How to Get Rid of Algae in a Pool Without Chemicals

On a hot summer day, jumping into your backyard pool is the best way to keep yourself safe from the scorching sun. That’s why you go forward to your back patio to inspect the pool that you used last summer. 

Woe! The entire pool looks green. You take a look into the water and discover- algae is growing there. Yeah, swimming in the pool with green algae will not bring any health issues, but it turns your pool water cloudy. And you don’t like to swim in cloudy pools, do you? 

It’s not mandatory now to know the reasons behind growing algae. The inevitable point is- how to get rid of algae in the pool without chemicals. Of course, you can apply chemicals to kill the black algae. But natural remedies will be best and save the environment. So, let’s dive deeper into this pool maintenance guide to remove algae naturally.

Is Pool Algae Harmful to Humans?

It is a buzzing topic among the pool community: Is it safe to swim in a pool with algae? 

The answer to this question depends on what type of algae is there in your pool. 

Generally, green algae itself doesn’t bring any damage to human health. So, if there is green algae in your swimming pool, you can swim without any hesitation. 

But, big no if your pool contains black algae. It is not algae, but most people call it algae because of its appearance. Basically, it is a cyano-bacteria that can release harmful toxins. According to the CDC, cyano-bacteria can produce different types of toxins like microcystin, nodularin, and more.  And these toxic viruses can cause skin problems. Besides, you can suffer from diarrhea, fever, or other health issues if the toxic water enters your mouth accidentally. 

In short, black algae or blue-green algae that grows in your pool will be harmful to human health. But swimming in a pool with green algae will be safe. 

Best Way to Get Rid of Algae in Your Pool Without Chemicals

You already know what harmful effects black algae fall on your health. Now, it's time to halt its growth by applying natural and environment-friendly methods. 

  1. Try out a Salt Chlorine Generator

    Nature lover pool owners use salt instead of chemicals to treat their pool water. It is a safe, natural, and affordable way to disinfect your pool water. A salt chlorine generator helps to spread and dissolve salt in your pool. The salt you apply into the water starts reacting with the dirt through a process known as electrolysis. As a result, the debris, algae, and dust begin to break down and accumulate at the bottom of your pool. 

  2. Apply Orenda Water Treatment

    If you want to avoid common pool problems like algae growth, orenda water treatment will be your go-to cleaning process. It works as a booster to prevent algae growth by killing nutrients algae eat to live and spread propagation. This natural treatment uses enzymes to remove phosphate, and the algae get no food to grow and thrive. 

  3. Use Baking Soda

    Baking soda is the most common cleaning agent you can find in your home all time. It contains sodium bicarbonate which reacts with algae and breaks it down completely. After applying it, you can use a brush to brush away those algae residues and clean your pool. 

Pro Tips: How to Prevent Algae in the Pool?

It is not harmful to swim in your pool with green algae. But any pool owners including you and we, never like to swim in a cloudy pool. With proper maintenance, you can prevent algae growth.  So, follow the below tips to stop algae from growing into your swimming pool. 

  • Clean every filter system like pump filter, skimmer, or sand filter regularly. If you don’t rinse filters, algae may clog up those filters, which will affect the pool filtration workflow. 
  • Keep your pool water balanced and ensure the pH level is between 7.4-7.6. 
  • Brush up your pool bottom, ladders, steps, and walls regularly.
  • Keep your pool water out of the touch of fertilizers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will baking soda clear a green pool?

No pool owners love to see algae growing in their pool. And baking soda will help to remove the algae by breaking it down. In other words, the sodium bicarbonate contained in baking soda can clean your green pool. 

How do I get rid of algae in my pool fast?

Shocking your pool with chlorine is the best and faster way to get rid of algae from your pool water. However, you can use salt to kill the algae naturally. 

How do you super shock a green pool?

You can amplify the amount of chlorine compared to the normal usage and shock your pool with it. For example, one pound of chlorine is enough to shock your pool. But to double shock, you should apply 2 pounds of chlorine into your pool. 

What naturally kills algae?

Baking soda and a brush will be enough to kill algae naturally. First off, apply the baking soda to the affected area. Then, start scrubbing with the brush to suck away algae. 


All the natural remedies we mentioned above are ideal for removing green algae from your pool. You don’t need to apply any chemical-based solutions to take care of the algae. 

But we recommend you apply chlorine or chemical-based cleaners if there are black algae in your pool. 

The best way to fight algae is to maintain your pool regularly. Cleaning the filter, pool ladder, bottom, and wall daily or frequently will help you by preventing algae growth.

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