The Finest Sequestering Agent for Your Pool

Every pool owner has a dream to have a healthy and beautiful stain-free pool. But an excessive amount of metal ions in the water doesn’t bring the dream to reality. It stains pool surfaces and walls and reduces the life expectancy of your pool equipment. 

Is there any way to prevent the mineral ions from staining the pool bottom or other pool accessories? Yes, you can find sequestering agents in the market to avoid staining & scaling. 

Luckily, we researched and found the top 8 best metal sequestering agents for the pool to sanitize your pool by preventing metallic scales & deposits. So, let’s check them out.

Top 8 Pool Sequestering Agents in 2022

Check out the below in-depth review of each pool stain remover to leave your pool crystal clear. 

01. GLB 71016A-02 Sequa-Sol Sequestering Agent Pool Stain Preventer

Swimming pool equipment, pipes, and fittings are suspected to stain and scale deposits. As every pool accessory remains under or above water, they tend to rust when you apply chemicals to your pool. Consequently, the life expectancy of those pieces of equipment starts reducing, and you need to replace them in every pool season. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to empty your wallet on buying the equipment if you have the GLB 71016A-02 Sequa-Sol Sequestering Agent Pool Stain Preventer. 

The Sequa-Sol® sequestering agent contains iron, manganese, copper, and calcium in the solution. As a result, they don’t react with other elements in the water.

This potent formula nips the stain, scale, and rust in the bud on your pool equipment, pipes, and fittings. The liquid formula is strong enough, and it works- even in chlorine, bromine, and UV sunlight. Indeed, it offers superior prevention of staining and scaling, which saves both money and time. 

Keep in mind that this pool sequestering agent holds minerals and metals in the solution. It means this one prevents your pool equipment from staining. We recommend you use it at the pool opening or when filling the pool for the first time. Add 16-ounce per 10000 gallons of water and let it circulate overnight before adding any chemicals. You can also use it each week to avoid staining & scaling. 


  • Provide ultimate prevention of scaling & staining
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and salt water sanitizing systems
  • It works even in chlorine, bromine, and strong UV sunlight


  • It doesn’t work better in the deep end of your pool.

02. Clorox Pool&Spa Scale, Metal & Stain Control 32 oz

Clorox Pool&Spa Scale, Metal & Stain Control is one of the best pool stain removers on the market. It preserves your pool equipment and surfaces from stains & scale build-up. This solution is powerful enough to treat metals and remove scales like iron & copper. 

Therefore, you can use this pool sequestering agent to treat your hardwood water pools. Plus, this stain remover can also shield the saltwater cells against rust, scale, and stain buildups. 

Using this liquid stain remover is a breeze. Just pour a half quart of Scale, Metal, and Stain Control per 10k gallons of water. Sprinkle the formula directly into your pool per month to prevent or treat scale or metal stains. 

If your swimming pool is prone to metal stains & scale formation, apply this stain remover every week as your regular pool maintenance routine. 


  • Prevents metal stains and scale
  • Protect salt cells in salt pools
  • Perfect for treating hard water


  • The amount of solutions is too small.

03. Pool Mate 1-2550 Metal Out Swimming Pool Mineral Remover

Are you struggling to maintain a crystal-clean pool by controlling the general stains & scales? Then, the Pool Mate Metal Out will be your best trait. It is specially formulated to help prevent discoloration of your swimming pool water due to iron, calcium, magnesium, and copper. 

Generally, this pool stain remover is spectacular for pools using well water or in regions where heavy metals are present naturally in the water. Though this sequestering product performs the best for well water, you can also use it to protect plumbing & pool walls from stains. 

The applying process of this liquid formula is similar to other stain removers. Just add one quart of it per 10k gallons of water to your pool. Then, turn on the filter pump and leave it overnight to circulate the water. 


  • Prevent discoloration of pool water 
  • Leave the pool sparkling clean by controlling stains and scales
  • Easy to apply


  • It works but takes a while, a week and a half.

04. Robelle 2550 Mineral Out Stain Remover

Robelle 2550 Mineral Out Stain Remover is another solution for the discoloration of pool water. This super-concentrated formula helps to prevent stains & discoloration from iron, copper, and magnesium. 

To protect plumbing and pool walls, you can use this sequestering agent at pool opening & closing and throughout the pool season. If your pool is prone to stains & scales, apply this liquid stain remover to your pool once a week. 

Before applying it to your pool, close your pool to all swimmers. Stop chlorinating your swimming pool and let the chlorine level drop to zero. Then, pour one quart of stain remover (per 10k gallons of water) directly into your pool. Run the filter pump for 24 hours to circulate the water. 


  • Prevent pool water discoloration
  • Removes metallic elements from pool water
  • Protect plumbing from the metal build-up


  • It’s a bit challenging to remove non-biological yellow stains with this stain remover.

05. LO-CHLOR LO-MG-1 1-Quart Metal G1-Sequestering Agent

Metal ions are present in every pool of water. But metal stains will form if the water contains an excessive amount of metal ions. And this Metal Gone from Lo-Chlor comes into play to remove the metal stains. The liquid stain remover sequesters the metal ions from the pool and binds them until they filter out. In other words, metal ions fail to dissolve back into your swimming pool to stain. 

Metal Gone also works efficiently in removing scales and stains. Regular use of this liquid stain remover will help to prevent the new stain deposits from forming and reduce the older stains. 

The applying procedure of this stain removal is a bit different from other stain removers. Use 16 ounces per 7,500 gallons of water for initial treatment. On the other hand, you should add only 2 ounces of Metal Gone per 7500 gallons of water for regular use. 


  • Reduce older metallic stains
  • Aid in scale removal and prevention
  • Compatible with salt chlorine generators


  • Some users complain it works slowly

06. Jack’s Magic The Magenta Stuff

The Magenta Stuff is another best stain remover sequestering agent for pools. It is 50% stronger than other leading liquid stain removers in the market. You can treat 15000 gallons of water by using just a quart of this product. 

The best part of this stain remover is- it works fast and lasts longer. In other words, this product is efficient in removing scales and stains and protects your pool finishes from scaling & staining. 

Turns out, the Magenta Stuff also controls plaster dust superiorly. This product is highly effective in all pool sanitizer systems, including the salt generator. It extends the salt cell life by keeping them clean and preventing scales. 


  • Work fast and stay longer
  • Help to remove stains & scale
  • Control plaster dust


  • Some users complain they found no difference when applying it to their pools.

07. Leisure Time D Metal Gon Protection

Leisure Time Metal Gon is specially formulated to prevent metal build-up. The powerful concentrated formula lasts longer and shields your pool surfaces & walls against scale formation. 

The Metal Gon from Leisure Time sequesters iron, copper, and other metals optimally and prevents staining from your pool bottom. As this solution is highly concentrated, you should add it at every pool opening. 

When applying it to your pool, pour the entire bottle of Metal Gon into the water around the pool’s edge. Then, run the pool filter for 24 hours to circulate the water evenly.


  • Last longer
  • Prevent scale formation
  • Compatible with chlorine and bromine sanitizers


  • Some users complaint it arrived half empty due to a leak

08. Sparkle Conquest Quart Sequestering Agent & Stain Remover

Sparkle Conquest! A reliable name for removing stains and clearing mineral discolored water. This line perfectly resembles the Sparkle Conquest Quart Sequestering Agent & Stain Remover

This stain remover is highly concentrated, and a quart of it is enough to protect your 20000 gallons of water from stains & scales. As it is a powerful solution, you can efficiently remove mineral discoloration from the pool bottom. Plus, it helps you remove unsightly mineral & leaf stains on pool surfaces. 

The application procedure of this stain remover is simple. Just pour a quart of sequestering agent per 20k gallons of water. Keep in mind that you must reduce the chlorine level of your pool to zero before applying it. Otherwise, it will throw the chlorine level at 1000! Consequently, it will cost you a lot of bucks to balance the water. 


  • Ideal for plastered, painted & vinyl swimming pools
  • Prevent & remove mineral discoloration
  • Remove unsightly mineral and leaf stains on pool surfaces


  • You may need to add a lot of bottles into your pool to remove copper from the pool water.

What And How Sequestering Agent Works on Pool

Sequestering agents are generally used to reduce water hardness. A sequestering agent is an organic compound that can link metal ions together to form a complex ring-like structure. 

Generally, the sequestering agent holds iron, manganese, copper, and calcium in the solution. As a result, they never react with other elements in the water. 

When you apply the sequestering agent, it binds metal ions from your pool until they filter out. As a result, stains and scales fail to stand on your pool surfaces and walls. Indeed, sequestering agents help keep your pool crystal clear by controlling the stains & scales. However, if you are dealing with calcium deposits in your pool, there are a few ways to handle it.


How do I get stains off the bottom of my pool?

Brush the stained area of your pool by using a stiff pool brush. Then, run the pool filter for 24 hours. Next, scrub away the pool surface & walls again to suck away the stains. Alternatively, you can use any of the pool stain removers from the list to remove the scales & stains.

How do you clean a stained pool without draining it?

Use a stain remover like the Robelle 2550 Mineral Out Stain Remover to remove the stains or scales from your pool without draining it. Before applying it, reduce the chlorine level to zero. Next, pour a quart of stain remover per 10k gallons of water. Then, run the pool pump filter for 24 hours to circulate the water.

What is the best sequestering agent for pools?

Here is the list of the best sequestering agents you can consider:

1. GLB 71016A-02 Sequa-Sol Sequestering Agent Pool Stain Preventer
2. Clorox Pool&Spa Scale, Metal & Stain Control 32 oz
3. Pool Mate 1-2550 Metal Out Swimming Pool Mineral Remover
4. Leisure Time D Metal Gon Protection
5. Sparkle Conquest Quart Sequestering Agent & Stain Remover

Final Verdict 

Undoubtedly, GLB 71016A-02 Sequa-Sol Sequestering Agent is the best pool stain remover. It is powerful enough to work even in chlorine, bromine, and UV sunlight. This sequestering agent shields your pool surfaces & equipment optimally by preventing staining & scaling. 

On the other hand, you can go for the Leisure Time D Metal Gon Protection if you are on a budget. 

However, you can choose any of them from the list based on your personal preferences.

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