Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Advantages

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Advantages

Everyone is looking for the shortest way to complete any task at the moment. When it comes to cleaning, the best choice is a Handheld or cordless vacuum cleaners. Let us explain the Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Advantages.

The advantages of Cordless vacuum cleaner in points

# Easy to Utilize:

A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner works with rechargeable batteries.  So, we don't have to worry about finding a power source or power sockets.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner reduces time and energy:

Forget about the sweeper; even if we compare with a traditional vacuum cleaner, then a cordless vacuum cleaner will be the right choice. Because it is handy, no need to find or arrange a power source, easy to use, and very lightweight. Very quickly, you can do the intense cleaning of any appliances or furniture. As it has limited suction capacity, so it is safe for use. A handheld vacuum cleaner has easy Access to every corner of our rooms. At that point, it's far more preferable to use.

# It sucks allergic germs from the air:

A handheld vacuum usually equipped with HEPA filter A HEPA filter is a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter, which is useful for eliminating allergic particles from the air. As a result, we can get rid of germs, microorganisms, and infections. An allergen vacuum is now getting popular day by day

# Cleaning Pet Hair:

A cordless handheld vacuum is best for cleaning Pet Hair on Carpets, bed & Sofa Cover and other equipment.

# Handheld Cleaner has ease of Access:

We can use a handheld vacuum with minimal effort and spare more time for us. Also, we can move it to every place. So, sometimes it can be called sofa vacuum cleaner

Now we can clearly understand the benefits of a hand vacuum. Above discussion, we only mentioned the significant benefits of the handheld vacuum cleaner. There are many more advantages, such as durability, reliability of cleaning, comfort, etc. We also need proper care of this tool. You should also read the article regarding Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance and Care Guide

Top cordless vacuum cleaner brands


Dyson Ltd is a British innovation organization set up in the United Kingdom by Sir James Dyson in 1991

Black and Decker

Black and Decker are one of the oldest brands. They introduced a hand vacuum cleaner in January 1979 named Black & Decker DustBuster. During that time Dust Buster was the most popular and best cordless vacuum cleaner

Grey Technology (Gtech)

Grey Technology Ltd, is a British Company, which uses the trademark Gtech, is a British organization structuring and fabricating cordless home and gardening apparatuses, such as, vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, grass trimmers and pedelecs.


Hoover is a Vacuum Cleaner company based in Ohio, USA. It also has a significant Base in the United Kingdom and 20th century; it is dominating most of the electric vacuum cleaner industry.


Shark is one of the brands established by SharkNinja Operating LLC; It produces the top household cleaning machines that are perfect for every family.


Bissell is a family-owned business company, originated from California. They are expert on different types cleaning product

A handheld cordless vacuum or portable vacuum cleaner often called a dust buster. You can read the details article of Dustbuster on another page. See also the article of some best budget products of Shark Vacuum cleaner.

parts and Accessories of cordless vacuum

Generally, a cordless vacuum cleaner consists of below parts:

  • Air Compressor
  • Dust Bag
  • Power Cord or Charging Stand
  • Dust Cap
  • Battery
  • External and Internal Filter
  • Brush Roller (Optional)
  • The HEPA filter (Optional)
  • Suction Hose

Above mentioned parts are the basic requirements. There are also some advance attachments on a modern cordless vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantages of cordless or portable vacuum cleaners:

A hand vacuum cleaner also has some limitations

  • As it is very lightweight, so the size of the dust bag is small, so need to clean the bag more often
  • Portable hand vacuums are battery-powered, so, we can run it for maximum 20 minutes at a time
  • Generally, a cordless portable vacuum cleaners motor power is moderate. Thus, the suction force is less than a traditional vacuum cleaner
  • portable hand vacuums also need regular maintenance


Finally, the handheld vacuum is a great invention of modern cleaning technology. But, compared with a traditional corded vacuum cleaner, a cordless vacuum has many advantages. Also, a portable vacuum is less reliable than a corded vacuum. It has some limitations on cleaning carpets or dense dust. Though a cordless vacuum is not ideal vacuum products, the liabilities of use of portable cleaner serve lots of purposes.

Don't forget to read our other article regarding vacuum cleaner care.

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