How Many Ball Pit Balls to Fill a Kiddie Pool

ball pit balls to fill a kiddie pool

Kids sure love ball pit balls in their kiddie pool. However, there’s always confusion on how many balls are enough to fill a kiddie pool. While there is no right answer, we can still do some basic calculations to find the right number of pit balls for your kid’s inflatable pool.

Required Ball Pit Balls to Fill Your Kiddie Pool

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On average, it is enough to have around 250-500 ball pit balls for an average-sized inflatable kiddie pool. However, it is important to know that this number is valid only for the average-sized ball pit balls. We recommend you measure how many gallons of water is required in your kiddie pool before adding these balls. You can finalize this number by understanding whether your kid just wants something in the pool or wants to play hide & seek in them as well.

A ball pit is a spherical or square object that you can fill with balls and balloons for your kid. On the other hand, the objects used to fill pit balls are called ball pit balls. Usually, anyone can create a ball pit kiddie pool by filling it with the ball pit balls. 

Here your task is to understand your kid’s behavior to figure out how many pit balls they would love to have in their own little.

How to Turn Simple Kiddie Pool to Fun Pit Ball Pool

Who doesn’t like to watch their kids having a great time? Well, here we will cover how you can turn a boring kiddie pool into a fun pool (pit ball pool). With this pool, you can motivate your kids to spend some time in their pool while doing some fun activities. For instance, bit palls hide and seek is the first thing a kid does with the new pit ball pool.
Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Draw Water From Kiddie Pool

    The first step is to draw all the water from your fool. It is important because you do not want to fill your pool with pit balls with some still water. Thus, all you need is to empty your pool and drain all the water from it.
    Furthermore, to keep your kids safe in water, you should maintain proper hygiene in the kiddie pool.

  2. Clean Your Pool

    If you plan something nice for your kids, it is better to clean the pool before filling it with ball pit balls. Clean the bottom of your kid’s inflatable pool and focus on drying the bottom the most. It is because a wet bottom of the pool will not let the pit balls settle naturally.

  3. Fill it With Pit Balls

    Here comes the interesting step where you can fill your kiddie pool with all the balls you want. As we mentioned earlier, 250-500 ball pit balls are enough for an average-sized kiddie pool. 

  4. Fill in the Water

    Now you can finally fill the water to your pool, and you will see that all the pool balls are taking their place naturally. Also, these pool balls won’t disperse the water and will leave your kid with a conformable pool filled with ball pit balls.

What is the Recommended Age for Kids to Play With Pit Balls?

Ball Pit balls are recommended for kids who are at least six years old. Although these balls are harmless, you should still follow the precautions and avoid leaving a small kid with them unattended. All the balls are stamped with the required information, and you can easily find the minimum age on its packet.

Thus, we recommend following the instructions on the packet of these balls before you buy them for your kid. 

Do You Need Any Expert Assistance to Setup Your Ball Pool?

You do not need any expert supervision to set up a pool with these balls for your kid. All you need is to follow the instructions we shared above, and you will be able to create the perfect pit balls kiddie pool for your loved one.

That is why setting up a kiddie pool with any ball or balloon is not a challenge. Meanwhile, you can think of some other fun activities to teach your kids with these fun balls.

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