Perfect Way to Get Leaves Out of Pool

Picking up fallen leaves from your pool is necessary when you want a joyful swim. If trees are nearby or an unwanted storm happens, your pool gets filled with leaves. It is ridiculous to clean the leaves in the usual way. Sometimes, it may take from an hour to another hour. So, to save your valuable time & industry, you should know the best ways to get leaves out of the pool.

Before we start, we want to inform you about some tool requirements. As we are talking about the fastest & easiest way, tools are a must here. Leaf rake, leaf gulper & leaf canister are our dealing instruments. Now, get to the point of cleaning your leaf-full pool using these apparatuses. After going through this article, you can do it faithfully.

Ways to get leaves out of the pool

leaves on above ground pool

The leaf rake is the best way in our eyes, but we have kept options for you. All the mentioned paths are very much effective. Read our analysis & pick your choice.

Leaf Rake

A leaf skimmer is widely used by some people but for bigger purposes, a leaf rake is mandatory. It is a special kind of leaf skimmer with a full net attachment. This item helps clean up both the top & bottom of your pool. For having some work on the surface, you can use this tool using the push & pull method. It is equally effective for cleaning up the floor. Before buying, make sure your leaf rake can reach every corner of your pool.

After getting habituated to it, you can move it faster. We suggest you use leaf rakes because of their capacity. Its application sounds very simple. Hold the stick carefully & dunk the bag into the pool water. Have a slow walk around the pool & gather leaves. The most attractive part is its cost. This tool will give you the taste of the perfect pool cleaner within a short amount of money.

Leaf Gulper

During the time of using vacuum, sometimes leaves can obstruct for huge density. Here you should go for a leaf gulper. It is also known as a leaf bagger. To create suction, this tool uses a standard garden hose. For the more obstinate leaves, you can use a brush on the bottom of your tool. It will deliver some additional push to rise into the bag.

As it works with the pressure of a standard garden hose, the better the hose pressure, the better it will perform. You need to do a small setup for receiving the best output. An easy setup is required at the bottom of your pool. The attached bag will suck the debris & leaves within a short time. There are two models available & we recommend using the wheeled model.

Leaf canister

If you want to clean up your pool in the fastest way, a pool vacuum leaf canister should be chosen. It works fully on its own & saves a bit of your stamina & time. This canister prevents the leaves from damaging the motor when it’s on run. This machine requires an expensive setup. With the help of its 3 feet extension hose, you can run it beneficially for a long time. As this tool won’t empty itself, you need to clean it from time to time.

Its pump strainer basket gets loaded at a glance when you are dealing with a large number of leaves. So, it can be convenient to dispose of the bulk leaves with a net before vacuuming. However, this machine isn’t quite eco-friendly as it consumes a large amount of electricity. If you are determined to go for this method, you should use the pool vacuum for leaves for getting an outstanding performance.

Why brown pool water from leaves and how to clean up brown pool water?

cleaning pool leaves

When any kind of metal, especially iron becomes oxidized in your pool water, it can cause brown pool water. If the leaves are fallen in the pool, they emit tannins & mix with the pool water. You should know that among many kinds of micronutrients in leaves, it also contains iron.

Cleaning up brown pool water from leaves is an easy & fast process. This is an organic process & washable with the presence of chlorine. You can also use a pool filtration system to resolve this issue but running the pump for a long time isn’t convenient.

How do clean leaves from the bottom of the pool?

If you want to clean leaves from the bottom of the pool, you should go for the simplest method. If you can run your pool pump continuously, leaves will be assimilated on the top of your pool water. you can capture leaves in a filter basket. However, the basket requires regular maintenance. The vacuum also can be a good deal for bottom cleaning. But, it also requires running the pool pump.

You got a few options for making the surface nifty. A solar-powered floating pool skimmer can be your priority as it is capable of capturing micro particles such as hair, pollen, suntan oil, etc. Manually, you can clean with the help of a long pole & net but it will bring fatigue to your arm.

Besides, the cleaning process depends on the number of leaves on the bottom. You can use below methods:

  • Clean with help of a leaf canister,
  • clean with a leaf rake with a long pole or telescopic pole,
  • Leaf gulper or leaf eater, connecting it to your garden hose and pool pole,
  • Use pressure side cleaner or robotic cleaner, if you have a moderate amount of leaves,
  • If you have less amount of leaves, you can use a manual vacuum or suction cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep leaves out of the pool skimmer?

Closing the main drain valve allows skimmers to pull at the strongest position & leaves can’t enter inside of the pool skimmer.

What to do, if my pool is full of leaves and algae?

If your pool is full of leaves, leaf lake, leaf eater, or robotic cleaner is the best option. If you want to get rid of algae, the easiest way is to shock your pool and clean the dead algae with a filter pump and vacuum.

Final Word

Throughout the whole article, we have tried to draw a figure of the ways to get rid of the leaf problem in your pool. Having a swimming pool means you need regular maintenance. For pleasant swimming, you deserve a leaf-free pool full of clean water. As you aren’t an expert, you should know about the hassle-free, fruitful paths.

Dealing with the best ways to get leaves out of the pool is straight. If you want to go with the fastest solution, you have the option of a leaf canister. We have chosen leaf rake as our best pick. Leaf bagger will also be an option. So, we believe that you are capable of making your own decision now.

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