Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance and Care Guide

In a modern household, vacuuming is the most popular cleaning tool. Now, it is part of our life, whether cleaning furniture, floor, carpets, etc. The ease of use makes everyone to depend on the vacuum cleaner. As vacuum cleaners are our daily needs, so we must handle this tool with proper care to avoid injuries or to damage the surface. Precise attention to a vacuum cleaner can give a more reliable and long life. For that reason, let us discuss the basics of Vacuum cleaner maintenance and care.

At first, let us discuss the essential precaution of using a cordless vacuum cleaner or corded vacuum cleaner:

Vacuum cleaner safety precautions

# Don’t get too close to the opening of the vacuum cleaner:

You could be injured with the cleaner’s opening if your fingers, hair, clothing, or skin is close to the opening part. Especially, children and kids should always stay away from any type of vacuum tools. The brush roll is a dangerous part of a vacuum cleaner; even a brushless vacuum cleaner is not safe due to strong suction power. You must read the safety manual, whether it is a portable vacuum or heavy vacuum cleaner, and need to do a safety awareness program in your home.

# Use Accurate Extension Cord

Always use a proper extension cord. Check the wattage or amp rating before replacing a new cable.

# Handle the Power Cord Properly

It is a big mistake to pull the power cord from a distance. Sometimes it can be devastating. Regularly check the wire for any damage or insulation breakage.

# Choose the right vacuum:

There are many types of vacuum. Outdoor vacuum or Indoor vacuum cleaner; there is also dry vacuum and wet vacuum cleaner. We must use the right vacuum cleaner for our purpose. Choosing the wrong vacuum cleaner can damage or shorten its life

# Clear the small or hard object from the floor

Before starting to clean a home, always give some effort to clear the small or hard object from the floor. These objects could damage the vacuum brush roll and other parts of the cleaner. Excess powder on the floor can also clog the vacuum filter.

# Maintain the Portable hand vacuum or cordless vacuum battery properly

Cordless vacuum cleaners are operated with batteries. We should avoid using it during low charge. Check the vacuum cleaner manual to know the battery life. We must replace the battery if the battery drains too quickly.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance:

Now the question is Why Maintenance of Cordless or a corded vacuum cleaner? We are aware of the Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Advantages in our daily life. Besides taking proper handling and precaution, we also need a bit of maintenance for our vacuum cleaner for long-lasting and to avoid accidents and damages. Below we will discuss the main points of vacuum cleaner maintenance and cleaning:

Lets give you some vacuum cleaner maintenance checklist and tips for best care of your Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Before maintenance, always make sure to unplug the corded vacuum cleaner or remove the battery for a cordless vacuum
  • Clean the brush roll regularly. Animal hairs, human hairs, long hair rugs, or other debris cause lots of problems on the brush roll. Use tweezers or scissors to remove those from the brush roll
  • Clean the brush roller bearings and lubricate the bearings
  • Check the brush belt for any damage, cracks, worn spots and replace it, if defected
  • Empty the dust bag or dirt container periodically
  • Wash the filter with water and  mild detergent
  • Remove any debris from the hose and also wash it with water
  • Download the updated manual from the internet with your model number, if available
  • Please note that the use of water during cleaning depends on the manufacturer’s model. So, make sure to check the manual before using water

Vacuum Cleaners Manuals

Sometimes you will need a vacuum cleaner manual before starting any troubleshooting or to handle it with proper care. You can download some popular vacuum cleaner manuals by clicking the below links

1. Shark Vacuum Cleaner Manual (Shark Rotator Lift-Away Manual, Shark Navigator Manual, etc.)

2. Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Manual (Bissell Vacuum troubleshooting manual, Bissell carpet cleaner instructions manual, Bissell owners manuals, etc.)

3. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Manual (Dyson V7 manual, Dyson cordless vacuum manual, Dyson animal no suction upright Manual, etc.)

4.Dirt Devil Vacuum Manual (Dirt Devil power express manual, Dirt Devil power max manual, dirt devil upright vacuum manual etc.)


Maintenance is one of the essential things in our daily life. In the same way, machines like vacuum cleaners also need proper care and maintenance. Vacuum cleaners can also get damaged and may require changing a few parts. Some people are not aware of the fact they can get their vacuum cleaner fixed by simply changing the parts. Or you can say that they don’t want to get into all the struggles of replacing the parts. But let me tell you that getting the parts of Bissell Vacuum cleaners is so easy.

If you are already using a Bissell Vacuum cleaner and want to get a part replaced, then you can easily order the parts of the vacuum cleaner. The company offers almost every part of vacuum cleaners to buy. Below, we have given some reliable links to order parts of Bissell Vacuum. 

Every vacuum cleaner comes with different parts that have codes on them to order online. Bissell also provides a guide in the case you don’t know how to change the components of these Vacuum cleaners.

In the guide, you can get every single detail of how to change the parts. From changing the filters to changing the bag of vacuum cleaners, you can learn anything you want

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Troubleshooting:

If you are using a Vacuum cleaner, you must have come across many minor problems such as loss of suction power, changing of dirtbag, or some small wiring problem. There are many things which would need your attention. You can troubleshoot most of the problems you are facing with your Vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Belts:

Belts should be the must-have spare with a vacuum cleaner. You can find the Bissell vacuum belts from many online sources. Such as OFFICIAL BISSELL WEBSITE BELT SECTIONAMAZON BISSELL BELTS,, and so on.

Vacuum Cleaner Suction power problem and what causes a vacuum cleaner to lose suction?

There are many instances where the suction power of your vacuum cleaner can decrease with continuous usage. You can restore the suction power of your vacuum cleaner by following these steps:

  1. 1Clean the filters: Remove the screen of your vacuum cleaner and the brush roller of your vacuum cleaner and check if there is something stuck in between. You can clean them with the help of a simple brush.
  2. 2Empty the bag: The pet hairs get stuck in the vacuum cleaner’s bag sometimes, which then goes to other parts of the vacuum cleaner resulting in the loss of suction power. Just empty the bag and change it, if possible.
  3. 3There are so many other troubleshooting that you can do right at your home. You can refer to the user guide in case you are struggling with a minor issue.

Here is a video guide regarding maintenance and cleaning for your vacuum cleaner

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  1. What does strong suction vacuum cleaner mean?

    By calculating Air Flow, Air Watt, Water lift, Watts, Ampere, and Horsepower of the motor, we can determine the strength of the vacuum cleaner. A strong vacuum cleaner should have high Air Flow (CFM), Air Watt (AW), Water Lift, Ampere (A), and Horsepower (HP). So, to find the strongest vacuum leaner, we need to consider the above vacuum cleaner ratings.

  2. How to remove the roller brush from the shark vacuum?

    You need to unscrew the bottom faceplate first to remove the brush roller from the vacuum cleaner. After that, you can easily take out the brush roll from the belt. Check the brush roller orientation before removing, so you will not make a mistake during reassembling.

  3. How to take apart a Bissell vacuum?

    Remove any attachment which is clipped and detach the hose. Examine the body of your Bissel Vacuum to find the screws. Unscrew using the right screwdriver. After that, remove the beater bar and drive belt. Depending on the model, you need to take the next step to remove bags, filters, or whatever filter you have.

  4. How long do vacuums last

    It depends on the brand's quality and handling. A decent brand of good vacuum cleaner last 6-8 years.

  5. How to remove roller brush from shark rocket vacuum?

    The shark rocket has a unique and innovative roller so that you can remove the brush roll easily for cleaning. Even we don't need any screwdriver for opening it. You need to release buttons away from the unit with both hands and lift the roller brush.

  6. Shark rotator vacuum won't turn on?

    Sometimes, due to overheating of the motor thermostat, the rotator might not turn on. We need to unplug and wait for half to one hour for cooling the motor. Clean the hose and filter, then plug and try again. You can also call Shark customer care for support.

  7. How to disinfect a vacuum cleaner?

    Remove the old vacuum cleaner bag and dispose of it properly by sealing the trash bag. Use disinfection spray inside the vacuum cleaner After 5 minutes, add a new bag. Also, spray the fabrics covered area (If any) of the vacuum. Use vinegar to vacuum cleaner the body and dry with a clean cloth. You can also use alcohol for disinfection. Finally, air-dry the cleaner.

  8. How to change the belt on a shark navigator vacuum?

    You can easily change the belt during brush roller cleaning.

  9. Which are the most powerful stick vacuums?

    There are lots of good vacuum cleaner brands. You can find a powerful stick vacuum from Dyson, Hoover, Shark, Black+Decker, Dirt Devil, and so on.

  10. How often should the Dyson filter be replaced?

    Dyson purifiers require minimal maintenance on average Dyson filters need to be replaced once a year based on 12 hours per day of purification we recommend that you use auto mode to ensure the filter lasts as long as possible this means that your purifier will only be active when it needs to be the Dyson link app tracks filter usage and will alert you when your filter needs to be changed

The Final Verdict

We just tried to share some primary care, maintenance, and troubleshooting guides here. It is preferable to go to the manufacturer’s service center for any types of trouble in our vacuum cleaner. Many top brands have also online and telephone customer service. We can solve many minor problems with that help. Always consider professionals or service center to conduct bigger troubleshooting.

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