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Swimming Pool Care

shocking a swimming pool

How and when to shock your pool?

The task of shocking a pool is considered an ordinary maintenance task to keep your pool clean. Readers new with the word ‘pull shocking’ may …
how to clean pool bottom

How to clean the bottom of a pool?

No one wants to swim in a pool with dirt, leaves, or algae. These spread germs to the swimmers and cause diseases. It is mandatory …
ways to clean leaves out of pool

Best Way to Get Leaves Out of Pool

Picking up fallen leaves from your pool is necessary when you want a joyful swim. If trees are nearby or an unwanted storm happens, your …
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Home Improvement

Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone knows about the biggest struggle we face in our day to day life which is of course “Cleaning.” It is one of the most …
Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance and Repair

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance and Care Guide

In a modern household, vacuuming is the most popular cleaning tool. Now, it is part of our life, whether cleaning furniture, floor, carpets, etc. The …
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