How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean Without Chemicals

Keeping the kiddie pool clean is the utmost priority for a parent, no wonder about it. Every child loves to play with water day long in the small-inflated pool. Without ensuring proper hygiene, the chances of getting affected with viruses are really high. Various methods are available to keep it clean. Among those many, using chemicals is common.

However, it is unsafe to use any kind of chemicals in the kiddie pool for various reasons. Knowing how to keep a kiddie pool clean naturally will keep your kids safe. Today, we will talk about how you can keep a Kid Pool Clean Naturally without Chemicals. Also, you will know why you can’t use any chemicals in the kiddie pool.

When to clean your kiddie pool?

To maintain hygiene and cleanliness, cleaning the pool regularly is essential. But what is ‘regularly?’ Well, clean your pool:

  • Right after your kids splash the pool around
  • After every play
  • When you see any floating dust, bugs, debris, or leaves in the pool
  • Notice any discoloration of water
  • See dirt or algae accumulation in the bottom
  • Whenever any sick child enters your pool

Whenever you find any signs, make sure to clean your pool. Also, clean your pool once a week for the best result.

Why shouldn’t you clean a kiddie pool with chemicals?

kids playing on kiddie pool

Using bleach or other pool disinfectants such as chlorine or bromine is not safe and suitable for kiddie pools. Here are the reasons for that.

  • A large portion of water can easily spill out or splashed out when kids are playing. It becomes tough to measure the right amount of disinfectant for the pool. 
  • Due to water loss, more and more disinfectant chemicals are required to clean.
  • Finally, beaches or disinfectants such as chlorine or bromine cannot clean debris, dust, or leaves.
  • Using chlorine may cause a chemical reaction to the skin and eyes of your kids.

To clean the water from dust, debris, and leaves, it is important to use natural methods.

Benefits of cleaning kiddie pool naturally

Several benefits you can achieve by cleaning the pool naturally. Here are a few benefits for you.

  • Ensure maximum hygiene for your kids to protect them from diseases
  • Let your kids enjoy the pool for a long time
  • Protect skin and eyes from a chemical reaction when using the pool for a long time
  • Keep water clean and maintain the aesthetic look
  • Provides longevity to your pool

How to keep a kiddie pool clean naturally without any chemicals

So how can you keep your kiddie pool clean naturally? Well, many options are there. You can follow any from below. 

1. Keep your pool cover

Prevention is always better than cure. Similarly, keeping dust, debris, and leaves away from the pool is better than cleaning them regularly. And nothing can be a better solution than covering your kiddie pool when not in use.

  • Try a special kiddie pool cover or tarp to cover the pool
  • Use bricks or stone to weigh the pool cover to prevent blowing away
  • Put your small kiddie pool under a shelter when not in use

However, never cover your kiddie pool all day. It prevents proper air circulation and triggers algae and bacteria growth. Check our guide regarding cleaning algae.

2. Keep the kids’ feet and bodies clean when entering

Another great way to prevent your pool from dust and debris is to keep your kids’ bodies clean when entering. Most of the dirt, debris, and dust come with the babies when they jump into the pool. Since they are not aware of the cleanliness, you must clean their feet and other body parts before entering.

  • Simply clean their body first with water or soap
  • Then clean their feet
  • Let them enter and enjoy the pool

3. Keep sick children away from the pool

A common mistake most people make; let sick children enter the pool. When a sick child enters the pool and plays with water, germs transmit through water. For that

  • Never let any sick children enter the pool.
  • If anyone gets infected with a cold in the pool, immediately pick him up from the pool
  • Even if you mistakenly let anyone enter, shock your pool immediately to sanitize
  • Also, you can drain away pool water to replace

4. Remove floating debris and leaves

Removing floating debris such as insects, leaves or dirt will keep the pool clean for a long time. Also, it prevents dirt from accumulating at the bottom of the pool. To ensure that

  • Pick a good handheld net
  • Simply skim the pool with the net
  • Collect debris, and you are done

5. Clean debris from the bottom of the pool

Sometimes, floating debris goes down and accumulates in the bottom. We take care of visible floating debris but often forget to take care of debris from the bottom. For that

  • Use a vacuum and suck the debris
  • Take a brush and clean bottom
  • Drain away water and replace it with new and freshwater

6. Clean manually

All of the above methods are suitable for temporary cleaning. You must clean manually once a week to ensure proper cleaning. To do that, follow our instruction


  • Baby shampoo or soap
  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • sponge


  • Drain all water from your pool by pulling the drain valve or deflating the pool
  • Take a bucket and fill it with water
  • Mix baby shampoo or soap to make a cleaning solution
  • Dip your sponge in the bucket
  • Now slowly start rubbing the pool’s bottom as too much pressure may create scratches
  • Use your hose to rinse the bottom until you clear residual soap water in the pool
  • Take a towel and wipe down
  • Now keep it under direct sunlight for drying and killing germs
  • Deflate and store it for future use

How do you warm up a kiddie pool?

Warming up a kiddie is possible in several ways. But let’s talk about the easiest ways to warm up your kiddie pool.

1. Using a Long Hose and Sunlight

  • Take a long hose. If possible, attach two hoses together to make it the longest.
  • Create a loop and lay the hose under the direct sunlight
  • Turn on the pump and fill up your hose with water and then stop
  • Now wait for a while to let the water warm-up
  • In the meantime, keep your pool under the sunlight and cover it with a plastic sleeve
  • Put one end of the hose into your kiddie pool and slowly turn on the water
  • The hot water will warm the pool and freshwater will replace hot water in the hose
  • As freshwater passes on through the hose, it will get warmer and you will get a warm kiddie pool

2. Using Direct Hot Water

  • Fill your kiddie pool half with fresh water
  • Now boil a pot of water
  • Put the hot water into the pool and adjust the temperature by adding more hot or cold water

3. Using Your Washing Machine

  • Get access to your water hook-ups, you may need to remove the washing machine from the wall
  • Turn off the hot water and remove the hose
  • Add a garden hose to the water hook-ups
  • Now put another end of the hose into the pool and turn on the hot water
  • If required, use another hose to add fresh cold water for temperature adjustment

How do you cover a kiddie pool?

To keep your kiddie pool dirt-free, consider having a cover. But do you know how to cover a kiddie pool? Let’s know the process. 

  • Measure your kiddie pool size
  • Purchase or make a pool cover that fits your pool size
  • Put the purchased cover on the pool
  • Use elastic to tighten the cover
  • Put some small debris on the cover so that it doesn’t blow away

How do you get the dirt out of a kiddie pool?

Getting the dirt out is the first and foremost important task to keep your kiddie pool clean. In order to do that, 

  • Use the handheld net and skim the pool to collect floated dirt
  • Take your vacuum and suck all the dirt
  • Drain away pool water and replace it with new water
  • Use brush and soap water to remove bottom dirt from the pool

How often should you change the water in a kiddie pool?

You should change your kiddie pool water after every 2 weeks of use. However, the time is suitable only when you regularly shock your pool. Otherwise, you have to change the water every day. Also, change the water according to the dirt accumulation on the bottom.

How long does it take for a kiddie pool to warm up?

If you are using direct sunlight and it is summer, then it won’t take more than one hour to be warm. On the flip side, if it is winter, it may take 2-3 hours. Besides, if you are warming your kiddie pool with hot water, it won’t take time to be warm.

Frequently asked questions

Got more questions in mind to ask? Have a look at these questions.

How do I keep my kiddie pool clean naturally? 

To keep your kiddie pool naturally, make sure to cover your pool, drain and replace water regularly, and remove dirt with a net and brush.

Can I use salt to keep a kiddie pool clean? 

Using salt is a great way to clean your kiddie pool. Apply the right amount of salt and wait for 24 hours to get the best result.

Can I put baking soda in my kiddie pool?

Yes, you can put baking soda in your kiddie pool to clean it. It will raise the alkalinity level and thus maintain the pH level to protect the pool from bacteria and pollutants.


Parents want their children to enjoy quality time in the pool long enough. But without keeping their kiddie pools clean and safe, they cannot let their kids jump into the pool. Also, using chemicals to clean kiddie pools might not be a good solution either.

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