3 Easy Methods to Drain an Intex Pool

You can find different types of Intex above-ground pool models in the market. All of them are a piece of cake to drain after the end of the summer season for storing by the pool owner. Draining your Intex pool with a garden hose or a pump is an example of them. Following each step properly, you can empty your Intex pool without facing any difficulties.

On the other hand, if you have trouble emptying your pool, there are alternative ways to drain the pool. In this guide on how to drain an Intex pool, we will walk you through 3 simple methods to empty your backyard pool. So, let’s check them out.

How to Drain Intex EasySet and Metal Frame Pool Both?

Follow the below steps to drain your Intex Pool (Applicable both for EasySet and Metal Frame Intex Pool.

  • First off, check the regulations implied by your local municipal administration regarding the disposal of your pool water. Test your pool water before draining as lower pH (acidic) and higher chlorine levels could be hazardous for the surroundings.
  • Discard the filter cartridge, if you are using a cartridge pool filter. Filter cartridges are affordable, so, make sure you buy a replacement for next year.
  • You can find a plug inside your pool. Make sure it is plugged in its place 
  • From the outside pool wall, pull out the cap from the pool drain valve.
  • Ensure you have the drain connector and a garden hose at your fingertips. Then, connect the female end of the hose with the drain connector.
  • Put the other end of the hose in a place where you want to drain the water. We recommend you keep the hose far away from your property so that it can’t flood your home away. 
  • Now, connect the drain connector with the drain valve or drain plug. The drain connector will push the plug open inside your pool, and the water will begin draining. 
  • Lift your pool from the side opposite of the drain valve when it stops draining water. It helps to lead the remaining water to your drain plug and empty your swimming pool completely. 
  • Detach the hose and adapter after draining all the water. 
  • Finally, remove your pool liner and flip it somewhere to dry out extra water.

3 Alternative Methods to Drain Your Intex Pool

Apart from the above method, you can also try out the following techniques to drain your Intex Pool. 

Method 1: Drain Your Intex Pool With A Garden Hose

Draining a pool with a regular garden hose is simple. It requires only a hose and needs no additional equipment to empty your pool. Furthermore, garden hoses are safe for your pool floor.

First off, submerge one end of your garden hose into your pool. Ensure no air inside the hose could block your hose. Once you sink the hose into your pool, the siphon will start immediately. 

Keep in mind that a garden hose siphon is a time-consuming effort to drain your pool. It may take at least 4 days to empty your lake at a certain level. 

Once the water reaches a certain level, you need to use a sponge to sponge out the remaining water. 

After draining the pool completely, don’t forget to dry up the liners. Otherwise, they may stick to each other. 

Method 2: Empty Your Intex Pool With A Drain Valve

Firstly, disconnect your pump from the electricity. Then, don’t forget to close both plunger valves by turning them clockwise. 

Secondly, get a drain connector that comes with your pool. Open the drain valve cap, and the connector you have will fit it. 

Before connecting the drain connector, take your garden hose and attach the connector to the hose. 

Afterward, you should put the other side of the connector really hard into the drain. As a result, the cap from the inside of your pool will also open. Then, secure the connector to the drain valve. And now, you are draining your pool. 

As you drain a lot of water, ensure you set the other end of your hose into your central sewer system. 

In the beginning, the water starts draining fast. But over time, the pressure of water will decrease. Following this method, you need to wait at least two days to empty your entire pool. 

Method 3: Drain Your Intex Pool With a Submersible Pool Pump

Submersible pumps are electric pool pump, which is most effective for the complete draining process. Start with dropping the intake hose of your pool sump pump into the center of your Intex pool. 

Secondly, set the other end of the pool vacuum hose at a safe distance that is far away from your property. If you don’t know where to place the outlet hose, don’t hesitate to keep it on level ground. However, we recommend you check your municipality ordinances according to this. In this case, it will be better to place the hose into the central sewage system. 

Thirdly, turn on your electric pump to start the draining workflow. Don’t leave your pool as it takes a short time to empty the water. Check the pool water level frequently. 

Finally, turn off your pool pump when the water level reaches 6-12 inches. Sponge out the remaining pool water by siphoning or using a sponge. You can use a pool cover pump if a submersible pump is not available in your stock.

If you are draining your Intex pool for winterization, you should use a winter pool pillow and a good winter pool cover for preventing any damage to your pool.

What Should You Avoid When Draining Your Intex Pool?

Emptying up your Intex pool may lead you to some short-term and long-term damages. But you can overcome these issues by avoiding the following things. 

  • Don’t start draining your pool unless you check the chemistry level of your pool. 
  • Avoid opening up the draining valve until you connect the adapter or drain connector to the drain valve. 
  • Avoid storing your pool liners unless you dry them up completely. 

Where is the Drain Plug on Intex Pool

You can easily locate the drain plug or valve, which is outside and near the bottom portion of any type of Intex pool. For further help, we are leaving two video tutorials for both Intex Easy Set and the frame pool draining process. This will help you to locate the plug quickly and attach the garden hose smoothly.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do you drain an above-ground pool fast?

Using a pool pump or vacuum pump is the quickest and most efficient way to drain your above-ground pool. In this process, just drop the inlet hose into the center of your pool. Then, set the outlet hose into the sewer system. Finally, turn on your electric pump to start the draining workflow. 

How do I get the last bit of water out of my Intex pool?

Get wet-vacuum and start vacuuming to suck away the remaining water. Then, use a brush to brush away the liquid into the drain. Finally, flip your pool liner to remove the access water. 

How do you drain a pool without a pump?

You can use a garden hose or a drain valve to empty your pool without a pool pump. 

When should you drain your pool?

Pool experts suggest you should drain your pool after every 5-7 years and refill it with fresh water. Technically, it would be best to empty your pool when the TDS level reaches up to 2500 ppm. 

Do you have to take down the Intex pool for winter?

If you are in an area, where the weather is not freezing during the winter season, then, winterizing kit, pillow, and winter pool cover are enough to keep your pool safe. But, store it to prevent damage if the weather is too cold with freezing temperature.


Draining up your Intex pool is a must after the end of the summer season. It helps to keep your pool liners, walls, and other components safe from potential damage. 

If you have the right equipment at your fingertips and know how to use them, you can drain your pool effortlessly. From start to end, we discussed how to drain an Intex pool. In this guide, we mentioned three alternative ways to empty up your pool. 

Among them, using the submersible electric pump is the best and most effortless way to drain your pool. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough budget to get a pool pump, you can use the garden hose to empty your pool.

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