How to Drain A Coleman Pool (3 Effective Methods)

The end of the summer season almost comes to an end. At the same time, your enjoyment in your backyard Coleman pool is also going to see the closing light. If you are guessing we will talk about storing our above-ground pool, you are right. 

When storing your pool, the first challenge that appears in front of you is to drain the pool. But emptying up a pool is not that difficult- you think. If you have the right equipment at your fingertips and if you can best use them, you can get the job done. 

And this guide on How to Drain a Coleman Pool or lower its water level during winter closing, heavy rainfall, or to avoid overflowing.

4 Simple Steps to Drain Your Coleman Pool with A Valve Adapter

As we said before, draining up an above-ground is a piece of cake. Just make sure you have a garden hose and a drain connector. It will make the process simple if you have a pump. Now, let’s move on to the pool emptying up workflow. 

Step 1. Turn off electricity

Start with disconnecting your pool pump from the electric connection. Then, ensure you shut off both plunger valves by twisting them clockwise.

Step 2. Set the Adapter to the Drain Valve

Next, get the drain adapter that comes with your Coleman Steel Frame Pool, and you need to attach it with the drain valve. Before doing that, remove the valve cap first. Then, connect the drain adapter to your garden hose. 

Finally, fasten the adapter attached to the hose into the drain valve. Make sure you place the other end of your garden hose in your central sewage system. Now, you can find the water goes through the hose and falls into the sewer system. 

It may take about three-four days to reach your water to a certain level.

Step 3. Remove the excess water

Keep in mind that you can’t remove the water below the drain valve with a garden hose. In this case, you need to remove the extra water manually. Instead, you can pump out the remaining water quickly. 

If you have a pump, just drop the inlet hose into the center of your pool and set the outlet hose to the street. Then, turn your electric pump on, and it will start draining up the extra water. When all the water is removed, turn off the pump. 

Step 4. Air-dry Your Pool

When emptying your pool is finished, close the valve by unscrewing the control ring. Then, disconnect your garden hose from the drain valve. Don’t forget to screw the valve cap back onto the drain valve. Finally, air-dry your Coleman pool. 

How To Drain Coleman Pool With Hose

Stick to the following steps to empty your Coleman Pool with a hose.

  1. Locate Drain Plug & Connect the Hose With it

First off, find the drain plug. You can get it on the pool walls. Once you locate it, remove the cap from the outside valve. Then, insert an adapter into your garden hose and attach the hose to the outside drain plug. 

Next, place the other end of the hose where you drain the water. Don’t forget to check the local regulations for drainage.

  1. Clockwise the Screw Control Ring

Now, the screw control ring of your garden hose adapter clockwise onto the drain plug. It opens the inside drain valve and water will start draining automatically. Supervise your pool when draining to avoid any potential damage.

  1. Remove the Hose

Once you drain your pool completely, remove the drain plug with the garden hose. Then, insert the plug cap into its place. 

How To Drain Coleman Pool Without Adapter

The easiest way to drain your Coleman Pool without an adapter is to use a submersible pool pump. Let’s check how to use an electric pool pump to empty your swimming pool. 

  1. Equipment You Need to Have

The draining accessories you need to have near your hand are a submersible pool pump, backwash hose, and backwash hose clamps. 

  1. Set Everything Up

Connect the backwash hose with your submersible pool pump. Use the hose clamps to secure the hose with the electric pump. Next, unravel the hose and set it to the sewer drain to drain the water through the hose. And then, submerge your pool pump into the shallow end of your above-ground pool.

  1. Turn On Your Submersible Pump

Attach your unit with electricity by plugging it into the wall outlet. Then, turn on your pool pump, and in a few seconds, you can see the water will start coming through the hose. Once you finish the draining workflow, unplug your pump from the electric outlet. 

To make sure you don’t drain water that has low pH or high chlorine levels, check pool chemistry levels with your pool test kit or from local pool stores.

And if you are planning to lower the water level and use a winter pool cover with a winter pool pillow, make sure you have enough pool surface area, as the water level expands around 9%, when it freezes.

Draining with Coleman Pool Drain Plug Adapter

You will find a drain plug with some of the Coleman pool models. Draining with drain plug and garden hose is the most convenient and easy way. However, if you want to do a complete drain, pumping and siphoning is the best option.

Coleman Pool Drain Plug Adapter


Whether it is a Coleman steel frame pool or another, the draining up method will be the same for every above-ground pool. It means this method we mentioned above will work for other pools to empty up water.

Following the four simple steps, you can drain up your Coleman pool efficiently. After draining up your pool, don’t forget to dry your pool liners. Otherwise, the liners will stick with each other. 

Now, it’s up to you.

Are you going to follow this method to drain your pool? Do you have any questions related to this term: How to Drain A Coleman Pool?

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