this chlorine from Quality Chemical. The 12.5% concentrated solution is powerful enough to kill harmful germs & bacteria to leave your pool fully clean. 

You can increase the pool cleaning efficiency of this chlorine if you add a chlorine stabilizer or conditioner. Just add the correct amount of stabilizer in your pool and add chlorine to your swimming pool. As a result, it will boost up chlorine levels of your pool, and the pool chlorine will stay for longer to keep the water clean & germ-free. 

Though this chlorine is highly concentrated, Chloro-Guard can minimize or control the harsh smell. So, it’s easy & safe to use and causes no harm to asthma-sensitive people. On top of this, it’s EPA certified, which means it is environment-friendly.


  • No harsh smell
  • Environment-friendly
  • Disinfect pool water by eliminating bacteria


  • Some users complain they get a leaky bottle.

03. Natural Chemistry 7401 1 Gallon Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer (Best Chlorine Stabilizer)

Natural Chemistry 7401 1 Gallon Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner

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If you are looking for the best chlorine stabilizer, go for the Natural Chemistry 7401 Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer. It protects the chlorine of your pool from UV sunlight consumption. In other words, it stabilizes the chlorine level of your swimming pool to raise the chlorine performance significantly to treat the water.

Unlike regular dry Cyanuric acid, the Natural Liquid Swimming Pool Stabilizer is not an acid. It’s salt. As a result, it brings no damage to your pool equipment like the skimmer or pool surface. On the other hand, it starts working instantly than the traditional regular dry Cyanuric acid.

As it’s a liquid stabilizer, it dissolves into the water immediately and begins to protect the chlorine instantly with no risk of damaging your swimming pool. Indeed, this chlorine stabilizer works in a pinch to increase the chlorine performance to ensure you have a crystal clear pool.


  • Safe to use in inground, above-ground, vinyl, and traditional pools
  • Bring no damage to your pool equipment
  • Increase the chlorine efficiency by protecting it from the UV


  •  It may have a coagulated mass at the bottom of the container. So, shake it well before emptying it into your pool.

04. Austin’s Pool Tech Shock Gal. 12.5% (Best Budget)

000176 Pool Tech Shock Gal. 12.5%

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If you are on a budget, Austin’s Pool Tech Shock Gal. 12.5% will be your go-to pool chlorinator. Though this is affordable compared to other choices on our list, it doesn’t sacrifice its pool’s shocking efficacy. The 12.5% sodium hypochlorite is powerful enough to destroy the bacteria to keep your pool dirt & germ-free.

Applying this chlorine to your pool is a piece of cake. Just carefully dump it into the edges of your pool. Then, run your filter to circulate the chlorine throughout your pool evenly.

Nonetheless, you can also use this pool-grade chlorine to disinfect the water of your spa or hot tub.


  • Convenient to use
  • Allow chlorinating the spa or hot tub
  • Affordable


  • Though it’s budget-friendly, some users think it should be more affordable.

05. ChemCorp Liquid Chlorine Pool Commercial (Best Premium)

No products found.

No products found.

If the budget doesn’t matter to you and you have a large pool to chlorinate, go for the No products found.. This commercial-grade 4 gallons chlorine is powerful & sufficient to disinfect your large pools.

The 12.5% of high concentrated strength of this chlorine can kill harmful bacteria & germs to sanitize your pool. As a result, you will get a healthy pool for swimming. It can also remove the algae from your pool to leave the pool water crystal clear.

As this is liquid-based chlorine, you don’t need to wait for a couple of days to dissolve it. It means it begins to work immediately and starts eliminating dirt, germs, and bacteria right off the bat when adding to your pool. If you are worried about the residue of algae and unexpected dirt on your pool, consider picking algae and dirt pool vacuum from our top picks.


  • Powerful enough to  kill harmful bacteria
  • Perfect for the large pool
  • Easy to use


  • A little bit pricey compared to other liquid chlorines in the market

06. In The Swim Instant Chlorine Shock (Honorable Recommendation)

In The Swim Instant Chlorine Shock for Swimming Pools - 1.07 Pound Container

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We enlisted another effective liquid chlorine at the bottom of the list that works like a charm. The In The Swim Instant Chlorine Shock will be your best pick if you have a pool with a large amount of dirt & algae. The liquid chlorine has 73% of Calcium Hypochlorite as active ingredients. So, killing the toughest algae and harmful bacteria will be a very easy task.

Using the method of this liquid chlorine is also straightforward. Just sprinkle the liquid directly into your pool by running your pool circulation system. You should add a gallon of chlorine per 10000 gallons of water. So, measure your pool and apply the right amount of chlorine to your pool to kill the algae, germs and bacteria efficiently.


  • Super powerful and effective chlorine shock treatment
  • Ideal for spring openings, stubborn algae blooms, and regular maintenance
  • Convenient to use in your swimming pool


  • The product description is misleading as it’s not liquid. However, it works

Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider Before Choosing The Liquid Chlorine For Pool

Consider the following things before choosing the liquid chlorine for your pool.

Stabilized Chlorine or Unstabilized Chlorine

Chlorine can be either stabilized or unstabilized, depending on its implementation on the pool. Stabilized chlorine can be found either in liquid, granular shock, or tablet form. Stabilized chlorine is just chlorine with added cyanuric acid.

Plain chlorine is generally called unstabilized chlorine which is cyanuric acid-free. Unstabilized chlorine is used on the pools, which CYA level is too high. A high CYA level can lower the effectiveness of your chlorine. So it is important to determine your pool’s CYA level before choosing the right type. Unstabilized chlorine is best for an indoor pool that isn’t exposed to the sun.

Pool Size

Firstly, consider your pool size before going for liquid chlorine to chlorinate your pool. If you don’t know the measurement of your pool, you may end your buying session by picking the wrong chlorine bottle. For example, a 2-gallon liquid bottle will not be efficient if you have a 30,000-gallon pool. You should add a gallon of chlorine per 10000 gallons of water. So, know your pool size first and choose the chlorine bottle according to it.

Chlorine Type

Chlorine comes in two forms- liquid and granular. Liquid chlorine is effortless to add to your pool. And the best part is- you don’t need to wait for several days until it gets dissolved. In other words, it dissolves quickly and boosts up the chlorine level of your pool. On the other hand, the granular form of chlorine is a bit difficult to use. We described the difference between liquid and granular chlorine thoroughly in the next chapter.

Concentrated Strength

The concentrated strength of the liquid chlorine will let you know how efficient the chlorine is to disinfect the water. Fortunately, every chlorine we enlisted comes with 12.5% of concentrated strength. So, you can go for any of them to chlorinate your swimming pool.

Eco-friendly Or Not

Check the label or the description of the liquid chlorine bottle whether it’s EPA certified or not. Always, go for the liquid chlorine that is EPA certified. It means you can use chlorine without harming the environment.

The Difference Between Granular vs. Liquid Chlorine

Both granular and liquid chlorine serve the same purpose. It means both types of chorines will help you disinfect your pool by killing dirt, algae, and bacteria. But still, there is a subtle difference between the granular and the liquid chlorine. And this chapter will disclose the differences.


Granular chlorine is basically a form of powder. It means you should dissolve it before applying it to your pool. On the other hand, the liquid option is produced by bubbling the gas form of chlorine through caustic soda. You don’t need to dissolve it as it comes in liquid form.

Applying Method

The process of adding granular and liquid chlorine to your pool is also different. Liquid chlorine is easy to use and add to your swimming pool. Just pour the liquid chlorine directly into your pool by running the circulation system. 

On the other hand, you need to dissolve the granular first. Regarding this, add hot water into a bucket and mix the granular into the water. Once the chlorine powder gets dissolved, sprinkle it into your pool.

Best For

The liquid option is best for large pools with a lot of dirt, dust, and algae. In other words, you should go for liquid chlorine if you have a high-traffic swimming pool.

In contrast, granular chlorine is best for small pools. And the best part is- it’s affordable to get.

Major Differences between Liquid and Granular

  • Liquid Chlorine Is generally 40-60% cheaper than granular
  • Liquid Chlorine is more popular
  • Granular need  to dissolve in water
  • The liquid option is non-scaling and no residue

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is liquid chlorine better than pucks?

    Pool professionals prefer liquid chlorine over pucks or tabs. Liquid chlorine is easy to use and maintains the chlorine levels optimally without raising the stabilizer. On the other hand, pucks chlorine take time to dissolve and add a stabilizer to your swimming pool.

  2. How long after liquid chlorine can I swim?

    It depends on how much liquid chlorine you add to your pool and the size of the pool you have. However, it's safe to swim in your pool after 4 hours of applying the liquid chlorine to the pool.

  3. How long does liquid chlorine last in a pool?

    Any pool chemicals in liquid form will start ineffective after two months of applying. So, your liquid chlorine will also not last up to two months. Indeed, liquid chlorine has a short lifespan.

  4. Can I put liquid chlorine in my pool?

    Yes, you can put liquid chlorine in your pool. It's easy to add to your pool and effective in killing dirt, algae, and other water contaminants. Plus, it's the safest method to disinfect your swimming pool.

Final Verdict

You decided to get liquid chlorine to sanitize your chlorine pool by killing bacteria and germs. And we researched and reviewed some of the best liquid chlorine for pools in the market. All of them are effective, cost-effective, and leave no scaling behind. So, you can go for any of them from our list.

However, we recommend the Chamipon Pool Shock Liquid Chlorinator most. It’s efficient in killing algae, and germs from your pool. And the best part is- you can also use it to clean other surfaces of your home. On the other hand, you can go with the Austin’s Pool Tech Shock Gal. 12.5% if you are on a budget.

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