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How to get metal out of pool water

How to Get Metal Out of Pool Water

Different metals in water such as iron, copper, or silver are natural minerals that you will find in every pool. It creates a problem when …
what to put under the above ground pool

What to put under above ground pool?

Without any underlayment surface, your above-ground pool may leak due to stones, roots, rocks, or any sharp debris. So, what to put under the above-ground …
how many gallons in a kiddie pool

How many gallons in a kiddie pool

Filling your kiddie pool with the right volume of water can make your kids’ swimming or jumping experience better. Though the water will remain full …
shocking a swimming pool

How and when to shock your pool?

The task of shocking a pool is considered an ordinary maintenance task to keep your pool clean. Readers new with the word ‘pull shocking’ may …
how to clean pool bottom

How to clean the bottom of a pool?

No one wants to swim in a pool with dirt, leaves, or algae. These spread germs to the swimmers and cause diseases. It is mandatory …
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Cleaning Appliance

Best Vacuum for Stair (1)

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Stairs 2021

We all have tried different types of vacuum cleaners to help us with our day to the daily cleaning process. Vacuum cleaners have made our …
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