Best Wireless Pool Thermometer

Spending time in your swimming pool is so refreshing, especially after a hard day at work. Every drop of water helps you relieve yourself from the never-ending tasks of your life. However, managing your swimming pool is the ultimate price you pay for this experience.

There are different things that you need to consider while taking care of your swimming pool. The most common thing is its temperature. Getting into a swimming pool, that is not at the right temperature can make things worse. You may need to wait some more time before taking the perfect bath in your swimming pool. That’s why we need a pool thermometer.

Thanks to the wireless thermometer for swimming pool invention that lets you check your pool’s temperature without touching, remotely, and without connecting any wire. Even if you want a 70 Fahrenheit temperature or 80 Fahrenheit temperature, these thermometers can help you achieve your pool’s sweet temperature

In this article, we have picked some of the digital wireless pool thermometers that provide your pool’s fast and accurate temperatures. Each item on the wireless remote pool thermometer for the swimming pool is perfect for measuring both inground or above-ground pool temperature.

So, let’s start and discuss our top 5 pool thermometers with wireless technology. 

Things to Consider before buying a wireless swimming pool thermometer

Having a swimming pool is a great thing. However, choosing the best swimming pool thermometer is a challenging task. There are different things, such as the effectiveness, safety, and reliability of the thermometer. For a person with no basic knowledge, choosing a thermometer can feel like a lot of work.

To help you out, we have created this buying guide where you learn everything about the thermometers. 

Here are a few things to consider while choosing your next Pool Thermometer:

Pool Type

The most crucial thing to consider is your pool type. An indoor pool requires a different model of thermometer than an outdoor pool. Hence, the first thing you should consider is the design and the model of your swimming pool or spa. Some of the thermometers do not provide UV protection and thus are not suitable for outdoor pools.

However, we have listed all the thermometers with UV protection to work your work easier.

Additionally, some of the thermometers are not water-resistible and require proper focus. Hence, if you will leave your thermometer in the pool all the time, you must consider this factor.

The ones we have recommended in this article are waterproof and work all the time.

Temperature Limit And Reliability

Every thermometer has a different temperature limit. Some of thermometers have a limit of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while others can go beyond that. Limited to 100 degrees is not going to be useful if you have a hot tub. Hence, it would be best if you looked out for the thermometer’s temperature limit as per your requirements. On the other hand, the low range of the thermometer is as crucial as the high range.

Some people who want to keep the medium temperature require a thermometer with a better low range. 

Additionally, the reliability and accuracy of a thermometer also play a crucial role in your decision. Due to its nature, some of the thermometers provide an estimate of a 2-degree difference in their results. It means that the temperature can be either two degrees less or more. Please, note that this is not a lab-grade thermometer. If you want accuracy as a tenth of a degree, you need to spend a lot of money.

Wireless or WIFI Range

If you want to buy the best pool thermometer WIFI or wireless, you need to consider the connectivity. Some of the thermometers can offer better connectivity so that you can check the temperature without going there. It may not impact a small pool owner, but the commercial pools and spa must consider this factor.

They may be required to check the temperature all the time. Hence, WIFI connectivity plays a crucial role in the convenience of management.

These were the few factors that can affect your buying behavior. You can use these factors to understand the basics of a WIFI digital pool thermometer and make an informed decision. However, if you are still confused, then you can go with the editor’s choice to get a perfect thermometer for your pool.

Our list of best wireless pool thermometers available in the market

#1: GAME 14900 Wireless Thermometer

Game wireless pool thermometer is one of the most popular thermometers for your pool and spa. It is one of a kind because it works on solar energy and saves your time and effort in changing the batteries. You can keep this digital pool thermometer wireless in your swimming pool, and it will keep you updated with its temperature.

We love this thermometer because it is simple to use and shows the temperature with large digits. It means that you can check the temperature from anywhere in the pool without touching your thermometer.

It is made from high-quality material that can stay in the water as long as you want. The manufacturers have focused on the details as its 5-inch gauge goes deeper into the water to show you the swimming pool’s accurate temperature. 

It is crucial because the correct temperature can be measured below the water surface. You can check all the game pool thermometer reviews to check its quality. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable thermometer for your swimming pool, this is it, you can go for.

Main Features of GAME 14900 Wireless Thermometer

Solar Powered: It works in the sunlight which makes it convenient for a long time. It will stay charged throughout the day as the solar cells get charged automatically.

Attached Tether: It has an attached tether that prevents it from getting caught in the skimmer or other cleaning devices. You do not need to install it separately as it works great with all the Game Products.

Easy to Read Numbers: To justify its wireless technology, it comes with large easy-to-read numbers. You can check the temperature without taking it out of your swimming pool. One can see it from the side of the pool conveniently.

Fahrenheit and Celsius support: No more confusion about the temperature state of your pool. It supports both the popular temperature units and shows you instant temperature within a few seconds.

#2: Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Pool Thermometer (Best Value for Money)

What if you can check the temperature of your pool water or bathtub without leaving your room? Then, you are no longer away from fulfilling your dream. This Wireless Pool Thermometer from Inkbird is what you look for. It lets you check the water temperature readings with its receiver without leaving your home.

The heart-winning feature that encourages us to include this temperature on the list is it’s simple to use. Plus, it displays the temperature in large digits. In return, you don’t need to go near to it as you can read the number from anywhere in your pool.

A solid wireless connection is another key criterion that works behind picking this thermometer. Its transmission distance is up to 300 feet in open space. However, the range will be limited if there is any interference between the transmitter and the receiver.

And finally, its durability! The thermometer uses premium quality materials, which prolongs its lifespan. It’s indispensable as you don’t want to get a thermometer that breaks down after a few uses.

Considering all, you must consider this to have in your lineup to get accurate temperature for a long time.

Features of Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Pool Thermometer

Wireless connection: The transmission distance is up to 300 feet. So, you don’t require to go outside from leaving your comfy room to read your pool water temperature. You can check the temp on the display of the receiver.

Support both Fahrenheit & Celsius: You don’t need to hassle to get the accurate temperature read-out. It supports both popular temperature units and displays the number in large numbers.

Multipurpose Thermometer: It’s an all-in-one thermometer. With it, you can check the water temperature of your pool, spa, and bathtub.

#3: Homga Floating Pool Thermometer (Good For Kids)

This floating pool thermometer is another pool thermometer that is fun and accurate at the same time. It is capable of giving the precise temperature of your pool all the time. Additionally, you can keep your children engaged in the pool with the creative design of this thermometer.

It is made of premium plastic that can be left in water for as long as you want. This thermometer offers a reading range from 0 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. However, you can check the temperature readings in Fahrenheit too.

This pool thermometer takes around one or two minutes to show the accurate temperature of your pool. You can either use it when you want or leave it in your pool.

Another exciting thing about this product is its 12-month warranty. It means that you can buy this product without worrying about anything. 

Features of Homga Floating Pool Thermometer

Attractive Design: It offers a reliable design that keeps your children engaged in the pool. You can either choose a thermometer with a golden fish or a turtle from this manufacturer.

Accurate Reading: Homga Floating Pool Thermometer is one of the pool thermometers that can show accurate readings of the water temperature. Although it takes some time to calculate, you can always trust its results. Additionally, it gives temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for your convenience.Easy to Use: This pool thermometer is easy to use and does not require much effort. Due to its floating design, you can leave it in your pool and keep track of the temperature.

#4: eLander Pro Water Pool Thermometer (Best Value Thermometer)

Here is an affordable pool thermometer that allows you to measure the temperature anytime you want. Unlike other thermometers, it can provide a clear and accurate reading of your pool’s thermometer. The durable material of this wifi pool thermometer ensures that you get a long-lasting experience.

It supports different types of swimming pools, spas, aquariums, and hot tubs. You do not need to worry about the intensity of the temperature as it can support up to 120 Fahrenheit. (I’m pretty sure you don’t need a temperature beyond that).

Although it is common and does not offer a fancy design, it is still a great product to help you find the pool temperature. This product is available for less than $10 and is there in most online stores.

The only limitation we can find is that it is not a floating thermometer. You will need to put it in your pool and check its temperature manually.

Features of the eLander Pro Water Pool Thermometer

Accurate Readings: Due to its impact design, you can get your swimming pool’s exact temperature. Just leave it in water for 20 seconds and know whether the water is perfect for the bath or not.

Supports Fahrenheit and Celsius: You no longer need to convert the temperatures for your convenience. Considering the needs of people, this thermometer shows the reading in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.

Durable: It is a product that you can use for a long time. The material is of high quality and assures the use for several years with its performance.

Multi-Purpose Design: The design of this thermometer supports different purposes. You can use it in your swimming pool, spa, aquarium, and all other related places. However, it is better to go with the product instructions for continuous use.

#5: B&H Duck Thermometer (Best Rated Temperature Sensor)

We understand the struggle of getting up and manually checking the temperature of your pool. That is why we have found this excellent pool thermometer that allows you to check its temperature from wherever you want.

Just leave the thermometer and your pool and monitor its temperature from your living room. This durable thermometer is much more reliable and comes with an attractive design. If you think that it was the best thing about this thermometer, then you are wrong.

The best thing is that it works on solar energy and charges itself without using any other power source. Hence, you can literally leave it in the pool as long as you want. It also comes with some fantastic features that will force you to replace your pool thermometer today.

Features Of YowoSmart:

Alarm: It comes with an alarm that you can snooze whenever you want. You can use it to notify you when the water temperature reaches a certain level.

Support 3 locations: You can receive the water temperature to up to 3 locations. Just add them to your wifi pool thermometer, and you will be able to check it whenever you want.

Solar Charging: It is powered by solar energy and does not require you to change the battery cells. Leave it in your pool and enjoy the warm bath at your home.

#6: Etekcity 1022 Infrared Thermometer (Best Rated Infrared Pool Thermometer)

Here is our best-rated pool thermometer. It is an all-rounder that can help you measure the temperature of the water or any object. However, it is not for humans and is limited to material use. The best thing about this thermometer is its temperature limit. It can measure from 50 degrees Celsius to 500 Degree Celcius. 

It is the best you can expect from a thermometer for your pool. Additionally, it offers a fantastic accuracy that helps you understand the exact temperature of the swimming pool. It uses infrared technology to check the temperature of an object. That’s why it comes with an emissivity adjuster that helps you measure different surfaces’ temperatures without using multiple thermometers.

You get a low battery indicator with this thermometer that alerts you when it needs a battery recharge. Additionally, these thermometers’ versatile design allows you to check the temperature of any surface. 

For better accuracy, it is recommended to keep the object 36 cm away from the thermometer. We can say that it is one of the best thermometers for pools you will ever encounter.

Although it is a bit on the expensive side, you can get a great deal from this one-time investment.

Features of Etekcity 1022 Infrared Thermometer

Convenient Design: It has a suitable design that makes it easier to measure any object’s temperature. Just put it near the item (36cm away) and measure the temperature in no time.

Better Accuracy: It can provide better accuracy than most of the other pool thermometers. It uses infrared technology that works great in giving precise results. Clear Crystal: This thermometer comes with a crystal clear display that helps you read the temperature conveniently. You can rely on the readings, and there is no chance to misread the numbers.

#7: YowoSmart Wireless Pool Thermometer (Best for Pool and Spa)

YowoSmart Wireless Pool Thermometer is one of the best and most affordable wireless thermometers for your swimming pool. This floating thermometer, a floating duck helps you measure your pool’s temperature and keep your children engaged while refreshing themselves. 

Its features are not limited to temperature measurement as it can also show the exact time.

You can use it as a clock too. Just like other remote pool thermometers, it can show the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius to help you read it conveniently. We recommend this product because it has an alarm that tells you when the temperature is higher or lower than your preferred degree. 

Additionally, it comes with an LED light that will inform you when the water level is above usual. It was manufactured by considering all the major safety issues. Thus, the design does not have any sharp edges, making it a perfect fit for kids.

Hence, it is an all-in-one package that gives you a complete solution for your swimming pool or spa. 

Feature of Duck Floating Thermometer

Safety-centered Device– The device comes with a built-in feature that alarms when the temperature is too high or low. Additionally, it can inform you about the water level to keep things safe for you and your children.

Water Proof Battery Design- It has a waterproof design that allows it to stay in the water as long as you want. The battery is sealed and packed and does not have any safety issues for your swimming pool.

Fun For Kids- The attractive design of this thermometer makes it an excellent choice for children. They can play with this duck thermometer that is safe for them and keep them engaged in the pool for a long time.

#8: Amprobe Infrared Pool Thermometer (IR and Good for Accuracy)

An infrared pool thermometer by Amprobe is an excellent choice for pool owners. It is one of the best-rated pool thermometers that you will find in the marketplace. This thermometer is famous for its quick and accurate results.

You do not even need to touch the surface to measure its temperature. Just bring it closer to your pool water, and its laser technology will take care of the rest. 

Additionally, it is a multipurpose thermometer and can be used to measure the temperature of other appliances. If you wonder whether it is safe for small kids or not, let us tell you something. It is safe for all age groups and can not cause any harm to your children.

For our technical readers, the emissivity of this pool thermometer is fixed at 0.95. Hence, you no longer need to change it all the time.

Features of Amprobe Infrared Pool Thermometer

Faster and Accurate Results: It works on infrared technology and provides quicker and more accurate results than a regular pool thermometer.

Multipurpose: It is a multipurpose pool thermometer and works with all types of pools and other appliances.

Temperature Range: It can measure from 0-degree Fahrenheit to 716-degree Fahrenheit ( -18 to 380 Celsius). Hence, you do not need to worry about the range at all.

#9: Inkbird IBS-P01B Bluetooth Floating Pool Thermometer (Best Bluetooth)

Inkbird IBS-P01B Bluetooth Floating Pool Thermometer is the most popular Bluetooth option if you are looking for a temperature sensor with Bluetooth functionality for your pool. It has a maximum connection distance is 164 feet or 54 yards. Easy and quick to connect with your phone to check the instant temperature and historical temperatures. Ranges from -40℃~70℃(-40℉~158℉). The device is adopted with high-quality materials for better durability.

An ideal Bluetooth pool thermometer must be equipped with a strong network. A pool larger than 50 yards, making it harder for the thermometers to get the required range. Hence, it would be best if you looked at a thermometer that can support this range.

Which one is the best floating pool thermometer?

Floating thermometers provide the best experience to pool owners. There’s no need to search for your thermometer every time you want to check your pool’s water temperature. Just leave it in your collection, and it will keep showing you the temperature while floating there.

People have different choices for the best floating pool thermometer. However, our editor picks the eLander Pro Water pool thermometer as the best floating wireless pool thermometer at an affordable price. You can leave it in your swimming pool as long as you want.

The best thing is that it provides all the features you need at a much more affordable price.


Choosing the best remote pool thermometers without wire can be a challenging task. Pool water temperature is a crucial part of maintaining a swimming pool. One can never enjoy their swimming pool if it is not at the right temperature. 

Additionally, there is always a danger of getting sick due to the wrong water temperature.

You need to consider every minor detail as an irrelevant thermometer can cause you a lot of problems. Whether you want a wifi pool thermometer or Bluetooth pool thermometer, there are some features that you should consider.

The best pool thermometer (wireless) 2020 that we have shared in this article can help you get your next thermometer for your pool. Additionally, our exclusive buying guide for the pool thermometer covers all the crucial parts of choosing the right thermometer.

Etekcity Dual Laser and B&H Duck are the editor’s choices because they provide versatility with multiple features. On the other hand, a Game Wireless Thermometer falls in the affordable category and fulfills your requirements without costing much. However, it depends on your needs, and you should put them first while choosing your next thermometer. 

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