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Black & Decker Dustbuster

Just imagine you need to move your office from your older place to a newer home. And for making a new apartment, the most useful tools you need are a powerful vacuum cleaner. A powerful vacuum cleaner is a must for keeping your house neat and clean, And without a powerful vacuum cleaning the objective of changing office will be useless. The Black and Decker DustBuster is Vacuum cleaner, what you might need.

You might be disgusted with your heavy vacuum cleaner or trying to find something that will help you from spilled coffee or dust.

We already go through the advantages of cordless vacuum cleaner. Now, we will go through this article and realize how important this article before buying a powerful hand vacuum.

Features of Black and Decker DustBuster

This article will focus on a Black & Decker vacuum cleaner, and you might know how powerful and useful this vacuum cleaner for a home. Let's find out the specialties of this vacuum cleaner.

Throughout this article, we will evaluate how powerful this vacuum cleaner and how useful it's suction pipe and battery. And we will try to cover some frequently asked a question so that you can get some answer from the article. Don't worry if you have further questions about it. We are always at your side to provide you reliable information regarding this vacuum cleaner.

Many people have doubts about this vacuum cleaner they fear whether the Dustbuster is powerful or the slim cordless Vacuum cleaner can clean your full apartment correctly or not.Enter your text here...

Specifications of Black and Decker DustBuster

  • Product Brand : Black Decker
  • Weight : 9-11 LBS varies from model to model
  • Product Dimensions : Can be varied
  • Charge Time : 5 hours-6 Hours
  • Product Dimensions : Can be varied
  • Warranty:    2 -year limited warranty·

Black and Decker Dustbuster Performance

Undoubtedly the most important part of a vacuum cleaner is suction power. If suction power is not too good, then the vacuum cleaner becomes useless. For your contentment, we can say that this vacuum cleaner suction power is excellent. This is enough to clean your apartment and your office room. Both the stick vacuum and dustbuster could pick dirt and other dust from the sofa, carpet, and bed. The important feature of this vacuum cleaner is suction adjustment which allows you to adjust suction accordingly your need. Cool right

You will get another important feature of this vacuum cleaner is setting power level according to need. It will assist you in customizing suction power to control cleaning. But only cons of the suction power were Thick carpet. When we tried to clean the carpet, it was unable to clean the thick carpet smoothly. And it gets tuck.


The design is cool and handy. The stick vacuum is convenient for cleaning larger areas as it allows you to push easily. The Dustbuster is more adept in tight corners to adopt dirt. Moreover, you will find many aspects of its design which are given for better user experience. For example, we can say about its swiveling head that is made for furniture cleaning. But the problem lies in its sensitive meanuverality because the slightest touch can take it wrong direction and thus it can take a test of your endurance.

The Cordless Functionality

You will find another thing that can be great for your cleaning and better for cleaning a larger space. Well,Black and Decker DustBuster has the cordless option which removes the stress of plugin wire for cleaning any dirt. But the main thing we notice is retaining larger particles of dust. And we found it is the major lacking of its design. When we completed our test and kept it off, we noticed some dirt were there and found that some big particles were come out from the mouth and the same thing happened after using dust buster.

And finally, its dustbin can hold only 5 liters dust which is very tiny for an office and larger apartments. We could clean only two rooms using this vacuum cleaner. Though some of its variants can hold more dust but still, it is not enough for bigger space.

Battery Life

Black & Decker Dustbuster have powerful Nickel- Cadmium (NiCd) batteries that is recyclable and rechargeable. The voltage of the battery voltage is 15.6 V. As it is a cordless vacuum so it relies on battery and of the battery life is not sufficient, then you will face a problem for cleaning any item with this. We tried to find out the exact battery life, but the manufacturer doesn't clear about battery life. They claim that with the battery life you can clan at least 2500 square feet of area. But when we test the vacuum cleaner, we could clean 900 square feet smoothly, and after that, the cleaner gets slower. So keeping this entire thing we can advise you pick this for cleaning your small apartments or house. Don't rely on it for a big studio.

You can recharge the battery by spending 5 hours, and one worst thing about this device is not giving any charger base with the vacuum cleaner.


This device offers its service at an affordable price. You can quickly get any of its models by spending only $110- $130 though the cost can be changed from time to time. Bit still you will get a cordless powerful vacuum cleaner within a reasonable price. And longevity and battery life are excellent so that you easily get the service for up to 5 years.

Black and Decker Robot Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER Robot Vacuum with SMARTECH (HRV425BL) is a amazing addition of Black and Decker family. This is a affordable robotic vacuum with excellent features.

Features of Black and Decker Robotic Vacuum with Smartech:

  • Built in scheduling function for your freedom
  • Included remote control allows for control of your cleaning robot at your fingertips
  • Cleans hard or carpeted surfaces for complete cleaning no matter where
  • Comes with a recharging Base

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Final Verdict

Before wrap up, we can say that before buying any cleaner, you need to measure your apartment spaces correctly as every vacuum cleaner has its limitation so you should buy the vacuum cleaner only when you can get the best vacuum cleaner for you.

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