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Our Story

Hi, I am Chad Brown, live in Louisiana. I am the founder of Honest Dig. I am an Electrical Engineer, Product Troubleshooter, and Professional Blogger. I am a tech freak, Console Gamer, and Crazy Book Reader. I own 3 pets, 2 cats, and a Golden Retriever.

Why I started this blog?

I love to help people and I am also passionate to show the right path to my friends, family and my readers. Everyday, when I read any product reviews before buying, I don’t find any honest reviews. So, I made up my mind to to start a honest blog. Where I just put the actual reviews. I don’t care, whether, it is negative or positive. I hate to see people regretting after buying a product.

Do I also Earn Commission?

Yes, if someone buy something from my affiliate link, I receive small commission,