How To Vacuum A Summer Waves Pool

There would be more than 80,529 Swimming Pool Cleaning Services businesses in the US right now. That is because people do not know how to maintain the pool. Vacuuming is one of the main parts of cleaning and it becomes more important for a summer wave pool.

If you know the process of using the Summer Waves pool vacuum, you do not have to wait for the cleaning service. The process is simple. You can do it by using both automatic & manual pool vacuums. Therefore, knowing the processes of both automatic & manual pool vacuum is important. 

In addition, manual pool vacuums require additional settings before working. So, let’s get to the discussion without delay.

How to Vacuum a Summer Waves pool

Along with some easy steps, this part is going to serve you the vacuum setup processes too. So, abide by this part to know how to use the Summer Waves pool vacuum.

Vacuum your Summer Wave Pool with a Manual Pool Vacuum

Lots of people use manual pool vacuums to clean the pool. Now, let’s see the using process of the manual pool vacuum.

Setting up your vacuum

Without properly setting up the vacuum, it is impossible to get the best result. So make sure you have set up the tool properly. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Connect the head

The first step to setting up your vacuum is to connect the head. Connect the head of the vacuum with the one last edge of the pole. 

Step 2: Link the vacuum

Then, link the hose with the vacuum. To do that, take the hose in one hand and attach the hose to the vacuum. It is the simplest thing in this process.

Step 3: Check the connection

Remember to check the connection. Otherwise, it may create troubles during vacuuming that you don’t want at all. 

Step 4: Deal with skim-vac 

After that, you need to deal with skim-vac. Simply attach the skim-vac to the rest edge of the hose.

Step 5: Turn off the pump

The next step is to turn your pump off. Simply turn off the pump & push the hose inside the pool. 

Step 6: Release the stuck air

After inserting the hose, release the stuck air. It may take a few seconds. Wait until all the air gets out.

Step 7: Place the skim-vac

After opening the cover of the skimmer, it is time to place skim-vac over the skimmer basket. Do that carefully.

Step 8: Don’t insert the hose directly.

When inserting the hose, make sure you do not insert the hose directly inside the visible hole. It is strictly prohibited.

Step 9: Connect the vacuum

The setup ends with connecting the vacuum. Since the setup is done, you are ready to connect the vacuum.

The process of using a manual vacuum

Now let’s check the process of using a manual vacuum.

Step 1: Vacuum the waste

The first thing you need to do is to vacuum the waste. To vacuum the waste precisely, turn on the “waste” option. The harmful algae along with sand particles will be washed away after turning on this option. 

Step 2: Select the filter option 

In case your model doesn’t own the mentioned option, select the “filter” option to start vacuuming. Once you select it, turn the pump on to start the cleaning process.

Step 3: Move your vacuum slowly

In this step, move the manual vacuum normally as a vacuum you used to clean your living room before. The process of cleaning the pool is indifferent at all. Don’t move the vacuum very fast so that it can collect debris nicely. Also, don’t be too slow, it can take a whole day to clean.

Step 4: Turn off the vacuum

After a vacuuming session, turn the pump off. Take a break from work. You can do some other work by this time.

Step 5: Empty the basket

Then, you need to empty the skimmer basket. All the debris & water are sucked in this place. Simply remove all that debris and water for a cleaning surface.

Step 6: Turn on the rinse option

Now start the work again. This time, turn the filter to the “rinse” option along with running the pump for around half an hour. Wait until the task is completed.

Step 7: Bring the setting to filter

The setting should go back to the ‘filter’ option. Don’t forget to bring the setting back to the “filter” after the session is done.

Step 8: Spray the pool

Some of the manual vacuums come with cartridge filters to spray it out. You can easily do this using a general garden hose. So take your garden hose and spray it out.

Step 9: Remove the hose

Last, of all, dissociate the hose from the filter to finish the session. You are done vacuuming your summer waves pool with the manual vacuum.

Steps for using an Automatic Pool Vacuum on your Summer Wave Pool

As an automatic pool vacuum comes with an additional setup, it’s convenient for the users. Hence, see the using system of an automatic pool vacuum.

Step 1: Pick the right vacuum

There are many kinds of automatic pool vacuums like robotic, pressure-side & suction-side. Depending on the type of your Summer Waves pool, you need to select the right one. Your preference also plays a big role here. 

Step 2: Start the vacuum 

However, you need to turn the automatic pool vacuum on to suck the debris. It’s simple to activate the automatic pool vacuum by turning on the specific switch. Different vacuums come with different settings. Read the manual and start properly.

Step 3: Add a booster camp

A booster pump can be added so that it can suck the dust more effectively. The price of a booster camp is not that much. Adding it will make your job easier.

Step 4: Place the vacuum in the right place

Since the vacuum is automated, you need to place it in the right position. Otherwise, you might not get the desired result.

Step 5: Inspect the process

The live involvement of humans isn’t essential while using the automatic pool vacuum. But, you should inspect the area periodically in case the automatic vacuum faces any technical malfunction.

Step 6:  Dispose of the dirt

It will collect debris from the pool & fill the debris in a separate bag. Once it’s loaded, you need to dispose of the debris. Simply dissociate the bag full of debris & kick it away. 

Step 7: Remove leaves and others

If you find some large leaves in the pool that the automatic vacuum cannot remove, use your hand. You can even use a net just to collect those leaves.

Step 8: Exchange filter

If it’s about vacuuming a large pool using your Summer Waves pool vacuum, you need to exchange the filter periodically. For strong filtration of mini debris like sands, it’s a must. 

Step 9: Reassemble the bag

Last, of all, reassemble the debris-collection bag with the vacuum. Besides, don’t forget to turn it off & preserve it in a suitable location. 


See! The process is not that tough. You can do that by spending a small amount of time. A manual or automated vacuum can easily get your job done. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned above.

A clean and vacuumed pool is enjoyable to swim. It also helps you maintain hygiene. Your family and friends can spend some quality time without getting ill.

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