How To Remove Calcium Deposits From Pebble Tec Pool

Imbalanced calcium and pH levels of your pool water are the main culprits behind forming calcium deposits on your pebble tec pool sides. However, you can prevent calcium scaling easily by testing the water and balancing it regularly. 

Though it’s a bit tricky to remove the calcium build-up from the pool, you must take preventative actions to stop reforming the calcium scales. If there are calcium buildups in your pool, here is how to remove calcium deposits from the pebble tec pool. 

How To Remove Calcium Deposits from Pebble Tec Pool

Calcium deposits in your Pebble Tec Pool are a common pool problem. It occurs due to the high level of Calcium in water. Fortunately, we mentioned three remedies below to fight against calcium buildup.

Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is an effective ingredient to remove calcium buildups from the pool bottom and the walls. Before applying the solution of muriatic acid, use a stiff brush to break down or knock off the calcium deposits. Then, apply the muriatic acid directly to the calcium spots and leave it for several minutes. Finally, brush away the stained area to remove calcium leftovers. 

Try Out Lime Softening Treatment

Lime softening treatment is a common yet efficient way to break down and remove calcium deposits. In this process, you need to do it at the scale of water treatment plants. You should add lime there and raise the pH level too high. It causes calcium to form a solid which settles out of the water. Once you fish out those calcium deposits, back the pH level of your water to normal (7-8). 

Use Ion Exchange Method

This method is generally used for residential and commercial purposes. In this process, you can find a column of resin beads. These columns are specially formulated to grab calcium and magnesium ions from the water passing by them. It’s mostly known as an ion-exchange method as for a calcium ion to be removed from the water, two sodium ions come off the resin into the water. 

Periodically, you need to soak the resin into a solution of high sodium ions to remove the calcium. That’s why this softener method requires more salt to work. 

Things To Do After Removing Calcium Deposits From Pebble Tec Pool

Yes, you can get rid of calcium dust or scale with diluted muriatic acid or other two treatments. If it is widespread, just drain your pebble tec pool and do a full acid wash. 

However, it’s worth nothing, if the calcium hardness level of water is high. It’s most likely the calcium scale will form again. 

Too high calcium levels will lead to scaling and cloudy water. On the other hand, too low a calcium level will damage the finish of your Pebble Tec Pool surface. 

If the water of your area contains too high a CH level, we recommend you chlorinate your pool with Di-Chlor, Tri-Chlor, or liquid chlorine. None of these have calcium in them. 

Therefore, keep the water of your pool balanced. And don’t forget to measure the CH level of your pool periodically. The ideal level of CH is 200-400 ppm.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a pumice stone on a Pebble Tec pool?

Yes, you can use a pumice stone on a Pebble Tec pool. But the heck is- it requires a lot of elbow grease and time to clean the calcium deposits with a pumice stone. You may take hours after hours- even several days to clean depending on the number of calcium buildups. 

Should you acid wash Pebble Tec pool?

Yes, you should acid wash the pebble tec pool if there is a large amount of calcium buildup. First, drain your pebble tec pool. Then, acid washes your entire swimming pool. 

Can you use a pressure washer on Pebble Tec?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer. First, use some soap on the affected area to loosen up the dust. Then, set the pressure washer to low and start washing the pool sides. 

How much does an acid wash cost?

On average, you need to spend $200 to acid wash your pool. However, the cost may vary depending on the pool size and your location. 

How much does it cost to acid wash a Pebble Tec pool?

You need to count between $850-$4000 depending on the pool size to acid wash a Pebble Tec pool.  


From the above discussion, you learned too much CH in the water and an imbalance pH level will form calcium deposits. You can easily remove the calcium scales by trying out any of the methods we mentioned. 

But we recommend you take the precautionary steps and follow them strictly. Test your pool water regularly and balance the chemical. And don’t forget to chlorinate your pebble tec pool with liquid chlorine if the water is high in CH.

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