How to Drain a Bestway Steel Frame Pool

When summer is about to leave, your Bestway steel frame pool requires closing. And the most important part of this closing process is appropriate draining. Like other above-ground pools, Bestway steel frame pools are also compatible with excellent drainage systems. 

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the proper draining process. For their benefit, we have elaborated on how to drain a Bestway above-ground pool. 

However, draining gallons of water isn’t a simple task at all. After following our methods, you will enjoy the upcoming swimming season in new conditions. Besides, your Bestway steel pool is going to last long. Here we go to begin the prime topic. 

Bestway Pool Drainage System

There are two types of drainage systems for Bestway Pools, one is the gravity drainage system and the other one is the pump-driven drainage system. So, let’s take a look into them-

The gravity drainage system

If you are not fond of the pump-driven drainage system, you can always go for the gravity drainage system. It is an excellent choice for draining. You need to dig a 4 feet deep hole in your backyard for this process. it wouldn’t take such a tool on you. You need to dig a minimum of 4 feet deep in order to drain the water properly.

The pump-driven system

If you are going for the pump drainage system you need to keep in mind that it requires a special type of installation consisting of two pumps in your pool. Then, connect the pumps with the drain hose which comes with the tool kit. If your Bestway pool is designed specifically, we will suggest you go with this.

Process of Draining a Bestway Steel Frame Pool

This part will fulfill your asking about how to drain a Bestway steel frame pool. Here we are picturing two convenient methods of draining.

Using a water pump 

pool drain with water pump


First, unroll the hose of the sump pump so that you can submerge its intake hose under the water. Ensure that the hose reaches the close position to the middle of your Bestway steel frame pool. For precise draining, it’s mandatory to reach it at the center position. 


When selecting a space, keep in mind that you mustn’t want to flood the pool nearby. Therefore, pick a flat, clean, dry & neighboring space for disposing of water.


Now it’s time to plug in the pump’s cord with the electricity. Don’t forget to dry your hands as it’s a policy of personal safety.


A common mistake in proper observation in this step can ruin your whole effort. Never leave the equipment until you notice that the pool’s water level is decreasing. Better, take some time to look over the appropriate disposal of the pool water. 


Now, let the pump perform its duty. All you need to do is inspect periodically if any malfunction of the system takes place. However, it will take around a few hours to complete the draining. Usually, 6-12 inches are considered as the optimum water level to stop the pump. 


The last thing to do is clear the residual water from the pool. You can use a vacuum to suck the little water. Besides, you can kick the remaining water through the drain line.

Using a hose siphon

basic hose siphon example


Here you need to use a bunch of hoses to eradicate the water. For faster response, submerge more than one hose perfectly. Ensure that the hoses reach the bottom of your Bestway steel frame pool. 


Make sure that all the ends of the attached hose are placed in a suitable place. For the extraction of pool water, a convenient place is mandatory. In addition, ensure that the place doesn’t contain soft ground but is flat & dry. 


Once it gets started to empty the pool, the water level will decrease visibly. It’ll take a longer time than the electric pump. Sometimes, visit around the place to see the latest update on draining. When the water level comes down around 6-12 inches, the garden hose siphon can’t perform anymore. 


In the last stage, the residual water needs to be removed. Following the same method of electric water pump, you can remove the water. Using a vacuum is a suggestion for better results. 

How Do I Drain My Bestway Pool without a Pump?

This may sound very tough job to you but it is actually not. You can easily empty the pool without a hassle quickly even without a pump. You might require some helping hand for this. So, let’s take a look into it step by step-

Step 1

Get a water hose and place it in the pool. Make sure you push one side of the hose down to the bottom of the pool. Next, take the other side of the hose and place it where you want the water to drain.

Step 2

Place your mouth on one side of the pool in order to siphon the water out of the hose pipe. Keep sucking it till the water comes out. Hey, just don’t swallow the water, just spit it out.

Step 3

Check both sides of the hose and make sure the water flow is not getting disrupted by anything and the other end remains under the layer of the water. 

Remember, once the water starts to come out through the hose pipe, it won’t stop until air enters the hose which is under the water’s surface. By this process, you are letting gravity do your job.

How to Drain Bestway Pool with Hose Adapter

Drain with hose adapter

A hose adapter is used for connecting the suction side of the pump and the water hose together. So, it is very important to select the correct adapter which is compatible with the model you are using. So, be cautious while choosing a hose adapter. So, let’s show you how to drain the pool using a hose adapter-

Turn off the power of the pool

Before committing to the process, make sure you have turned off the power to the pool. This will ensure your safety and you won’t be bothered by any disturbance.

Disconnecting the pump

After turning off the power to the pool, the next disconnect the pump from the electrical outlet.

Installing and attaching a hose adapter

If you are done with all the unplugging, install a hose adapter. Next, attach the hose adapter with the Bestway pool pump. Connect it correctly with one end of the hose.

When you are done connecting, it is time to attach one end of the hose to an ideal water supply. This will make sure the undisrupted water supply for the pump works efficiently and drains the pool.

Turning on the power

Now, turn on the power to allow water into the house in order to start the draining process under the water to begin.

Testing the pump

After turning on the power supply, now you have to test the pump to see whether it is working fine or not. Check if the pump is working fine with the hose adapter. If it is working fine, we can say all the hoses are connected appropriately and there are no loose ends.

Draining out the pool

Now, all you left is to drain the water out of the pool. Just turn on the hose adapter and sit back and relax.

Cleaning up

Once when you are done with the draining process, clean up everything. after this, detach all the hose adapters from the plumbing system and make sure they are not left there unattained or attached incorrectly.

Once you are done with everything mentioned above, now just sit back and relax and enjoy. Your new pool pump is working fine with the hose adapter and the draining process now becomes easier and hassle-free.


Draining your pool is highly important to maintain safety and for the user. When you don’t drain your pool regularly, the TDS level gets higher. The situation gets worse when you are dealing with a Bestway steel frame pool.

Knowing how to drain a Bestway steel frame pool helps you maintain safety regularly. Also, it reduces the chemical used in pools which can save you money and effort. We hope you have gained clear concepts on cleaning the above-ground type of pool. 

Among our two depicted ways, pick up the convenient one to clean your pool. Going for the electric pump results faster than the hose siphon but it’s costly. If you have a limited budget, go with the hose siphon. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly and safely.

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