Best Pool Closing Kit for Winter

The season of splashing around your swimming pool comes to an end with the beginning of winter. It means you need to head over to close your pool to protect swimming pool from winter damage.

When it comes to closing your pool, you should know what chemicals you need to put in. Otherwise, algae, germs, and bacteria make their colony in your pool.

Fortunately, a pool closing kit includes every chemical you need for winterizing. So, you don’t need to roam around to look for the ingredients you need for closing your swimming pools.

Below, we listed the top 5 pool closing kits for winter. All of them come with everything you need for closing your backyard pool. Some of them even feature a floater to dispense the chemical optimally. So, check our list to pick the right pool closing kits.

What’s in a Winter Pool Closing Kit? 

A pool closing kit is like the first-aid box that includes every piece of equipment you need for winterizing your swimming pool. It features:

  • High-quality winter stain-away 
  • Algaecide 
  • Pool shocking chemicals

Some of the pool closing kits even include a pool floater. The advantage of a swimming pool kit is- you will get every winterizing product at once. As a result, you don’t need to roam around to purchase the pool closing chemicals separately.

Now, let’s move on to what the pool closing kit does. Well, A pool closing kit helps to prevent algae growth and keeps your pool water balanced. Indeed, it’s specially designed to protect your swimming throughout the winter season from algae, dirt, and debris.

Top 6 Pool Closing Kit For Winter

#1: Rx Clear Winter Pool Closing Kits

Closing your swimming pool with the right winter closing chemicals will decrease your workflow when you open your pool for the summer. And RX Winter Pool Chemical Closing Kits is that pool winterizing kit you need. It includes AlkaPlus pH powder, All-in-one Shock X-tra, and winterizing powder to close up a 20000-gallon swimming pool.

Economic pool maintenance program all season long is the best benefit you can enjoy by bringing this perfect above-ground pool closing kit. Its stabilized chlorine tablets will stay in your pool for the entire winter season. So, you don’t need to spend extra bucks to get chlorine to keep your pool water sanitized.

Due to the powerful combination of chemicals, algae can’t make their way to stay in your pool. Therefore, this pool closing kit prevents your pool liners, ladders, and other metal components from rusting.


  • Allow you to close your pool in an economical way
  • Easy to use and apply as it provides clear instructions
  • Protect your pool’s metal components against rust & corrosion


  • It would be best if it includes a floater to dispense the chemicals optimally.

#2: BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Closing Kit

If the budget doesn’t matter to you, you can go for the Bioguard Pool Closing Kit. This premium pool closing kit delivers superior protection against every algae type that justifies its price.

The kit contains Arctic Blue Shock (4 lb) and Arctic Blue Algae Protector (1 pt). Arctic Blue Shock oxidizes and clarifies your pool water throughout the entire winter season. So, you don’t need to put a lot of elbow grease when re-opening your pool for the summer. On the other hand, the Arctic Blue Algae Protector will prevent algae growth leaving your pool algae-free.

Now, let’s discuss how easy it is to apply in your pool. You need to follow two different directions to add Blue Shock and Blue Algae Protector.

To apply Arctic Blue Shock, disperse the entire dosage of the shock deep into your pool. Then, use a brush to dissolve every single grain of shock that remains undissolved.

Finally, circulate your pool for 30 minutes to evaporate the shock optimally.

When applying algae protectors, just pour the algae protector around the edges of your pool using a pool circulation system. Then, circulate your pool water for 1 hour. And lastly, clean your pool walls and filters at water lines.

Indeed, it’s a pool closing kit that delivers unsurpassed protection against algae throughout the entire winter season.


  • Prevent the growth of all types of algae
  • Ideal for all types of pool surfaces
  • Perfect of winterizing a 24000-gallon pool


  • A bit expensive

#3: In The Swim Pool Winterizing and Closing Chemical Kit

In The Swim Pool, Winterizing and Closing Kit is the pool closing kit you can rely on for every pool closing. This chlorine-free closing kit will keep your pool crystal clear without bringing any damage to your pool liner.

This pool closing kit of 15,000 gallons contains Winter-stain away, winterize algaecide, chlorine-free chemical pool shock, time-release winter pool floater, and winter sorb. Indeed, it includes everything you need to winterize your pool.

Its specific formula (Winter-stain away) never allows the metals & minerals to form on pool liners or other metal parts. As a result, no damage or discoloration will occur to your water lines.

Thanks to its Winterizer Algaecide. Its proprietary polymer blend delivers unmatched protection against algae. The long-lasting formula ensures it will remain in your pool throughout the entire winter season. So, algae can’t make their colony into your pool to leave your pool crystal clear.

Time-release winter pool floater is the feature we love most about this pool closing kit. It optimally dispenses a set amount of non-chlorine chemicals by floating around your pool. In return, no carbon dioxide will stand in your swimming pool.

Just fill the floater with non-chlorine chemicals (included) and let it float. It will kill the primary food source of algae and prevent their growth.

Nonetheless, no oils, residual lotions, and scum can’t clog your pool plumbing pump. Its winter sorb will soak everything and provide you with better pool cleaning coverage.


  • Safe for use on all pools as it includes chlorine-free shock chemicals
  • Convenient to use as the instructions are easy & step-by-step
  • Provide superior protection against algae growth


  • It would be best if the pool closing kit comes with a winter pill

#4: Doheny’s Ultimate Pool Winterizing and Closing Chemical Kit

It has everything you need for winterizing both above-ground and in-ground pools! This is what we can say about this pool closing kit that comes from Doheny’s.

The pool closing kit contains Stain, Rust & Scale Preventer, Winter Guard Control, Chlorine-free Shock, and Winter Oxidizing Tablets. Indeed, you don’t need to buy all of the pool closing chemicals separately. 

Like our top pick, this winter kit includes a stain remover. So, metal and minerals fail to corrode & rust your pool parts like pool liners or ladders.

Turns out, its chlorine-free shock keeps your pool water crystal clear by eliminating contaminants. And the winter guard control & winter oxidizing tablets prevent algae growth. So, you don’t need to put a lot of effort when opening the pool for the winter season.


  • No need to buy any pool closing chemicals as it includes everything
  • Prevent both rust and algae growth for superior pool protection
  • Ideal for a 35000-gallon pool


  • A bit pricey

#5: Omni Winter Care Pool Closing Kit

Omni Winter Care Pool Closing Kit provides every chemical you need to shut down your pool for the winter season. It is specially designed to keep your swimming pool dirt and algae-free throughout the entire winter season. 

The kit includes a quart of Winter Algaecide and a bag of Winter Shock. Its Winter Shock contains 99% of sodium dichlor. So, no contaminants like germs and bacteria can’t survive in your pool during the long winter months. 

On the other hand, Winter Algaecide contains 40% of Alkyl. Due to this powerful combination, algaecide fails to spread its propagation. Indeed, no dirt, contaminants, or algae can’t stand in your pool water as the kit includes the chemical you need to kill them.


  • Prevent the growth of germs, bacteria, and algae
  • Easy to apply
  • Include a pool closing guide to make the winterization method a breeze


  • Some users find it a bit weak to work  

#6: Pool Style Winter Chem Kit

If you look for a pool closing kit for above-ground and in-ground pools, go for the Pool Style Winter Chem Kit. It includes 1 lb non-chlorine shock oxidizer treatment, 1 lb winterizing powder, and 1 quart of Winter Stain & Scale.

The chlorine-free shock oxidizer treatment allows you to shock every pool without bringing any damage. It can kill germs, bacteria, and other contaminants to keep your pool sanitized during the winter months.

On the other hand, its Winterizing Powder works as a pH buffering throughout the entire winter season. In return, you can see your pool crystal clear when opening it for the summer.

And lastly, the Winter Stain & Scale Treatment prevents minerals and metals from staining your pool liners and other metal parts.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective and safe for all types of pool
  • Fight against algae 


  • Some users claim they find the direction a bit confusing

What To Look Before Purchasing Pool Closing Kit For Winter

You can find a ton of pool closing kits in the market. But not all of them will be perfect for your pool. To get the best one, take a look at the following criteria before purchasing a pool closing kit.

Pool Size

Your swimming pool size is the first criterion you need to consider before purchasing a pool closing kit. Every winter closing kit comes with pre-measured containers. Some of them are designed for a 15000-gallon pool, and others for a 35000-gallon swimming pool. Before getting one for closing your pool, pick the right one that fits your pool size.

On our list, we include pool closing kits that work for 7500-35000 gallons of pools. Ordering a little larger capacity kit than your pool is more useful to protect your pool including winter cover.

What In The Box

Once you figure out your pool size, you should consider what the kit includes. Every pool closing kit includes chemicals like algaecide, non-chlorine shock, and winterizing powder for shutting your pool down. Some pool closing kits also include standard chemicals that you can use for winterizing chlorine-based pools.

All the winter pool closing kits we enlisted include every chemical you need for closing your pool. A few kits like the In The Swim Pool Closing Kit feature a floater to dispense the chemical optimally. So, you can go for it to shock your pool efficiently.

Choosing the right closing kit is important because some chemicals can interact badly with your pool cover and lining, which can cause some permanent damage

Include Applying Guide Or Not

Not everyone knows what amount or how to apply chemicals for closing pools. So, you should pick a swimming pool winterizing kit that provides clear instructions. As a result, you can follow the guide to use the chemicals to keep your pool dirt-free for the entire winter season. Fortunately, every pool closing kit we enlisted comes with a step-by-step guide.


And last, but not least- is you should consider the price of the pool closing kit. The average price of a pool closing kit is between $30-$60.  Indeed, you don’t need to spend a leg and arm to get the chemicals you need for closing your pools.

What Chemicals Do I Need to Close My Above-Ground Pool?

You need the following chemicals to close your above-ground pool.

  • pH increaser
  • Alkalinity increaser
  • Pool shock chemicals
  • Algaecide

However, we recommend you get a pool closing kit that includes all of these chemicals. So, you don’t need to hassle to buy them separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you shock the pool before closing for winter?

Yes, you must shock your pool before winterizing your swimming pool. It will help to keep your pool water sanitized by killing germs and bacteria. We recommend you shock your pool a few days before winterizing. Avoid using chlorine-based shocks as they may corrode your pool equipment like liners or ladders.

How much does it cost to winterize an inground pool?

Every pool owner spends between $125-$375 to winterize their inground pools by a professional. However, you can cut down the price if you do it yourself. In this case, you need to spend the money to get the pool closing kit. It may cost you a maximum of $50 if you close your pool by yourself.

Should I put algaecide in my pool when closing?

Yes, you should put algaecide in your pool when closing. It prevents the growth of algae in your pool throughout the entire winter season. So, you don’t need to put a lot of elbow grease when you head over to open your pool in the spring. Just apply the algaecide in your pool directly and allow the pool pump to circulate the water for 2-4 hours.

Should I put antifreeze in my pool?

No, you don’t need to put antifreeze in your swimming pool when closing. Antifreeze involves getting the pipes out of your pool so that they don’t freeze in the winter. If you pull or blow out every pipe from your pool, you don’t need to use anti-free when winterizing your pool.

Final Words

A pool closing kit is a must to winterize your pool for balanced pool water and pool longevity. Also, keep in mind that as long you keep your pool chemical balance, the more effective your winter pool chemicals will be. All the closing kits will come with every chemical you need for closing your pools. So, you can get any of them to shut down your pool for the winter.

Among them, we recommend the In The Swim Pool Winterizing and Closing Chemical Kit. Apart from including every chemical, it also features a floater. As a result, it disperses the chemicals throughout your pool optimally, boosting chemical efficiency to kill algae and germs.

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