How Many Gallons In A Kiddie Pool? Kiddie Pool Volume Calculator

Filling your kiddie pool with the right volume of water can make your kids’ swimming or jumping experience better. Though the water will remain full until your kids jump into the pool, it is important to properly fill it. 

But when you do not know how many gallons a kiddie pool holds, filling water properly becomes more challenging. Also, there are no universal rules that can tell you the exact volume of water in your kiddie pool. Instead, it varies from pool to pool depending on many factors. 

In this article, we are going to tell you how many gallons in a kiddie pool you should put. Also, you will know the determinants of the capacity of each type of kiddie pool.

What determines the capacity of a kiddie pool?

Now let’s have a look at the determinants of the capacity of a kiddie pool. Depending on the determinants, it will vary from pool to pool.


Of course, the size of a kiddie pool determines the capacity most. A small pool will never hold the same volume of water as a large pool. Similarly, water for a small size pool won’t be enough for a large size pool. So the size of the pool will determine the capacity.


Similar to size, shape is also important. A square shape may take a different volume of water compared to a circle shape design. Also, some odd shape designs exist such as kidney shapes or snake shapes. These shapes will take different volumes as well.


Besides, you need to know the purpose of your use. If you want your kids to only enjoy playing in the pool, you may need more water. On the flip side, for regular party use, filling with less water will be fine since there will be more splashing.

Kiddie Pool Volume Calculator

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How many gallons are in a kiddie pool?

Square or rectangle-shaped Kiddie Pool

Well, it depends on the area of your pool. For square or rectangle shape pool: Area = L x W x H. That means it is required to figure out the area by multiplying the length(L), width(W), and depth for rectangular or square shapes (H). If the depth is irregular, calculate the average and then calculate accordingly.

Now you will get the cubic feet area of the pool. Then multiply each cubic foot with 7.483 gallons since each cubic foot can hold 7.483 gallons for rectangle, square, or free-form pools, and for Round or Oval pools, you need to multiply the cubic foot by 5.9 gallons.

Square or Rectangle Shape Pool, Gallon of Water= L x W x H x 7.483 gallons

Circular-Shaped Kiddie Pool

For circle area: A = 3.14 x radius squared x average depth.

3.14 refers to the value of Pi. You will find some other odd-shaped pools that will require more calculation to find out the areas. 

Volume / Gallon of Water in a Circle Shape Kiddie Pool= 3.14 x radius squared x average depth x 5.9 gallons

Oval-Shaped Kiddie Pool

If you have an oval-shaped kiddie pool, you need to take the length time’s width, times the depth, times 5.9. For example, for a 2′ x 4′ pool 3 ft. high you would multiply 2 x 4 = 8. Then 8 x 3 = 24. Then 24 x 5.9 = 141.6 gallons needed.

You will get your required volume of water. By calculating this way, finding accurate measurements of your kiddie pool is possible. 

Converting Gallons to Liters

By US standard, 1 Gallon = 3.785 Liters

So, if your kiddie pool can hold 200 gallons of water. Then,

Volume in Liters = 200 X 3.785 = 757 Liters

What is the volume of a kiddie pool in liters?

You can simply calculate the volume of a kiddie pool in liters directly. You don’t need to convert in from gallon. To do that, we need to convert the cubic feet to liter. Generally, 1 cubic foot can hold 28.317 liters of water. So, we will multiply by 28.317 liters instead of 7.481 gallons and you will get the volume in liters.

Assume the kiddie pool size is 4 ft. X 2 Ft. and 1 ft deep.

The volume of the pool (In Cubic Feet) = 4 ft. x 2 ft. x 1 ft. = 8 Cubic Feet

So, Volume of pool (In Liters) = (8 Cubic Feet x 28.317)= 226.54 Liters


Measuring and filling your kiddie pool with the right volume of water is essential. Your baby can enjoy it better when he has enough water in the pool. Excessive water creates more splashes and makes surrounding areas wet. On the contrary, less water lowers the fun since it creates fewer splashes for your baby. Also, remember that you should always maintain proper hygiene of the kiddie pool and an ideal water temperature for your little stars.

So make sure you fill your kiddie pool up with the right volume of water. It will improve your kid’s swimming pool experience a lot better. You want your kids to enjoy more in the pool, right?

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