Dirt Devil Vacuum Not Suctioning and other Troubleshooting

Dirt Devil has been providing some high-quality vacuum cleaners for our convenient cleaning experience. You can always count on a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner to offer you a clean and hygienic house with a few moments of cleaning. But, we have to deal with some common problems, such as Dirt Devil Vacuum Suction and troubleshooting.

But, have you ever faced any problem with your vacuum that just can’t be ignored? If yes, then don’t worry as this dirt devil troubleshooting guide is going to help you fix every type of dirt devil vacuum cleaner problem.

Refer to the guide to know How to assemble dirt devil vacuum cleaner after your troubleshooting”.

Now, Let us discuss the problems of dirt devil vacuum cleaners and its solutions

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Problem 1: Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner not working

What if you want to clean urgently and your vacuum cleaner is not working anymore?

There can be a lot of moments like these, and we do not want you to depend on a mechanic to help you out.

Here are the things you can do to solve this problem on your own:

Check the Switch

Start by checking whether your switch is working correctly or not. It will not let the current flow to the motor if there is a defect in the switch. You can replace the switch with a new one to start your Vacuum cleaner.

Check the Drive and Fan Motor

Ensure that the drive motor is getting proper electricity from the switch. After this, check if the wheel brush is working correctly. If your vacuum is not working, then you drive the motor may need to replace. It happens when your motor gets overload or is overused. Similarly, if the drive motor is working fine and the vacuum is still not working, check for the fan motor and replace it with a new part.

Changing a Dirt Devil Fan Motor

Check the Motor Brush

If both the motors are working correctly and you are still unable to use your vacuum, then you should check the Motor brushes for damages. Most of the time, motor brushes get damaged by the burns of the vacuum. Consider changing your motor brushes to get rid of this problem.

Problem 2: Dirt Devil Suction Power

Almost all the dirt devil vacuum cleaner offers an amazing suction power that is more than enough for your home. However, it may start giving you some sleepless nights with its decreasing suction power. Most of our readers have mentioned the dirt devil not suctioning complain, and we decided to look into this matter. There can be different reasons for this problem.

Some of the Dirt Devil suction control Solutions are:

Clean the Dirt Devil Vacuum Hose

The vacuum hose can trap some dirt particles that clog the way and directly affects the suction power of the vacuum. You should try to keep it straight and check if there is something stuck inside it.

Clean the Vacuum Air filter

Air filters can also trap some dirt particles while vacuuming the heavy-dirt areas. You should ensure that the air filter is not clogged with dirt or any other particle.

Note: Watch a tutorial to know how to unclog a dirt devil vacuum.

Empty the vacuum Bag

It may look like an obvious point, but most of the time, we forget to empty the vacuum bag that results in the suction problem of the vacuum. You can clean the pack by simply opening the face of the bag, or you can get it replaced by the manufacturers at an affordable price.

Check the Motor and Blower Wheel

The blower wheel can also affect the suction power of your vacuum. It may trap some particles that can affect the functioning of the whole vacuum cleaner. Check if it can move freely on the smooth surface or not. You should check the Blower motor if the Blower wheel is working properly.

Here is a complete video tutorial about lost suction of dirt devil vacuum cleaner. You can follow it, you dirt devil vacuum not suctioning and use it for your dirt devil vacuum troubleshooting

Problem 3: Dirt Devil Vacuum belt related problems

A lot of customers complain that their Vacuum cleaner Belt keeps breaking every time they replace it. It can be because of the quality of the belt or due to some internal problems. However, we have listed some solutions that will be more than enough to help you solve this problem.

Solutions are:

Change the Brush Roll

Brush Roll is the main reason behind the continuous breaking of your vacuum cleaner belt. It clogs the whole vacuum cleaner When some hair or other particles get stuck in your brush roll. However, your cleaner stays ON, and that puts pressure on the Vacuum belt to move the slogged brush roll. That excessive pressure on the belt makes it weak, and it ends up getting broken.This is the easiest way to get rid of vacuum belt problems without much technical knowledge.

Check the Vacuum belt.

You should check the belt of your vacuum cleaner as you may have replaced it with a belt of some other model. If you do not choose the right vacuum belt, then it can interrupt the whole working of the vacuum cleaner. You can watch a tutorial video to know how to replace the dirt devil vacuum belt.Note: Check you desired Dirt Devil Vacuum belts here.

How to Replace the Belt on a Dirt Devil Vacuum?

Problem 4: Dirt Devil vacuum Brush not Spinning

All the vacuum cleaner owners face this problem at least once in their life. You may have found yourself stuck with a vacuum whose brush is not spinning. There can be different reasons behind this problem, and we will discuss these problems and their solutions individually.Here are some of them discussed below:

Check the Dirt Devil Belt

The vacuum cleaner brush works on the movement of the belt. You should check if your belt is working correctly and is not broken by the brush roll movement. If you found that the belt is broken or damaged, try to get it replaced by the manufacturers.Note: Check a video tutorial for the process of changing a belt without technical knowledge.

Check the Brush Roll

A clogged brush roll can also create problems for you. A sticky brush roll can cause some fiction that will put pressure on the belt. Consider checking if the brush roll can move freely or not.

Clean the brush roll bearings and remove all the hairs and dirt particles stuck on your vacuum cleaner. Consider changing the bearings if the damage is severe.

Problem 5: Vacuum not picking up dirt

The possible cause of this problem generally occurs due to clogged filters, obstructed hose, and some other reason. Make sure to unplug the power cord before checking below points.

The vacuum’s air filter is clogged

You need to remove the air filter in order to check it. Remove the filter and check, if it is clogged or too much with dirt and debris. You may also test it for a short time without the filter. If dirt is picking up, then, you need to clean or replace it (if too bad for reuse or expired).

Here is a short demonstration regarding filter cleaning. However, it can vary from model to model, so, you may need to check the instruction manual.

Obstructed Hose

The obstructed hose could be another major problem. You can remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner and check directly with dirt. If it’s working fine, then, you need to clean the hose. Detail procedure is discussed above section.

Issues with the Brush Roll

Check the brush roll properly. Remove any yarn, hair and debris from the roller and check its movability. If its damaged completely, you need to change it. Read details on changing the brush roll discussed above.

Vacuum cleaner motor not functioning

Check the motor and blower wheel function section discussed above

The vacuum cleaner is not airtight

If the above points are not worked, then, there is a high chance that your vacuum cleaner has leaking seals and not airtight. It that case, you should seek a professional’s help to solve the issues or contact the manufacturer.

The above points should solve the dirt not picking up the problem of your vacuum cleaner.

Problem 6: Dirt devil power max pet not picking up

This is the common problem with the power max pet model, many customers also complained about its less picking dirt. Because this is a very poorly designed cheap machine and not designed to keep it from clogging. However, most of the time, air filter traps particles when air travels through the cleaner. If the filter is clogged, the vacuum cleaner will not have proper suction. If the filter is clogged, the vacuum cleaner will not have proper suction.

For better understanding and proper maintenance, the below video could help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I reset Dirt Devil vacuum?

    You ought to likewise verify whether the reset button on the canister itself has jumped out. The reset button is situated on the upper left hand side of the unit above where the low voltage wires associated with the vacuum cleaner.

  2. Can you wash Dirt Devil filters?

    Yes, you can obviously you can wash dirt devil filter. Just wash it with cold water, that will be enough. Do not use soap or brushes to clean the filters, it may cause damage to your filter.

  3. How to take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner?

    To make apart dirt devil vacuum cleaner, you need to follow the below steps:
    ● Remove External Battery- First, you need to remove the external battery. Before removing the battery, you must remove its power supply.
    ●  After that, you need to disconnect the handle of the vacuum cleaner.
    ●  And then you have to unscrew the section carefully.
    ●  After that carefully release the canister from the vacuum cleaner
    ●  Finally, remove the metal plate and pull off the brush head.
    Thus you can take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner.

Final Thought about Dirt Devil Vacuum Troubleshooting

These were some of the most common problems (and solutions) that you may come across with a dirt devil vacuum cleaner. We hope that these tips of our dirt devil troubleshooting guide will help you fix your vacuum cleaner without taking the help of customer support. Check back to see for the updated solutions as we regularly update our page for the convenience of our customers. To know more about troubleshooting  other models, please, read the previous article  Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance and Care Guide

Did we miss something? Comment it down and let us know about it. 

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  1. my dirt devil model SD12522 brush roll isn’t spinning because it is clogged with hair. How do I take it apart to clean?

    1. Thanks for the inquiry. You will find 4 screws there, so, you need the proper screwdriver for that. After that, you need to remove the belt before removing the brush roll.
      Please, seek the help of professionals, if you are not confident..

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