How to Drain a Summer Waves Pool

Pool draining is a must-maintenance workflow every pool owner needs to perform. It helps to maintain the chemical level of your pool. Above all, you can’t winterize your above-ground swimming pool without partial or complete draining the water. 

Indeed, emptying the pool water is the workflow you can’t ignore. No matter what brand’s pool you own, draining the pool is almost the same. And if you have a Summer Waves Pool, this guide is just for you. Today, we will cover how to drain a Summer Waves pool. So, continue to read till the end to empty your pool.

Reasons to Drain A Swimming Pool

Removing the TDS level is the most important reason to drain a swimming pool. When the TDS level goes high in your pool, it starts interfering with the chemicals you apply to clean the water. 

Consequently, you need to use more and more chemicals to disinfect your swimming pool. And excessive chemicals could damage your skin- even other metal components of the pool.

Another reason behind draining a swimming pool is to rebalance the chemical level. As a pool owner, you know how challenging it is to balance the pool water. When chemical levels go high, the water starts turning cloudy. 

In the worst cases, the metal parts of your pool begin corroding due to the increased level of pH. Therefore, extra chlorine levels can be a reason for skin irritation. 

Plus, excessive chlorine also opens the door for algae to reside in your pool. You can avoid this issue by draining your pool completely. 

How To Drain Both Summer Waves Elite & Inflatable Pools

Whether you own a Summer Waves Elite Pool or Inflatable, you can empty your swimming following the below steps. This method is also applicable for other above-ground pools that come from different brands. 

  • First off, find the drain valve on the pool wall of your Summer Waves pool.
  • Ensure the drain plug inside the pool is in its place.
  • Remove the cap of the outside drain valve.
  • Connect a 5/8″ garden hose with the pool drain plug.
  • Extend the other end of the hose where you want to drain your water. We always recommend you keep the end of the hose away from your home or property.
  • When you insert the connector or the standard garden hose into the plug, it opens the inside cap of the drain valve and water will begin to drain.
  • Water will stop draining when its level reaches below the drain valve. In this case, elevate the opposite side of the drain valve to empty the water completely. 
  • When finished, put back the cap of the outside drain valve into its place. 

How to Empty Summer Waves Pool With A Submersible Pump

A submersible pool pump is another effective yet quickest way to drain both in-ground and above-ground pools. Here we will show you how to use a submersible pump to empty your Summer Waves Pool. 

  • Make sure you have these accessories at your fingertips- a submersible electric pump and backwash hose clamp.
  • Then, attach the backwash hose onto the submersible pump with the clamp. You can also use electric tape to secure the hose.
  • Unravel the backwash hose and position the end of the hose where you want to drain the water. We suggest you place the hose toward a sewer drain. 
  • Immerse your submersible pump into the shallow end of your swimming pool. 
  • Plug the unit into a wall outlet and turn the pump on, which will start your pool water pumping through the backwash hose. 
  • Unplug your submersible pump when finished. 

How to Drain the Summer Waves Pool Using Your Filter System

To drain the water with a filter system, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Draining a pool takes a lot of time. The equipment you need to have close to your hand is- a pool filter, a backwash hose, and a backwash hose clamp. 
  • Clamp the backwash hose to your pool filter.
  • Place the backwash hose toward your sewer drain to drain your pool water.
  • Turn off your filter by unplugging it from the wall outlet. Set the filter to the backwash setting. Now, plug the filter into the electric outlet.
  • Backwash your filter for a minute and turn off the filter again.
  • Next, set your filter to the waste setting. Then, turn the skimmer off and open the main drain.
  • Turn on your pool filter to drain the water. After a few seconds, water will begin to pump through the hose. 
  •  So, monitor the water level and every piece of equipment in your pool.
  • Finally, shut the pool filter off when the water emptying workflow is finished. 


So, how to drain a Summer Waves pool?

Simply, attach the garden hose to the drain valve, and water will start draining through the hose. Also, you can use a submersible pump to drain your above-ground pool in a faster way. 

No matter what method you will follow, don’t forget to check the rules & regulations for disposing of water. Otherwise, you need to pay a bill as a punishment for breaking the laws implied by your local municipality.

If you have any questions about draining the pool water, let us know by stopping in the comment box.

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