How to Clean the Bottom of a Pool

No one wants to swim in a pool with dirt, leaves, or algae. These spread germs to the swimmers and cause diseases. It is mandatory for a pool owner to clean the pool thoroughly to maintain hygiene. Cleaning floating particles with sieves or other tools is not so difficult.

But the challenge comes with cleaning the bottom of the pool. Many people think it is rocket science to clean the pool surface bottom where some people find it troublesome. But if you know how to clean the bottom of a pool properly, it won’t be that challenging and this is an important part of pool maintenance.

We will mention the processes of cleaning the bottom of your pool. After reading and following the methods, you will be able to clean the bottom smoothly.

Why is Cleaning the Pool bottom Important?

Chlorine and shock users often think about why they should clean the bottom as they are sanitizing water. Well, think of it this way. When you take shower with shampoo or soap, icky soap scum build-up though these are cleaning materials.

Similarly, when using shock or chlorine, it keeps the water sanitized and clean. Yes, it keeps the wall and bottoms free from germs as well. But it won’t keep your pool floor clean forever. Slowly, dead algae and dust will grow up in the bottom. Leaves will accumulate in the bottom as well. Also, shock and chlorine do not clean leaves or debris. Clean pools are also helpful for healthy chlorine levels.

So, no excuse! Cleaning the bottom is extremely important.

How to clean the bottom of a pool 

Cleaning Pool Bottom

Multiple ways are there to clean the bottom of your swimming pool. Different methods are suitable for different purposes of cleaning. Let’s check out some popular and easy methods.

1. Using a suction Based Automatic Pool Cleaner

There are three types automatic pool cleaners:

To keep the fine dust and debris at bay, a suction-based pool cleaner will be an inexpensive yet effective way. So here’s how to do this.

  • Clean your pool with a vacuum or pump filter first, if needed, shock your pool.
  •  Point the pool’s return fittings downwards
  • Assemble the cleaner’s hose.
  • Remove your skimmer basket and connect your pool cleaner
  • Make sure the hose is not submerged and filled with water
  • Submerge the cleaner and connect it with the hose

You are done. Now the cleaner will collect dust and debris and send them straight to the filter. Make sure to clean the filter regularly.

Please note that Suction side cleaners can harm your pool filtration system, because, sometimes, they will suction up rocks or something like that. 

If you are looking for a cheap way, then, manual pool vacuum cleaners are a good option.

2. Using a filter and pump combo

The pool filter pump is capable of cleaning different dirt and debris. Check out your manufacturer manual and instruction to know what types of dirt it is capable of cleaning. Also, read manuals to understand its setting since different filter pumps feature different settings.

  • Set up your pump carefully by following manuals.
  • Clean the pump and filter properly so no dust or debris stay clogged there
  • Adjust the pressure to the optimum level
  • Change the setting according to debris you have in the pool bottom
  • Turn your pump on for at least eight hours and observe the result.

3. Using Pool Brush or Vacuum Head

Even after cleaning with a pump filter, it may miss some dust, algae, or leaves. Nothing will be more effective than manual cleaning with a pool brush or vacuum head to clean these. Most people ignore manual cleaning that makes them suffer in the long run.

  • Attach your pool brush, or a pool vacuum head to the telescopic pole and hose
  • Prime your vacuum purge all air
  • Scrub the bottom of the pool smoothly

You will see dirt, algae, and dead leaves coming out.  

If you have vinyl, painted concrete, or fiberglass walls, brush with nylon bristles are the best option.

How to clean the bottom of the pool without a vacuum

If you don’t have any vacuum, even then it is possible to clean the bottom. Follow any of these methods.

1. Leave rake

A leaf rake is a simple yet effective tool to clean large dirt such as leaves, or flower petals. Remember to gently and carefully clean the bottom to prevent any scratches. Also, collect the debris before removing it for the best result.

2. Brush

The brush is the most traditional way to clean debris, algae, or leaves from the bottom. Pick the right brush for scrubbing the bottom.  For instance, a bristly brush will be suitable for hard and concrete floors. Similarly, for vinyl lenient lining surfaces, a rubber or softer nylon brush is perfect.

3. Tennis ball

To remove lotions or oil coming out from swimmers, use a tennis ball. Simply throw a few tennis balls and wait for a few hours. These balls will collect all the oil or lotions magically. When these balls look dirty, replace the ball.

4. Shock 

You can shock your pool as well to kill germs or kill algae from the bottom. For that, follow the methods below.

  • Use precautions such as gloves and goggles
  • Create a mixture of one pound of a shock to 5 liters of water.
  • Apply it to your pool
  • Open the filter and keep it running for at least 12 hours
  • Use a clarifier to remove cloudiness from the water
  • For excessive algae or dirt, double the dose

Tips to keep your pool bottom clean

Prevention is always better than cure. Follow these maintenance tips to prevent algae, dirt, and leaves from growing in your pool.

  • Clean the filter and pump regularly since these two play the most vital role to keep your pool clean.
  • Test your pool water regularly to get an idea about your pool condition
  • Shock or sanitize your pool regularly to prevent algae and germ buildup
  • Try manual cleaning on a regular basis
  • Keep an eye on your pool to know its condition

Final word

We all want to swim in a fresh and hygienic pool. The dirt bottom of your pool can spread germs and make people ill. Cleaning regularly is the only solution, but unfortunately, most people ignore cleaning the bottom of the pool. Without cleaning the bottom, keeping your pool in good shape is impossible. We have explained several ways; some are convenient where some are effective for special purposes. So use any methods you find helpful and comfortable and keep your pool clean always.

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