Summer Escapes vs Intex Pool: Best Choice for Summer Fun

What is the best thing in a hot summer season? A pool, of course. Now, let’s say you are in a store and you pick one for yourself. Summer Escape vs. Intex Pools, which one should you choose? 

Both the brands offer good quality, and sturdiness, are easy clean, and come in a wide range of pricing. 

If you want a short-cut answer, try out Intex. 

Surprised already? For starters, Intex has tons of options, and you don’t need to break the bank to get one. Though both are reliable, it is up to you which to choose. 

Today, let us take a complete tour on why Intex surpasses Summer escape. We also included a quick comparison table so that you don’t have to go through the whole article. 

Summer Escape: Why choose it?

Summer Escape is a quick and easy pool that comes with all above-ground pool comfort. Having tons of models, you can pick anyone and get top durability every time. It has a three-layer protection feature, which has heavy gauge PVC and a polymer mesh inside. 

The best part is, that you have the option of choosing between a metal-sided pool or an inflatable one. Turns out, you don’t have to waste hours just to clean and maintain it. A simple rinse and water change are enough. Out of the box, you will get, a filter pump, maintenance kit, etc. Summer Escapes hardly keeps anything unchecked. 

Sturdy and durable

When it comes to sturdiness and durability, it is hard to beat Summer Escape. Three-layer protection with a polymer mesh inner layer protects the pool from heavy splashes and jumps. Now there is nothing standing between you and fun. Whereas other pool brands degrade quickly with time, Summer Escape just gets better. 

Easy to clean

Let’s face it, every pool needs a floating chlorinator and chemicals to remove the cloudiness. Sometimes, you have to wait for hours just to filter out the water and then clean the pool. In the case of Summer Escape, just give it a rinse and wallah. You can use some choline, but not excessively. 

Added accessories

If you want to buy a pool without going to the haste of buying the accessories, Summer Escape is what you need. Here you will get a full set of pool accessories including a ladder, pool cover, filter pump, etc. Now, you don’t have to waste another weekend searching for all the essentials for your pool. 


  • Draining water is super easy
  • Effortless clean
  • Available in a metal frame and inflatable structure
  • Ensures sturdiness and durability
  • The pool liner is thicker than the Intex pool


  • May crack after a few years

Intex: Why choose it?

Intex is a well-reached brand, which is both durable and won’t break the bank. Starting from metal frame pool to all the inflatables, there are about a dozen options to choose from. All Intex pools offer a 3-ply material structure, giving it complete dent resistance. 

Additionally, the pools are UV resistant, easy to clean, and, yeah, quick heat release. Now, you don’t have to worry about the summer heat killing all the family fun. If you are not a fan of wasting hours on pool filling, then Intex is just for you. Setting up the pool takes about 10 mins, and you can do it on the go. 

Model variations

If you want to choose from a whole list of pools, Intex is the most versatile. It has pool options for kids, small families, and even nuclear ones. Surprised right? Where other brands limit to just two or four variations, Intex offers more than a dozen. 

A pool at any price

If you want a pool that lasts years and is easy for the pock, choose Intex. Turns out, Intex pool prices from fifteen dollars. There is more. You can get a pool with a higher price tag and get more features out of the box. Even a kid can get an Intex pool with his own money. 

Simple and Gorgeous

When it comes to a beautiful design and stylish look, Intex is hard to beat. Having lots of color variation, Intex keeps it simple and yet gorgeous. You don’t have to have an expensive pool to make it a beautiful one. Intex is all you need. 


  • All accessories are powder coated with steel
  • Pumps are better than the Summer Escape pool
  • Has lots of varieties of sizes, shapes, and design
  • Provides different ranges in price
  • Easy to clean and drain water after use


  • Premium ones are a little expensive
  • The pool liner is thinner than the Intex pool

Summer Escapes Vs. Intex: Head to head

To just between two pool brands, you need proof and feature comparison. Let us take a head-to-head comparison and check who wins. 

Price of pool

Most of the time, pool prices are too much, and you end up buying a lower-quality pool. However, both pool brands are good, but Intex prices are higher. Intex doesn’t compromise on quality and still pulls it off on the pricing. Doesn’t really matter when you are a leading brand. You get the best of both worlds with Summer Escapes at a lower price.

Fast Setup

In a busy life, time isn’t always what you have in your hands. Even on Sundays, you have to go through tons of chores for your family. So, you need to get a pool, which has an easy up. Turns out, both the Summer escape and Intex have an easy 10-minute setup time. You just pump water with an efficient pump, and you are done. For us, it is a draw. 

Easy cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, beating Summer Escape is tough. Intex is good too, but Summer escape has a heavy gauge PVC layer, which hardly lets debris build-up. You can use a regular scrubber and remove any algae or dirt stuck on the pool walls. Additionally, Intex pools need more chlorine compared to Summer Escape pools. A plus point for Summer.

Cost of installation

The cost of installing Summer is way cheaper. The reason is, that you need to buy Intex products like a pool pump, filter, and so on. On the other hand, Summer escape has everything out of the box, which includes filters, pumps, ladders, etc. 

Included accessories 

To maintain a pool, you need a lot of things. Turns out, Summer escape comes with everything out of the box including, a pool ladder, pump, filter, cover, etc. You don’t have to pay a dime for them if you don’t want to. Whereas, most pools of Intex don’t have this feature, so you have to buy them separately. This is why Intex pools are so cheap.


Here, you won’t find a direct winner. The reason is, that both pool brands offer high durability. You can use them for years to come without needing to fix punctures or holes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Summer Waves or Intex better?

    When you compare Summer Waves to Intex, you will most probably choose Intex. The reason mainly comes to the pricing. Summer costs a lot more money and may even break the band. If you need durability, the result is a draw. 

  2. Are summer waves pools any good?

    Yes. Summer waves is an industry leader when it comes to pool design and durability. You can use these for years, even under heavy load. The best part is, it is not only good but will last indefinitely. 

  3. Are Intex and Summer Waves filters interchangeable?

    If you want to interchange an Intex pool filter with a summer one, then go ahead. After all, both of them are pools, and for the filter, there is hardly any difference. 

  4. How many years will an Intex pool last?

    Intex above-ground pools will last anywhere between three and four years. However, durability depends on usage and maintenance. If you took care of your pool properly, you could expect about eight years of service life. 

  5. Should I put a tarp under my pool?

    Well, it depends. Some may say you have to. But you can put almost anything with good durability. Tarps or old carpets will work great as a protective layer for your pool. 


So, what did you think? Who wins the match? 

For us, it is almost a draw, where Intex barely won. In the case of Summer, the price is lower. In contrast, Intex offers premium quality pitches at a higher price point. Then again, none of us want to compromise on the quality right? 

Both the brands have a stylish designs and offer a long service life. Additionally, you will have similar options between the two brands.

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