Best Shark Vacuum for Laminate Floors and Carpet

From the early time of producing vacuum cleaners, Shark got massive attention from users. Its durability and flexible price may be a significant factor in everyday attention. Last week when I went to have a new cleaner for my laminate floors and carpet, I had studied a lot about most of the devices on the market. Interestingly, I got a certain amount of Shark device, which receives most of the best list.

Probably when you are reading this article, you are also looking for a vacuum cleaner as I was. So let the article session be all about the best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpet. All the comparative reviews will help you to find the right thing for you.

The reason behind getting a vacuum from Shark

The reason behind getting vacuum cleaner from Shark

I guess the thing is important to know about goods before buying them. The root company of Shark, SharkNinja was established back in 2003. They have goodwill in the market with a different type of product. So without all those formalities, let's see the reason why you should get the vacuum from the shark.

  • Signature shark formation: 

The build quality and durability is the significant thing that will draw your attention early. Besides that, its look, water container, and all over the formation make it more user-friendly.

  • Flexible price range:

Price is a huge matter that most of the perfect things are not in the budget. But Shark has different products in the separate price range. This will gives you more flexibility to select the right cleaner for your laminate floor and carpet.

  • Develop all variant:

Two types of vacuum cleaners exist in the market right now. One is human-controlled, and a robot vacuum controls the other. Shark develops all of your expected things like a cordless, steam generator, or portable with those two items.

Then again, you will have a year-long warranty period. Interestingly after over the year, this will not yet. You are allowed to spend this time after paying money. The unique part is there is a VIP warranty that is long for a lifetime.

Things to consider before buying a shark vacuum for laminated floor and carpet

Types of vacuum cleaner

there are various types of vacuum cleaners you can find in the market. Canister vacuum, handheld vacuum, Upright vacuum, Stick vacuum, and Robotic vacuum. Uprights are heavy, but has powerful suction, on the other hand, the stick has less power, but much lightweight. Canister vacuums are medium between the upright and the stick. Robotic vacuums are now gaining more popularity, but, the main drawback is, they too expensive. So, the choice is yours.

Suction Power

However, laminated floors don't require much suction power, but, upright vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning synthetic (nylon/olefin/polyester) carpeting. So, you should choose the good combination, if you are planning to buy a vacuum both for carpet and laminated floor.


More suction power means much heavier. So, need to trade-off between these two features according to your requirements.


It also depends on your choice and your affordability. However, each of the shark vacua on the below list can serve your purpose. If you need more features, you can go for a higher price.

Soft Brush Roll and Controlling Switch

To prevent the floor scratch on laminated floor and for safe carpet cleaning, the brush roll should be soft and the vacuum should have an easy access brush-roll controlling switch.

The List of Best Shark Vacuums for Laminate Floors and Carpet

#1: Shark ION R87 (Best Robotic)

Right now in the market, there is considerable hype about a robot vacuum cleaner. Shark ION R87 is one of those things. Mighty suction power and self-control ability increase its workability. Moreover, auto dust navigation sensing will operate without humans’ help and don't velitation with other objects.

The powerful suction of each edge of your room will ensure continuous cleaning. Its prebuild XL size dust container will give more freedom to contain more dust. Even you will never need to think about its power. In the box of each unit, you will have its doc station with it. When the battery turns low, it starts to search its doc station and charges by own.

To control ION R87, you can use Alexa or google assistant. But for primary use, you will have a Shark app in the play store, and after installation, you will able to use this cleaner on your phone.

  • Powerful suction and continuous workability.
  • Able to self-charging when it needs XL size trash container to contain more trash.
  • Able to control by smartphone or smart assistant.
  • Pretty expensive than another vacuum cleaner.
  • Not able to reach the narrow edge of the room.

In medium budge, who doesn’t want to have the best thing? Shark NAVIGATOR 3X has a HEPA filter, seal technology, and anti-allergen system within the minimum budget. This is one of the best shark vacuums for laminate floor and carpets in the minimum budget range. In a word, the HEPA technology is used in this device is works as a trap for sucking particles from the laminate flooring or any surface.

Easy to clean the trash can is an advantage and has a large XL size dust container. Interestingly to improve the holding capacity, it has Swivel steering. It will give you more grip while you are cleaning on furniture or complicated edge. Its installed seal formula able to traps 99% dust particles. In each unit’s box, you will have an excellent pet tool used to extract fur and hair from the carpet.

In NAVIGATOR 3X, you will have a super-stretch hose that is good for cleaning all the hard-to-reach parts. As it has 4.21 kg of weight, it will be easy to carry and move. Each unit will come with the one-year quality warranty of Shark.

  • Lightweight feature and Swivel steering attached.
  • Large trash container and easy cleaning procedure.
  • HEPA formula added.
  • All important feature is available within budget.
  • You need to customize its power cord if you have a large room. Unless it has a short power cord.
  • Pretty noisy sometimes.

For professional cleaning purposes, people always want to avoid the barrier of cable. Shark ION F80 is such type of device what you can get for professional and personal purpose. Its lightweight device, smart performance, and full functionality build it makes it more user-friendly. Moreover, it has a compact and flexible design, which mentions it can fold when it keeps for rest.

Then again, because of its MultiFLEX function, it can bend when you need to clean an unreachable area or room. In each unit, you will have two batteries and a charging dock. Each or battery can perform 80 minutes long for a single charge. Even a couple of rolls will give in the box.

It comes with the push to clean the dust container. It ensures you can clean your dust container without making your hand nasty. Interestingly it can transform stick vacuum mop to hand mop. That means this is super portable, and you can use it for multiple purposes like an inside car, storeroom, or another place.

  • Portable and flexible to use anywhere.
  • 2 battery life and charging dongle powerful lifetime.
  • For the professional or official purpose, it will be value for money
  • The cleaning procedure of the trash bin will not make hand nasty.
  • A trash container is not perfect for a high level of work.
  • It doesn't have HEPA filtration

Cheap, but productive things are considered as the most efficient things. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light is such a type of vacuum cleaner under 8 pounds and has regular workability. This is a standard stick and corded vacuum cleaner of shark in the medium budget range. Moreover, To use for various purposes, it can use as a hand vacuum cleaner.

Significantly it has a dual-storage option for use in different purposes as a hand vacuum cleaner and laminate floor vacuum. To improve the holding facility, it has swivel steering. Its 8.5-inch cleaning path may take more time to clean, but it is suitable for cleaning all the narrow edge of your home.

The device is recommended for cleaning in the home and car environment. Besides cleaning on the laminate flooring, rugs can use for furniture cleaning. But this is not recommended if you have a pet inside your house as it is not an expert to clean furs.

  • Lightweight and long holding stick.
  • Swivel steering makes it more hand using friendly.
  • Long cord to cover the large space of the house.
  • Dual storage mode.
  • Dust containers are small.
  • The filtering system is not able to clean pet hair.

To select a vacuum cleaner for use in the commercial place, we maybe have a large budget. In such circumstances, Shark APEX Upright Vacuum cleaner can be the most suitable one. We found 1.42l capable dust cup, and this is an impressive size to clean large scale.

No chance to avoid its DuoClean technology, which is mention as an active dual brush. That ensures more cleaning experience with perfection and will gives you a polished laminate floor after cleaning. To boost its working suction power, it has a HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal formula. No matter what dust, sand particles, or fur has on your laminate floor, it will clean everything.

It is power lift-away mode; its dust cup can be detached to clean on a narrow surface like under the bed and furniture. 11-inch broad cleaning path will make your cleaning faster. This is suitable for official, home, and any commercial use, even where pets are accepted.

  • Large dust container.
  • Dual brush and HEPA formula enable.
  • Active Swivel steering to holding and bearing.
  • Power lift technology to reach the cleaner to the hard to reach the portion of your house.
  • No battery installed, corded.
  • Pretty bulky and not able to carry everywhere.

A full functional vacuum cleaner within the handy price is expected for everyone who wanted to keep their home clean. In these criteria, Shark Rotator NV752 is the best for the shark. This is not too expensive, but Bordeaux fully functional and can use for multiple cleaning purposes in the home.

This medium weight (6.99 kg) cleaner has a HEPA filter which is washable. High suction power will extract all the unwanted dust from the laminate floor, mat, carpet, stare, and any of the places. There is a 1.42l size dust cup, which is lifting enable. At the same time, there are 6 feet large hose. After installing the hose, you can raise the dust cup separately, helping you clean a deep portion of your house. This is not built for pet hair cleaning purposes, but still, besides another cleaning, it is good to wash pet hair.

  • HEPA enabled
  • To make the furniture cleaning procedure easy it has a power lift away.
  • Large dust capacity and able to clean pet dust.
  • A little bit of bulky and don’t suitable to use outside.

If stick vacuum cleaner for sucking hair and every dust particle should be lightweight; then APEX DuoClean is always suggested. This is corded and has weight only 4kg weight. For more flexible use, it can transform into a hand vacuum cleaner. There is an LED headlight, which helps you find out the unseen dust from the laminate floor.

To ensure the perfect cleaning, it has a dual brush system that works for non-stop hair removal. As the swivel steering is not missing, this can be reached to the tight and hard-to-reachable place easily. Impressively, it has a .75 quarts dust cup that can contain a large dart. Ultra-powerful suction will clean pet hair and other things from your rugs and laminate floor.

  • Lightweight and semi-portable feature.
  • Swivel steering to make the holding experience smoother.
  • Long cord for cover large rooms.
  • Multiple surface cleaning ability.
  • It does not have a HEPA filter.

Another excellent shark vacuum cleaner of shark is Rocket lightweight cordless. This is only 2.27 kg and able to transform into a hand-operated vacuum cleaner quickly. It has an XL size dust cup for containing dust, and of course, easy to release dust.

Since it does not have any cord, there is a dedicated battery installed inside the device, which can perform 50 minutes long. Besides everything, there are clean touch dirt ejectors and LED headlights. Not only about your home, but this can also use inside your car, under the furniture, or on your stair easily.

  • Lightweight and cordless.
  • HEPA grade filter installed inside.
  • Headlight added to understand the dust level.
  • Powerful motor for suction.
  • Less Battery Backup

For the corporate or personal purpose if you have a budget of more than $400 then it will have a lot of expectation from a vacuum cleaner. Of course, the Shark IQ R101AE robotics vacuum cleaner is such type of cleaner that can complete all of your expectations as an expensive gadget. Of course, it is robotics and it can do all the things on its own.

Once you get of this, you need nothing to remember. It can clean its dust container and recharge its self-own when it needs it. Dust, pet hair, fur, sand, particles or no matter what is on your floor, its high suction power will keep it clean. Its dual-edge and corner brushes will ensure the clean each corner.

It has programmed home mapping technology to make it’s understanding where it needs to go and cleaning. This IQ based navigation makes it more home-friendly. Then again if you need to control then you have the option to move for voice, mobile application and Alexa. All the necessary equipment and charging doc will give with it.

  • Act like an intelligent smart cleaning maid.
  • Able to cleaning, recharging, and emptying dust can by own.
  • Perfect for multiple surfaces and any condition of cleaning.
  • Easy to control and no complicated issue either no bug found.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Make noise during cleaning hard amount of dust.
  • Move for a charge after each 4-hour work.

In the budge range of after $100, there is a fewer vacuum cleaner which performs better. Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright vacuum stick is one of those. Rechargeable and portability is the main feature of this laminate floor and carpet cleaner. Even if you have a pet or not in your house, its pet hair picks up technology is enough for a proper floor cleaning.

You will have an SV1106 2-speed brush roll in navigator freestyle, which can extract dust, fur, sand, or anything from the surface. After sucking all the things from the surface, it will contain all the stuff in its XL size dust container. Then again, it has one lithium-ion battery that can work for at least 50 minutes.

Only 3.40 kg of weight makes it lightweight. Suitable for those people who are wanted to have a vacuum cleaner for home and outdoor use.

  • Specialized for laminate floor clean, mat, rugs, and carets.
  • Lightweight, cheap and cordless.
  • Recommended for that house have pets.
  • Maximum battery life 50 minutes for a single charge.

Things should be concern select Shark Vacuum for Laminate Floor and Carpet

For a long time selection four things you should be considered before select the vacuum cleaner.

Different types of brush rolls are available in the market. The more narrow space your house has, then you need to get that narrow brush roll.

In some cases, people can use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning car carpet. So if you have the same intention, then check how portable the cleaner you will get.

Depends on your demand, don't forget the check the length of the cord or the batter is suitable or not.

Flexibility is not only about how to flex. It can be. It is also about its weight. Because some device is flexible, but those are not good to carry because of its weight. So don't avoid this too.

Can you use shark vacmop on laminate floors?

Yes, definitely you can use Shark VACMOP on laminated floor. If you are planning to use vacmop on sealed floors including hardwood, stone, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, tile, and marble, you need to use specific refills.

Best Shark Cordless Vacuum and its benefits

Shark ION F80 Cordless Stick With MultiFLEX is one of the best cordless vacuum, if you are looking for a cordless option.

How to maintain the Shark ION™ Robot vacuum's navigation and safety sensors?

>>>Check the video for answer

Final Verdict

Finally, I hope you get an idea of what to purchase and what you choose as the Best Shark Vacuum for Laminate Floor cleaning and Carpet.

All the advertisement by most of the company makes us confused. Behind those advertisements, they try to convey always they are the best in the market. So don't fall in bemused on those. On the other hand,

Shark has a high-performance review and affordable price range. Even they don't rebate on the design. That’s why you can get their product with more than one year warranty. I hope it is going to keep your home clean and gives you a hygienic living place.

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