Fun Games to Play in the Pool: Friends, Family, Child, or Adult Party!

There are hundreds of fun things to do in the pool for all. Whether it is for your child, family, or friends, the pool would be the perfect place to chill out. Summer pool parties are on trend now. If you are also planning on hosting a pool party but are confused about the fun pool game activities arrangements, then catch some trendy ideas here. 

It’s not necessary to spend a huge amount and purchase all expensive fun elements to make the party a blast. It’s all about your taste, creativity, and a little research. Well, you should also know what the purpose of the party is and who your guests are. Do not hesitate to explore all the fun water activities with all safety procedures appropriately maintained. 

Things to Do In the Pool With Friends

Pool parties with friends are the ultimate fun time. Here you can try out all the amazing and unique things. Here are some fun games to play with a friend’s son at a pool party. Give a quick check over here: 

#1: Play Chicken Fight on the pool: 

The chicken pool fight is also known as a shoulder fight to play in the pool. It is an informal and fun game to try over water.


  • One sits over another’s shoulder. 
  • Two teams try to knock down one another by separating one over the other one’s shoulder. 

Note: You must avoid getting too harsh while playing this game.  

#2: Play Watermelon Ball Pool game:

A watermelon pool is just a watermelon-shaped pool filled with water. 


  • Two individual teams line up one-two site of the pool.
  • On the count of three, both teams try to get the watermelon ball towards them.
  • Then both will try to reach the endpoint of the pool with the ball faster than one another.

Note: The exciting thing about such balls is, they can be bounced underwater and easily move to play.

#3: Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows is a popular game from the ’50s. Will could find many variation on this game.


  • The sharks and minnows game requires one to be the shark and others to be minions. Others on the pole will be minnows.
  • Others (minions) will try to reach one side of the pool without getting attacked by the shark.
  • Whoever can successfully reach the endpoint safely is the Minnow of the game.
  • The Minnow will get to choose the next shark. 

#4: Marco Polo


  • In a macro pool game, here you have to be a Marco. The other ones will be polo. 
  • Marco has to close his eyes throughout the entire game. Marco will count one to ten. Others will hide in the water. 
  • Others have to shout polo.
  • Marco has to follow the echo and catch the polo. The one who survives till the last as polo would be the ultimate winner. 

Fun Things to Do in the Pool Alone

Pool parties are not just for friends. If you want to relax and have some downtime, consider trying out all these factors. Learn how you can chill out on the pool by doing these fun things:

#1: Know Why You Are Swimming:

If you know what things you’re doing and why you are doing them, it gets more fun automatically. Some swim to keep themselves fit. Moreover, some just want to relax. Swimming keeps your heart rate balanced, improves muscle strengths, and helps to fight stress. Acknowledge why you’re swimming, and things will come into a routine as well. 

#2: Listen to A Podcast

Podcasts help to relax and feel the moment alone with all joy. If you’re feeling a little demotivated and want to focus, pick some good podcasts. Relax in the pool and start listening to these podcasts. 

#3: Just Float

Pour your Pool water with warmth. It will make the Pool water more comfortable. Then, you can use a donut float and relax over the pool water. It is a good idea to give your mind and body some relaxation.

Swimming Pool Activities for Adults

Fun pool water activities for adults in the swimming pool hold various options. You can go drinking and dancing for sure. However, there are some fun pool games for adults. You can give all these a shot:

#1: Bumper Balls:


  • Bumper Balls are the large air-filled able to play with your pool water.
  • Three are basically the inflatable pool. There will be a rope in the middle of the pool.
  • In the count of three, players will try to reach the endpoint.
  • Whoever remains till the last without touching the rope will win the game.

#2: Pool Volleyball:

Water volleyball is an interesting game to make the time more enjoyable. You can play this game both in your pool yard and water.

#3: Tug of War:

Tug war is an interesting rope pulling game to play in pool water. It also requires two teams and basically a game of strengths. 


  • There will be a rope and two groups holding the rope from two sides.
  • Both groups will try to bring the rope and other people on their side by pulling.
  • Whichever group fails to pull the other will be the loser.

#4: Toss N Splash:

Toss N splash is basically a game that holds a game set of ten balls and nine pockets.


  • A group of friends can undoubtedly try this out. 
  • Players will try to toss the balls into the pockets. 
  • Whatever team can toss the most balls will win the game. 

Pool Activities for Kids

pool activities for toddlers and kids

If you’re organizing a pool party for kids, consider arranging all the nicest activities. Your kids will undoubtedly have a good time. Try all these amazing pool games for trying these pool activities for kids:

#1: Beach Ball Race:


  • The Beach ball race is an amazing game to play. 
  • Here you need two teams and two players in each team. 
  • Each team will try to stop them all from getting into their side.

#2: Coins on the bottom:


  • In this game, you will spread coins on the bottom of the pool. 
  • And kids will collect them together. 
  • Whoever can collect more coins would be the winner.

#3: Noodle Joust

Here is another exciting pool game for kids and teens. You will need two pool noodles, pool rafts, or pool float.


  • Two players should be on a pool float or raft. 
  • Then, push them to the middle of the swimming pool
  • Give pool noodles to each player for knocking each other. 
  • That player will lose, who knocked from the float and the remaining player will win.

#4: Ping-pong Madness:

Ping-Pong is fun for everyone, even kids. Ping-Pong Madness in Pool is a great game for any age group. Kids will enjoy playing against each other and adults will appreciate the challenge.


Ping pong madness requires a special ping pong set that is inflatable and two teams. 

  • Here a set of ping pong balls will be spread on the pool water.
  • Kids from both teams try to splash water to keep the balls away from touching their side of the wall.

#5: What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

Well, what’s the fox is a classic pool kid game. 


  • Here one kid will be a fox. And others will ask, “what is the time, fox?’ 
  • Whenever the fox answers “dinner time,” kids will run away from the fox. 
  • Whomever the fox catches will be the next fox. 

Pool Activities for Families

pool activities for families

It is family time to spend at your pool. With some amazing game ideas, turn the pool time more enjoyable. Give them a quick check: 

#1: Underwater Tea party:

Underwater tea party requires no tea in reality.  To play this game, you all must be good swimmers. 


  • In this game, you and your days will just try to tickle the gravity.
  • You should try to sit underwater, competing with one another.
  •  Here you just hold your imaginary teacup and try to stay underwater as long as you can. 

#2: Basketball Fun:

Pool basketball is an evergreen game. It can be played both over your pool patio/ pool water. It takes the regular basketball rules to apply. 

#3: Treasure hunt:


  • In this treasure hunting game, you will spread some coins/ materials underwater. 
  • And all your family members will dive into the water to collect those coins. 
  • Whoever collects the most treasure will be the winner. 


Pool parties are meant to be an amazing and fun time for everyone. There are bunches of fun things to try in the pool. Whether it is a kid’s party or a friend’s one, you can try many pool games. Do not hesitate to try all new and unique games at your following parties. Nevertheless, make sure these are absolutely safe. And the people you are enjoying the pool party with must be good at swimming.

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