What can I use to wash my cat if I don’t have cat shampoo?

This is very natural that cats are getting dirty and meticulous groomers with the time. That is the reason it needs to be bath to clean it up again and it is important. But the main problem is, all the time we don’t have cat shampoo which is important. In that case, this is important to look for an alternative and know what kind of soap to wash a cat.

That’s why most of the time people ask me what I can use to wash my cat if I don’t have cat shampoo in my house. Keep reading to know what thing you can use as an alternative to cat shampoo. Some tips and answers to FAQs will also give below in this article.

Things that can use when cat shampoo is finished

Common Shampoo

The regular shampoo, that we use on our common pets can be used also on a cat. Most of the time those shampoos are formulated with the same things. so there will no longer be harmful issues with the regular shampoo. Then again I suggest checking the caution from its body, that is there any restrictions for your cats or not.

Baby Shampoo

After regular shampoo, I think the baby shampoo is the best alternative to the cat’s shampoo. Because the sensitivity level of both the cat and baby skins is pretty the same. So it should use the level same alkali on both things. For the sudden present, you can use baby shampoo as the cat shampoo alternative.

Natural Soap

Natural shampoo made on oils, fats, and butter. The coloring of natural shampoo is also done naturally. So, it’s completely safe for your cats and kittens. Though this is an expensive option and you may use it as a temporary solution.

Hand Washing soap

All the well-known brand of handwashing soap does not have a toxin in them. Those are perfect for the pet bath. To use them add some glycerin to make the soap softer and cat-friendly. But if the handwashing soap has an excessive level of alkali then I suggest people for leaving it.

Wipes For Cats

Moist towelette wipes or bath wipes for cats are another good and easy alternative, because, water ѕсаrеѕ most cats, rеmеmbеr nоt tо be forceful to your cat, this could cause trauma. Wipes will not make your cat fur wet but slightly dump. For little freshening up bath wipes are the perfect option. But, keep it mind the water-shampoo routine works best for cats if they are infested with fleas.

Best Bath Wipes For Cats

How to make homemade cat shampoo or cat flea shampoo easily

cute cat

If you don’t have cat shampoo in your home, the best thing is to make homemade shampoo for your pet. The ingredients you need are here.


Dish soap 1 cup
White/apple cider vinegar

1 cup

Water 4 cup
Geranium Oil or Catnip Oil (Optional, but best for controlling fleas) 3-5 Drops

All those things should have normal temperatures. Then mix it all gently and slowly. Do not need to use anything to avoid the excessive foam of the soap. Even do not need to drop oil or other things to make it soft. If you keep the ratio of everything similar as I said, it will make the proper cat shampoo. Keep the solution in the fridge. But don’t try to preserve this for more than 14 days.

List of Shampoos or Soaps, Safe for Cats and Kitten: 

If you are considering buying safe soap for cats, we have prepared a list of some natural-friendly shampoos and soaps for your beloved pets. These gentle, natural ingredients will make your kitten fresh naturally. All products are made without any use of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, SLS, or synthetic fragrance and super-safe shampoos and soaps for your beloved.

Quick video guide about making homemade cat shampoo or cat flea shampoo

Tips for washing cats with the alternative of cat shampoo

Nail off: Before getting your pet bath, make sure it does not have an excessive nails. The reason is harmful, makes pets dirtier and those are a huge source of germs. Cut off nails in the proper way.

Dry faster: If you use anything like the alternative of the pet shampoo, then make sure the hair of your dry pet is faster. A sudden change in the cleaning solution can make an impact on your pet. Better get a hairdryer to make dry his hair.

Comb his hair: Some pet shampoo alternatives can make tangle on a pet’s hair. This is the reason after each bath this is suggested to comb its hair. But combing should be gentle and soft.

Hair conditioner: some of the cat shampoo alternatives contain alkali. If you got things like so, then use a hair conditioner. After over the shampoo bath, put some conditioner on your pet and rub all over its hair gently. And rest wash all the things with water.

Not always: Using alternatives is accepted but now always. While you don’t have the shampoo at your home, you can go for an alternative. But you need to bring the cat shampoo to your home soon.

Tips on How To Wash To Wash Your Cat

Answer to all the questions about the alternative of cat shampoo (FAQS)

Can I use baby shampoo on my cat? Does baby shampoo is the alternative to cat shampoo?

You can wash your cat with baby shampoo for a short time. The baby shampoo does not contain too much alkali. Even those are soft and none of the unhygienic things are on it. So it can wash your cat if you don’t have cat shampoo. But remember baby shampoo is not formulated for the cat. That’s why don’t try to use baby shampoo on the cat for a long time. It may harm.

Can I clean my cat’s fur without water?

There are few ways to clean cats’ fur without water. Even there are some popular methods also. But none of the ways is enough to clean your pet hair 100% to it. That is the reason I don’t support cleaning pet fur without water.

Can you use human shampoo on cats?

Both human and cat skin is not able to face the same level of alkaline. On another hand, human shampoo is prepared with level good alkali. Using regular human soap on a cat may hurt his skin. But if there will contain a low level of alkali then this is accepted.

Is there any restriction to use the alternative of cat shampoo?

To get a bath from a cat nothing can be perfect like cat shampoo. But if you don’t have you can get anything instead of cat shampoo you can get anything. But make sure there will no different medicine elements and a low level of alkaline.

Can I use Palmolive to wash my cat?

Palmolive is a detergent with a pleasant aroma. As most dishwasher detergent can cut greases from dishes, so, it is useful to clear extra oil from a pet’s fur/coat, it can also destroy flea exoskeletons from the cat’s body. But, this can wipe out natural useful oils from cat fur, that’s why regular use is not recommended. However, you can use it to kill adult fleas as a primary flea treatment.

Can I use dove soap on my cat?

Yes. But, keep in mind, none of the human shampoos are good for cats. Only use it, if you have run out of cat shampoos for a long time, and always try to use the unscented one.


So now your turn to decide that, what you are going to choose when you don’t have shampoo for cleaning your cat. But don’t miss its regularly recommended bath to ensure your favorite animal’s healthy growth. Remember the healthy life of your pets depends on you. your excuse of there is no shampoo can make him sick soon. I hope none of those things are going to happen and both of you and your pet will be happy.

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