Best Swimming Aids for Toddlers and Kids

The summer days are knocking at your door, and your backyard pool welcomes you to dive in. No activity like diving and swimming in the water will be enjoyable to beat the scorching heat of summer. 

Yes, you can keep yourself safe from the searing sun rays and make fun by diving into a pool. But what about the infant or toddlers? Do you take any steps to let them enjoy the pleasure of swimming? 

Now, you can throw a question- what about the safety of my child, if they drown in the water? 

In reply, we want to assure you that- you can find thousands of swim aids to ensure your child’s safety while they are in the water. Outfitting your kids with those swim floats, you can let your infant experience the fun of paddling in the water without the fear of drowning.

Here in this article, we included the 7 best swimming aids for toddlers. Each of them will provide your child ultimate safety and comfort in the water. 

So, let’s scroll down to figure out the best floaties for your kids.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Swimming Aids for Toddlers

You can find thousands of swimming aids or floaties. Each of them almost comes with the same features, which makes it challenging to pick the right one. However, considering the following criteria will help you to choose the best swim float. 

Age & Weight

Every manufacturer designs the swimming aid based on a specific age & weight recommendation. A swimming float made for one year’s kid and can hold 32 lbs will not accommodate a toddler of 6 years. So, measure the weight and count the age of your child first. Then, look for a swimming aid that goes with your kids. 

Safety Features

Ensuring the safety of your child in the water should be your main priority. Pick a swimming float featuring safety valves, air chambers, and inner springs. All of these keep your kid stable on the seat. Therefore, make sure the swim vest you will choose features a safety harness to keep it fit snugly to your kid’s body. Also, consider the swimming aid has a safety buckle that prevents your child from putting it off. 

Comfort Level

Whether your child feels comfortable or not wearing a swim vest is another criterion you must consider. Choose a swimming aid that uses polyester or neoprene as its construction material. It ensures superior comfort and prevents the swimsuit from chaffing. Also, pick a swim float featuring a soft and inflatable seat to sit. 

Travel-friendly or Not

Portability is another feature you should also take into account. Pick a foldable pool float to keep in your suitcase. Also, some swimming aid comes with a carry case. All of these ensure you can take the swim vest with you wherever you go. 

Need a swim aid or Life saving jacket

Many parents think swimming aid and life-saving jackets are the same. But there is a massive difference between these two. Swimming aids are designed to let your child learn to swim. It can’t protect your child from drowning in the water. On other hand, a life-saving jacket is intentionally designed to keep people safe from drowning. As you want to introduce your child to the water, we recommend you to have a swim aid in your lineup. 

7 Best Swimming Aids for Toddlers

Don’t have enough time to read the long pile of text? Then, check out this comparison chart and pick the best swim float from there.

Body Glove 13226 Aquatic Monster Swim Life Jacket
  • Made with a durable polyester material
  • Safety Shoulder Harness
  • A strap with a buckle system
  • Meet the U.S.C.G. (and TC) standards of quality
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SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy
  • Includes multiple toys including soft to touch star, rattle, and fish
  • Features child safety valves
  • Dual air chambers
  • Removable canopy
Check on Amazon
Splash About Kid's Learn to Swim Go Splash Swim Vests
  • Non-removable Float system
  • Made using high-quality durable neoprene
  • Features robust zipper
  • Buoyancy support
Check on Amazon
Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket
  • Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Designed to fit snugly
  • Playful designs
  • Nylon shell for durability
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Baby Pool Float Unicorn Toddlers Floaties Infant Inflatable Swimming Ring with Handles for Kids
  • Made of no heavy-duty 0.35mm THICKNESS PVC material special
  • 4 independent airbags with separate valve
  • Thicken and inflatable seat cushion
  • 2 handles on unicorn float raft
Check on Amazon
Mambobaby Baby Swim Trainer Float for Kids Infant Swimming Water Float Ring
  • Adjustable buckle at the back
  • Made with high quality, environmental friendly PearlFoam
  • Super buoyancy and large surface area
  • BPA Free
Check on Amazon
Body Glove 13226 Aquatic Monster Swim Life Jacket
  • Soft mesh seat
  • Features child safety valves
  • Dual air chambers
  • Removable canopy
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Here Is How We Have Determined the Best Swimming Floaties for Your Kids & Toddlers

We included the top 7 swim floaties for your toddlers after scrutinizing 30 swim aids. From there, we narrowed the list to 7 based on age, weight capacity, safety features, and other criteria. Therefore, we compare each of the products based on our set standards. Plus, we also examine whether each of the swim vests performs the same or not as they advertised. All of these ensure you will get the best swim aids, guaranteeing superior safety and comfort.

#1: Body Glove 13226 Aquatic Monster Swim Life Jacket (Best Overall)

Recommended Age: 12 months to 6 years
Capacity: 33-55 Lbs

Body Glove 13226 Aquatic Monster Swim Life Jacket
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Lets this summer be the first lesson for your child to learn to swim in your pool or a beach with optimum comfort. This swim aid from Body Glove has a quick-release rear safety buckle to fit snugly around your kid’s chest. To ensure superior comfort when swimming,  it uses polyester material & a multi-panel design.  It prevents the vest from chafing, and your child feels at ease paddling in the water.  

This life jacket attached with armbands and a quick-release rear safety buckle will help your child learn swimming. The armbands let your child float on the water. On the other hand, a safety buckle ensures the vest snugly fits your child’s chest. In return, your kid can keep the head up and kick their legs to propel. 

As an added comfort, the swimming vest uses comfortable polyester material. Turns out, this swimming aid prevents it from rubbing, and your kid feels comfortable to wear. 

For superior safety, the shoulder harness prevents this jacket from sliding off when your kids use it. On top of this, it meets the U.S.C.G standards of quality to ensure optimum security for each user. Therefore, whenever your kiddo wants, they can’t remove the jacket by dint of the back strap with a buckle system. So, you don’t need to be paranoid about the safety of your children. 

The lightweight design of the swim jacket makes it comfortable to wear for your child. It’s only 8.76 ounces, and the kids can easily carry its wear. Besides, it uses durable polyester material, which ensures the longevity of this swim vest. 

Swim vests for girls from Body Glove don’t look nice because of their ugly patterns. 

#2: SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center (Best Interactive)

Recommended Age: 9-24 months
Capacity: 30 Lbs

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy
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A round shape with an enchanting octopus allows the swim aid to turn 360 degrees. The four arms of the octopus feature toys, including a fish, a soft star, a stacking ring, and a  squeaker fish. Your child can hold the arms and play with those toys while floating on the water. 

For enhanced security, SwimWays Spring Floating Swim Aid features a dual inflation air chamber around the seat. Plus, it has an innerspring to offer superior stability. So, there is no risk of fall in the water. 

On top of this, the built-in canopy of the swim air protects your baby from the scorching sun. You can also remove the mesh roof if you want and make it portable. 

Portability is a notable feature of this pool float. You can fold it for storage and take it with you to explore your neighbor pools or the beach. 

Leaks air which is a shortcoming we found of the pool float. However, you can easily overcome this issue by filling the rings with a bit of air every time you use them. 

#3: Splash About Kid’s Learn to Swim (Best Holiday Swim Vest)

Recommended Age: 1-6 Years
Capacity: 24-30 Lbs

Splash About Kid's Learn to Swim Go Splash Swim Vests
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Enjoy this holiday with your children by traveling on a beach and giving them the first swimming lesson. The swim vest comes with a non-removal slim float. So, you can pack and carry the jacket with ease. What a travel-friendly swim garment it is! 

Made from soft and durable neoprene, the Splash Swim Vest gives superior comfort to wear in and around water. Another characteristic of neoprene is- it dries fast, which means you can get it whenever you want. 

Appropriate swimwear (fits perfectly) is a must to let your child feel confident in the water. This pool float comes with a robust YKK zipper. As a result, it suits your child’s body securely, and soft binding prevents chafing. 

Therefore, non-removable slim floats lay flat in your suitcase, making it ready to carry wherever you go. 

It has no air bands or bags attached to the swimsuit. So, your child can experience the free movement of legs and hands to learn to swim. Plus, the manufacturer includes complete instructions on how to use & clean this vest. 

Keep in mind; it’s just a swim aid that boosts your children’s confidence in the pool. But the vest cannot help your child to float on water. So, you must monitor your toddler when they use this. 

#4: Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket (Best Affordable)

Recommended Age: 1-6 Years
Capacity: 30-50 Lbs

Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket
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Introducing your 1-6 years baby or toddler to water will be a fun experience both for you and your child. But it involves the risk of drowning also. However, you can avoid the water hazards (drowning) by wearing your child a safety jacket. The heck is- a high-quality swim vest costs you a lot of bucks. So, what do you do if you are on a budget but want to get a premium swimsuit? 

Then, thanks to the life vest come from Stearns. Its affordable price keeps it on the priority list of thousands of parents. Though the price is low compared to other swim aids, it packs many safety features. This puddle jumper is approved by the U.S Coast Guard. It is designed to flip your unconscious baby onto the back to prevent drowning. Plus, the buoyancy distribution system allows your toddler to swim. On top of this, a safety buckle in the backstops the jacket from slipping off. Indeed, you can hardly find a life jacket like the Stearns Jumper for your child at this price point 

Apart from these, it features an adjustable strap to make the vest fit in your child’s body according to their shape. As a result, your baby feels comfortable wearing it in water. 

Durability is the best feature we spot out. Use nylon fabric as its material which guarantees you to use it for a long time. 

#5: Baby Pool Float Unicorn Toddlers (Best Balanced Swimming Aids)

Recommended age: 12 months-6 Years
Weight Limit: 30-50 lbs

Baby Pool Float Unicorn Toddlers Floaties Infant Inflatable Swimming Ring with Handles for Kids
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Crawling, moving up and down is an instinct of a baby. So, it’s natural your kids do the same thing when you introduce them to water. For protection, you must get a pool float keeping your child balanced, no matter how they joggle. And the Baby Pool Float Unicorn Toddlers Floaties is what you look for. 

Two airbags are available on both sides of the swimming ring. As a result, it improves balance and keeps stable even if your child wobbles around. Therefore, the inflatable swimming ring also features a string, preventing it from floating far and beyond your eyesight. 

As a caring parent, the next thing you need to ensure is- your baby feels comfortable sitting on the float. You don’t want the soft and tender skin of your infant to hurt. Right? The inflatable seat of this pool float is made of thick PVC material. It is comparatively more dense than usual, which guarantees ultimate comfort to sit. 

An optimum safety system is a plus of this swim ring. It features four airbags with separate valves to ensure every side of the float is leakproof. 

The only downside we find is- it’s not a life-saving supply. You can’t use it in deep water, and it requires your direct supervision for your child’s safety. 

Indeed, this pool float is one of the best swimming aids for toddlers and kids, not life-saving equipment. Its key use is to let the infant learn how to swim. 

#6: Mambobaby Baby Swim Trainer (Best Premium)

Recommended Age: 3-8 Years
Capacity: 33-66 Lbs

Mambobaby Baby Swim Trainer Float for Kids Infant Swimming Water Float Ring
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If you are comfortable with the budget and want to get the best swimming aid, go for the Mambobaby Baby Swim Trainer Float. Its premium latex material makes the swim aid moistureproof, breathable, and lightweight. Plus, easy slip-on arm rings work as a life jacket and keep your toddler stable to let them move in any direction. Indeed, it’s our premium pick that is superior in quality, security, and durability. 

Made from eco-friendly materials, this Swim Float keeps the environment and your child safe as well. It uses BPA-free premium quality PearlFoam as its construction material. In return, your infant remains safe in the water from plastic toxicity. On top of this, the latex material is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-proof. Its superior buoyancy helps to keep the infant afloat to offer ultimate safety. 

Afterward, a sense of security is another criteria you must take into account before picking a swim aid. You don’t want your child to feel uneasy in the water. This swim vest with buoyancy guarantees your baby remains afloat. Therefore, the two slip-in arm rings act as a life jacket. They help to keep your baby stable so that the toddler can move in any direction freely. 

Last but not least, you must consider the adjustability of a pool float.  What do you do with a premium swim aid if it doesn’t fit snugly into your infant’s body? Its customizable buckle at the back helps to adjust according to your kid’s size. Also, you can tighten it up to prevent slipping off. 

Finding such a premium quality swim vest in the market will be a daunting task. It’s high in quality, comfortable, fits well, and offers optimum security. 

However, it will not be your perfect bait if your child is below two years old. 

#7: Body Glove 13226 Aquatic Monster Swim Life Jacket (Superior Safety)

Recommended Age: 9-24 Months
Capacity: 35 Lbs

Body Glove 13226 Aquatic Monster Swim Life Jacket
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Safety comes first when your child is in the water for swimming. And this Swimways Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy glorifies the word ‘safety.’ It features child safety valves that save your kid’s life by reducing system pressure before the total float failure. 

On top of this, its dual air chamber and a patented inner spring ensure superior stability. In return, your toddler remains secure no matter how your baby moves up and down. For protecting the soft skin from the scorching sun, this pool float features a removable mesh canopy. 

Apart from the safety feature, comfort is another criteria you must take into account. This swim float has a built-in soft mesh seat with secure leg holes. So, your child feels comfortable sitting on the soft seat and can freely kick the leg to propel. 

Therefore, you can fold and store this swim aid easily. Plus, a removable canopy system allows you to fold and keep the float in the case with ease. And its included carry case helps to take the swim aid wherever you go. 

The quick set-up option is the heart-winning feature of this pool float. Just inflate it, and it will be ready for your child to explore the water. 

Though we love every feature of this swim aid, it’s a bit challenging to fold back into the carrying case. 

My toddler can’t swim at all. Will this keep her head comfortably above water without my help? What size will fit her?

Swim Aid is intended to make your toddler learn swimming. The swim float comes with a safety buckle that helps to keep the vest fit with the kid’s body. As a result, the head remains above the water. What size of float will fit depends on the size and weight of your child. So, before picking a swim aid, first measure the weight and size of your toddler. 

What safety measures should I take for kids in swimming pools?

You should ensure the following safety tips are maintained when your child is in the pool.

  • Don’t let your kids swim alone.
  • Make sure you outfitted your child with a swim vest or float.
  • Take your eyes to check whether the swimsuit fits your child or not.
  • Advise them not to swim near the pool drain.
  • Supervise your kids when they are in the pool.

Does a pool float allow a toddler to swim without adult supervision?

No, a pool float never helps your child to swim without your direct supervision. And, of course, a pool float can’t prevent your child from drowning. 

What is the best swimming aid for a 1-year-old?

Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket is the best swimming aid for a 1-year-old.

Final Verdict

We enlisted the top 7 best swimming aids for toddlers and kids after researching hundreds of products. Still, you may be confused about choosing the right trait for your baby. 

So, let us help you to pick the best swim floaties for toddlers and kids.

We recommend you to have Body Glove 13226 if you want to get the best overall swim aid. It will be perfect for your budget and meet the requirements like child safety and comfort.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center will be your go-to option if you want to make your child feel happy in the water. The four octopus arms of this swim float have toys at the end. In return, your child will interact and play with those toys when swimming in your pool. 

On the other hand, if you look for the best holiday swim vest, go for the Splash About Kid's Learn to Swim. It dries fast and features a slim and non-removal float, allowing you to store it in your suitcase. 

If you are on a budget but look for a high-quality swim vest, don’t hesitate to Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket.

You can pick Baby Pool Float Unicorn Toddlers if your child is a bit naughty and moves up & down. Its two airbags on both sides of the swim ring keep your child stable. 
Alternatively, when you feel at ease with the budget, just grab Mambobaby Baby Swim Trainer. It is premium in budget, quality, comfort, and safety.

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