7 Best Pool Cleaner for Fiberglass Pool of 2024

As a fiberglass pool owner, you know it requires less elbow grease to clean & maintain compared to other pool types. It doesn’t mean you neglect the maintenance process. A clean pool helps you to cut down your chemical costs and leave fewer carbon footprints. A good pool cleaner is also effective in keeping the pool maintenance cost down.

A fiberglass pool is a good solution for pool owners, these types of pools are different from concrete pools. Though concrete pools are quite durable and you can customize them in many ways, it requires much more maintenance work. Furthermore, the installation process is longer than the fiberglass pool.

Cleaning or vacuuming the pool regularly is a pain in the neck. But it is worth a hundred times to clean your fiberglass swimming pool for a healthy swim. And a fiberglass pool cleaner works as a painkiller to make it a breeze to vacuum your pool to tackle the steady cleaning routine. A pool cleaner’s vital task is to remove algae, dirt, dust, pollen, leaves, bugs, and other debris to maintain the cleanliness of your pool water. 

Here in this round-up guide, we listed some of the best pool cleaners for fiberglass pools. So, keep scrolling to check our pool vacuum list. 

Top 7 Fiberglass Pool Cleaners – Our Best Editor’s Pick

After researching 27 vacuum cleaners in the market, we narrowed down the list to 7. As a result, you can pick your best bait from this shortlist to deep-clean your fiberglass pool. Without further ado, let’s dive into the review section to check the details.

#1: Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner with Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushes and Multiple Filter Options
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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner will be your go-to vacuum if you have an inground pool. This robot is easy to use by turning the on/off switch to the On position. Then, drop your robot into the pool & walk away. Its CleverClean technology scans your pool & finds the most efficient route to leave your pool debris-free. To explore more features, keep reading. 

Key Features of DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Superior Suction

This robotic pool vacuum cleaner has dual 24-volt DC motors. The powerful motor delivers 4000 GPH of suction rate to pick up sticky & stubborn dirt like a champ. Plus, the dual scrubbing brushes scrub away embedded debris to leave your pool surface spotless. 

Smart Navigation Technology

The CleverClean technology of this robot brings the pool cleaning to the next level. It uses advanced algorithms to scan every inch of your pool and find the most efficient way to deep-clean your entire swimming pool including, pool bottom and water line. 

Tangle-free Swivel & Hose

The robot will never be stuck in the nook & cranny or with the waterline of your pool. Its swivel technology and tangle-free hose ensure this robot will travel around your pool without interruptions & suck away messes as it goes.

Multiple Filtration Systems

Dolphin Premier features three pool filter options- a bottom-load fine cartridge filter, an ultra-fine cartridge filter, and an oversized fine filter bag. It means no single speck of dirt will remain on your pool bottom. 

Why Do You Choose Dolphin Premier?

If you want to leave your pool dirt-free without doing anything, go for the Dolphin Premier. Its CleverClean technology scans your entire pool floors and the dual brushes pick up hard-to-remove messes to make the pool bottom spotless. 

#2: Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Vacuum for InGround Pools
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Convenient cleaning control! This sentence perfectly resembles the Polaris 9550 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Its motion-sensing remote control gives you the cleaning control in the palm of your hand. Check out the ‘Key Features’ section to discover more breathtaking features of this robotic vacuum. 

Key Features of Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

4WD Climbing Technology

Polaris Robotic Vacuum has four-wheel drives. In return, this robot can tackle any pool terrain and climb on the walls & steps without any hassle. On top of this, this robot has a solid-scrubbing brush to scrub away dust & dirt to leave your pool crystal clear.

Vortex Vacuum Technology

Clean your pool, maintaining the cleaning efficiency throughout the entire vacuuming season. This robot uses Vortex Technology, which produces enormous airflow to suspend the debris into a separate container. So, no suction will lose and you can pick up dust & particles at peak performance. 

Dirty Canister Indicator

No more guesswork! The dirt canister indicator will indicate when the debris holder gets filled with dirt. It means you can learn when you should empty the filter canister. 

ActivMotion Sensor

Some robot vacuum cleaners hang up in the pool when moving. But this Polaris robotic vacuum is special. Its ActivMotion Sensor controls the position of your robot all time to cover your entire pool without any hangs up. 

Why Do You Choose Polaris 9550? 

You should pick the Polaris 9550 Robotic Vacuum because of its superior climbing ability. Its four-wheel drives makes it a breeze to clean the pool walls, waterline, and surface. 

#3: Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner
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“Operate the automatic suction pool cleaner without a separate booster pump.” This line perfectly describes the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner. It has three venturi jets that provide unmatched suction to sweep, scrub, and vacuum to leave your pool crystal clear. 

Key Features of Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner

Triple Venturi Jets

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 has triple venturi jets. It produces cyclonic suction to pick up tiny to toughest debris & dust with ease. Therefore, the extra vacuuming power of this pool cleaning machine delivers faster cleaning coverage (within 3 hours). 

Capture Large Debris

Unlike other suction cleaners, this one from Polaris has a large inlet (2.25″) to capture large debris. Plus, this pool vacuum is equipped with a filter bag. It traps the leaves & large debris before reaching your pool pump or filter. Indeed, it prolongs the filter or pump’s life when capturing the dirt & debris. 

No Booster Pump Needed

You don’t need to rely on a separate booster pump. This advanced pressure-side cleaner uses the water pressure coming from your pool’s return line to propel the 360 around your pool. 

Why Do You Choose Polaris 360?

If you are looking for a pressurized side suction cleaner, go for the Polaris 360. It uses water pressure to propel this vacuum around your pool to eliminate dirt & debris, minimizing the need for a booster pump.

#4: Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
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Zodiac G3 will be your best pool cleaner if you look for a vacuum compatible with low-speed pumps. Its self-adjusting flow control valve regulates the water flow automatically by ensuring peak performance. And the best part is- this pool vacuum works on every surface type, including fiberglass. 

Key Features of Zodiac G3

Wheel Deflector

This automatic pool cleaner has a large deflector. It prevents the vacuum from hanging up in tight corners. As a result, the vacuum can move around the swimming pool freely and capture the dirt & dust efficiently. 

36-Fin Disc

Its 36-fin disc ensures the suction-side cleaner sticks with the surface. Plus, it helps to avoid hang-ups on steps, ladders, and drain covers. Indeed, you can suck away messes from the pool bottom without experiencing any blockage. 

Quiet Operation

The Zodiac G3 uses one moving part technology. It has no gears, wheels, or flappers. In other words, this automatic pool cleaner doesn’t make the humming noise like other cleaners that have wheels or flappers. 

Why Do You Choose Zodiac G3?

We recommend you go for the Zodiac G3 if you want to clean your pool silently yet efficiently. 

#5: Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner
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Having a pool cleaner that does not require any assistance is a blessing for pool owners. Dolphin Escape Robotic cleaner comes with excellent motor power and provides an unmatched cleaning experience. The hyper grip of this robotic pool cleaner did a great job in replacing the four-wheel designs of the pool cleaner.

It is an energy-efficient pool cleaner that can save more than 90% of energy. It’s 180 watts motor does not leave any stone unturned to provide a complete cleaning experience. Due to its advanced algorithms. You can use this above-ground pool robot to avoid all the obstacles on its way. It means that you no longer need to keep checking up on your pool cleaner to make sure it is not stuck with the ladder or something.

Key features of Dolphin Escape Robotic:


The updated hyper grip makes sure that there is no obstacle in the cleaning process. With this feature, you can expect a faster and more efficient cleaning experience like never before.

Fast Cleaning

It is faster than most cleaners when it comes to cleaning big pools, which is important for pool owners.

Dual Scrubbing

Brush It comes with dual scrubbing brushes that ensure there is no dirt or debris left after the cleaning process.

Why do you choose Dolphin Escape Robotic?

It comes with dual scrubbing brushes that clean the algae from your pool. Additionally, it comes with a hyper grip to make sure there is no obstacle in the cleaning process.

#6: XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Vacuum Cleaner (Best for Cleaning Dirt)

XtremepowerUS Premium Automatic Suction Vacuum-generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner Sweeper In-Ground Suction Side
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Pool owners are often annoyed by the dirt in their pools. But, this vacuum cleaner comes to their rescue with its excellent suction power. It is considered one of the best pool vacuum cleaners for dirt and cleaning the bottom surface of the pools.

You can cover around 8 to 12 feet of area per minute with it. Therefore, it will not take much time to clean your pool. Additionally, it can be attached to the filtering system and does not require any electricity supply to function.

It does not have any wheels which means you don’t need to worry about the jamming of this. Additionally, its smart design comes with easy maintenance and works with the filtration system of your pool.

Key areas XtremepowerUS 75037:

10 hoses

It comes with ten hoses for every 30ft of the pool to avoid the tangling of the hose.

No electricity Required

It can connect to the filtration system and operates completely from its power energy.

Deep Cleaning

It provides a deep cleaning experience with its powerful motor. But, it may not work with the stairs of the pool.

Why do you choose XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Vacuum?

It does not require an additional socket or electricity as it uses your filtration system to work. Additionally, it offers 10 hoses to avoid tangling.

#7: Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner
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Here is a robotic cleaner that offers excellent services at an affordable rate. Aquabot junior pool cleaner takes less than 2 hours to clean an average-sized pool and shuts down after the job on its own. But, you can trust this product, in case you want a robotic pool clear at an affordable price.

The cord may get tangled in large debris. You should consider your requirements before going for this one.

Key features of Aquabot APRVJR Above ground cleaner:


It is one of the few affordable robotic cleaners for fiberglass pools. You can schedule the pool cleaning and it will automatically shut down.

Efficient Cleaning

It provides a complete solution for above-ground pools.

Fast Cleaning

The cleaning process is quite fast and takes less than 2 hours to clean the pool.

Why do you choose Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic?

If you want a regular cleaner at affordable prices, go for this one. However, it is not the best option to clean debris.

How to Choose the Best Pool Cleaner for Fiberglass Pools

Getting a pool cleaner for Above or in-ground pools can be a bit challenging. It is because you need a cleaning device that can clean debris & dirt and comes with enough power to clean it. These cleaners can either be installed into the pump or you can connect to a different socket.

Additionally, you need to consider how your device will clear the collected dirt, leaves, and debris from your pool.

Here are some of the main things that will help you buy the right pool cleaner:

Determine The Vacuum Type You Need

Type of vacuum It is the modern time where you get dozens of options for everything. You can get a different type of cleaner for such types of pools. These are – Robotic, Pressure, and suction pool cleaners.


A robotic pool cleaner is the best choice for pool owners. Just like a regular cleaner, a pool robotic cleaner does not require any assistance in cleaning your pool. All you need is to start the cleaner, and it will take care of the rest.

Usually, these automatic cleaners have tiny motors that clean your pool and a suction part that takes out all the leaves and debris from the pool. If you are looking for something especially for cleaning leaves, then you can consider a good robotic cleaner for leaves. Later on, you can remove the dirt from the device by cleaning or changing its bag.

These are helpful when you have a busy schedule. Additionally, most of these cleaners come with a feature to schedule the pool cleaning at a specific time of the day.


These are the swimming pool cleaners that come with strong suction power. Usually, they come with suction power that is enough to clean all the dirt, leaves, and debris from the pools. You might not find the cleaning brushes in these cleaners.

That is why the cleaning from these cleaners depends solely on the suction feature. If you are looking for an excellent pool cleaner for manual cleaning, then the type is the right choice for you.

Pressure Vacuum Cleaner: 

These are the most interesting types of pool cleaners you will come across. They keep floating in the middle of the water and create pressure with their suction power to keep the water flowing. Additionally, they trap debris and dirt in the process.

That way, all the water goes through the filter, and your pool stays clean for a longer time. These cleaners may require a second pump to maintain the water flow. But, using them could be costlier than the other type of pool cleaners.

Pool Type

You should consider whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool. Not every vacuum on this list is designed for both pool types. So, pick a pool vacuum that fits your swimming pool type. You can go for the robotic vacuum cleaners without any doubt as both the Dolphin and Polaris work with above-ground and in-ground pools. 

Traction Matters

The fiberglass pool is slippery. So, vacuum cleaners struggle to pick up dirt & debris from the wall or the pool bottom. In this case, Polaris 9550 will be your best trait. It has four wheels that provide better traction and grip to suck away messes from slippery surfaces. 

In addition, some advanced models are equipped with smart mobile apps features, so you can operate them remotely.

Polaris 9550 vs Dolphin premier

Both Polaris 9550 and Dolphin Premier have advanced features to leave your swimming dirt-free. But still, they have some differences, and this chapter will disclose those similarities these robotic vacuums have. 

DC Motor

Dolphin Premier has a 24-volt motor that reduces less energy than other vacuums. It consumes only 180 watts of electricity, which costs only 5 cents per hour of operation. 

On the other hand, the Polaris 9550 Robotic Vacuum comes with a 30-volt DC motor. It requires less energy than the Premier and adds little operating costs to your electric bills. 


The Dolphin Premier features a Smart Navigation system. Due to this technology, this robot scans your entire pool & finds the most efficient cleaning route to deep-clean the pool bottom. 

Therefore, its tangle-free swivel cable allows the robot to travel around your pool without any hang-ups. On top of this, the direct-drive hyper grip tracks avoid slipping when climbing walls. Plus, grippy tracks prevent the robot from sticking with the ladders & drains. 

On the other hand, the Polaris 9550 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has an ActiveMotion sensor. Because of it, the robot automatically changes its position to cover your entire pool without hang-ups. 

Filtration System

Multimedia is the name of the next-level filtration system. It has three media types- a micro-cartridge, a standard cartridge, and an oversize debris bag. 

This robot can capture fine particles & dirt because of the micro-cartridge. On the other hand, the oversize leaf canister allows you to collect leaves & insects to leave your pool crystal clear. 

In contrast, Polaris also has an advanced filtration system to trap & capture small debris & dust. The best part of Polaris is- it has a dirt canister indicator. So, you can know when it’s time to empty the debris holder. 

Suction & Scrubbing Capabilities

The 24-volt DC motor provides a 4000 suction rate to pick up sticky & stubborn dirt & debris from the pool bottom. Plus, its dual scrubbing brushes help break down the toughest dust and loosen them. Indeed, a single speck of dirt can get no chance to stand on your pool bottom. 

On the other hand, Polaris 9550 has a non-marring blade to tackle the algae & bacteria and get rid of them from the walls. Unlike Dolphin Premier, it comes with a remote control system. With it, you can maneuver this robot to every corner of your swimming pool to spot clean the surface. If you are specially dealing with algae and dirt on your pool, you may consider buying reliable algae and dirt pool cleaner.

Does Muriatic Acid Damage Fiberglass?

Muriatic acid is a harsh chemical. It attacks the fiberglass slowly but damages the surface. If you have a fiberglass pool, we recommend you avoid muriatic acid.

Yes, you can apply muriatic acid to your pool to lower the pH or alkalinity level. Before pouring it into your pool, ensure you dilute it with water. And of course, ensure you keep the skimmer and fixtures away from the muriatic acid.

But the suggestion is to avoid applying muriatic acid in your fiberglass pools. 

What Is The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Fiberglass Pool

Undoubtedly, Dolphin Premier is the best robotic vacuum cleaner for fiberglass pools. 

It has SmartNav technology to scan your entire swimming pool. Firstly, it maps out your pool, and then, discovers the most efficient cleaning route to deep-clean the surface. 

The dual scrubbing brush it includes can break down the sticky & stubborn dirt & dust and remove them from your pool. Therefore, it also has a weekly scheduler to clean your pool automatically. 

Besides, you can also consider the following robotic vacuum cleaners for your fiberglass swimming pool.

  • Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
  • Aquabot Pool Rover Junior

Can You Pressure Wash a Fiberglass Pool

Yes, you can pressure wash a fiberglass pool, but you need to be careful during the pressure washing. You should position yourself at least 3 to 4 feet away and use a wide tip nozzle that doesn’t have too much pressure.

You must consider the below points before pressure washing a fiberglass pool:

  • Use an electric pressure washer, as gas power pressure washers are more powerful
  • Choose a low-pressure spray to prevent damage to your fiberglass
  • If you are planning to use soap, you should use a soap pressure washer attachment

During the pressure washing, you should wear safety glasses and masks. Never put your hands or body parts in front of the spray of your pressure washer.

Final words

We find the Polaris 9550 best for your fiberglass pools. Its 4-wheel technology provides superior traction on the slippery surface and allows you to pick up dirt & dust like a champ.

On the other hand, you can go for the XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Vacuum Cleaner for sucking away fine debris & particles.

Lastly, we recommend you choose the Zodiac G3 if you are looking for an automatic suction-side cleaner.

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