Can You Leave an Intex Pool up All Winter? How to Store Intex Pool This Winter?

Intex is one of the leading manufacturers of the outdoor pool and their accessories. They have shared some easy-to-read guidelines for their customers. However, there are still some unanswered questions like- can you leave an Intex pool up all winter or not? In this article, we will discuss everything about winterizing the Intex pool and whether it is the right choice or not.

Can you leave the Intex pool up over winter?

Many tools can be left unattended in the winter season. Unfortunately, the Intex pool is not of them, and it may require proper care for the season. It is recommended to tuck the pool and winterize it for the whole season. This way, you can set up your fresh pool and avoid the chores of maintaining it throughout the season.

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According to the index user guide, you can leave your Intex pool open in the summer season. However, it is better to winterize it for the cold climate. It becomes crucial for the owners who use their pool on the regular basis. You must not take any risk and winterize it for the season.

However, it is not bad at all as you can easily winterize any Intex pool by doing it the right way.

Recommendation by Intex. When to winterize?

The user guide of the above-ground pools recommends understanding the climate of your area before making a decision. According to the manufacturers, it is better to winterize your pool when the temperature goes down below 65-degree Fahrenheit (18°C). Thus, you can check the temperature of your area and decide whether it is the right time to winterize the pool.

Once you are ready to store your pool in the winter season, the below tips are going to help you out. You can get all your answers through these points and easily winterize the pool without taking someone’s assistance.

Is It Hard to Put Intex Pool Away For the Winter Season?

Preventing Ice damage is the priority of every Intex pool owner. I understand that it takes some time to drain all the water from your Intex above ground pool to store it. Additionally, you may want to go through the struggles of setting up the pool again. But you would love to know that It is not difficult to protect your pool in the winter season. Winterizing Intex above ground pool is much easier when you have the right guide to follow.

How to Winterize Intex Pool

So, how to store the Intex pool To protect it from Ice? As we mentioned earlier, winterizing Intex above ground pool is not such a big challenge when you know the right steps. Just follow this easy guide and save yourself the struggle of keeping your pool clean for a whole season.

  1. Drain The Pool Water

    The first thing is to drain the pool water to empty it. You would want to make sure that the valves or the pipe are not clogged by debris or leaves. Otherwise, you would need a pool leaf cleaner. Refer to the user manual of your pool to make sure you do it the right way.
    Additionally, you can drain some water through the pipes several times to avoid the struggle of cleaning them after winter. You can also add some cleaners to the water to clean the inner side of the valves and pipe for hygiene purposes.

  2. Clean Your Pool

    It’s time to clean your pool before winterizing it for the whole season. Make sure to rinse off the water by cleaning it with a soft piece of cloth. You can use various types of pool cleaners for the task.
    You can also remove the frame and keep the liner dry before putting it away. It is a little tricky part as you need to completely soak the water from the liner to protect it from moisture. Consider sprinkling some cornstarch so that it can absorb every drop of water from it. You can also heat your pool with the sun to give it a final touch to settle down.

  3. Folding the Liner

    If you want to reuse your liner after the season, then you must store it with proper care. You can start folding the liner by one-sixth of it with double layers. Repeat the process from the opposite side as well. After that, you need to keep doing the above steps from the unfolded sides until you lay it flat. Now, all you need to do is create a square with your liner and prepare it to store. You can refer to the user manual guide to get instruction pictures for a better tutorial.

  4. Clean Rest of the Accessories

    Running a pool is no less than a challenge. There are many pool accessories like a towel warmer, and water essentials that you want to take care of. Hence, you can clean and prepare them to store.
    Tip: You can remove the cartridge filters of your pool and replace them in the next season.
    Check our article about above ground pool heaters to enjoy your pool in this winter.

  5. Store Your Intex Pool For Winter

    The last step is to find the right place to store your pool parts properly. Make sure to use a dry and safe place to store them as even a little moisture can cause problems for you. It would be a great idea to use a place that has a high temperature to keep them safe from the winter. 

  • 1. Pool Cleaner
    2. Towel Warmer

Final Verdict- The Right Way To Winterize Intex Pool

Winterizing the pool is the right choice for Intex pool owners as it is not compatible with the winter season. Hence, if someone asks- Can you leave an Intex pool up all winter? You would know what to say. The steps that we discussed in this article are easy to follow and works with all type of Intex pools.

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