Best Microchip Cat Flaps

Are you getting into trouble with other cats breaking into your home? Don’t You want to control the unwanted situation coming along with your pet? Then don’t worry and sit calm. Modern technology gives us what we actually want to solve problems quickly. After keeping a cat for a long time with family, it becomes like a family member where it becomes impossible to avoid it. On the other hand, it becomes essential to ensure the security of your house also.

Proper maintenance of your cat movement is really easy with a microchip cat flap. Since we belong to a busy life, it’s pretty hard to maintain everything manually. Rather technology like microchip cat flaps will save your leverage.

There are lots of microchip cat doors and cat flaps available out there. Among all of those, choosing the best one is important to assure the safety of your pet. Here we have found out the best microchip cat flap for your pet at an adorable price.

Why Microchip Cat Flap?

Though there are lots of differences between manual and microchip cat flaps. But the microchip cat flap is modern and easily accessible. The manual cat door has to operate by human touch. At the same time, the microchip cat door scan implanted sensors and let the cat in. even Microchip pet doors are remotely accessible. So, you can operate it from any place.

Imagine a dog running behind your cat and about to catch the leg. What if the cat is running hard and can’t find anywhere to hide? In that situation, it can run into your house with a cat flap. The microchip that is implemented into the cat’s body will let the cat in. But it will block the passage for the dog. And the cat will be safe without any manual action.

The whole process will be hard and not secure with a manual cat door. This example is just a single incident to a cat owner. There are plenty of incidents that occur every day with domestic pets. With microchip pet doors all the problems related to your cat will reduce.

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Best Microchip Cat Flap

So let’s get into the best microchip cat flap of 2020. With lots of customer reviews and in-depth product research, we pick some best cat doors for you. We make a shortlist depends on the best customer service, usability, battery backup, security, and size.

#1: PetSafe Microchip RFID Pet Door

PetSafe Microchip RFID Pet Door
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RFID pet doors are much better than others. This technology scans faster than others. So, it responds faster. This pet door capable of a maximum of 40 pet identity registrations. 4 AA batteries give a power supply for 12 months in a row. A low battery LED indicator will inform you when you have to change the battery.

The 4-way manual lock with an automatic lock system creates the best combination. So, if your remote access is not working, you can manually operate this cat door.


Energy-efficient: It has two magnetic locking points so weather drafts can’t come inside.

Power supply: 4 AA alkaline batteries stay active for 12 months. But those batteries are not rechargeable again. If you got a low battery indication, then you have to buy a new one.

Low battery: This cat door has a LED low battery indicator implemented.

Microchip compatibility: PetSafe Microchip has the ability of 40 pet registrations. And it supports 15 digit microchip identification codes.


  • 40 pet registration
  • 15 digit microchip code support
  • 4-way manual lock
  • Remotely accessible
  • 12-month battery backup


  • Not rechargeable battery

#2: Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap
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This cat mate flap is a basic model of the microchip cat flap. You can register a maximum of 30 pets with only 15 digit microchip codes. This is the limitation I don’t like about this product. Other cat flaps support 9, 10, and 15 digit codes.

It has a LED indicator that flashes whenever the cat goes out or comes in. 4 AA batteries are the power source of this electric cat door.


Size: Dimension of the Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap is 246 mm x 197 mm. So your domestic cat can pass the door easily.

Interior: This cat door is best for a thin door or window. The transparent flap raises the accessibility of this microchip catflap.

LED and Timer control: Time programming of this cat door is so easy. Every time your cat enters or exit the LED light will flash automatically.


  • Large size
  • RFID tag detector
  • A rotary 4-way lock system


  • Only support 15 digit microchips
  • Delay on unlocking
  • Extra noisy

#3: Petsafe Manual 4 Way Cat Flap

Petsafe Manual 4 Way Cat Flap
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This cat door is easy to install. Petsafe cat flaps have a 4-way locking system. So you can completely lock it or completely unlock it. In addition, pet in and pet out features are also included here. This flap is suitable for medium size dogs and cats.

You can install it in your thin panel doors or in your window. But be sure about the weather changes.


Manual locking: If the automatic locking system is not working then you can set the lock manually. Just fit the time for locking the door or unlocking the door.

Panel support: In the PetSafe pet door you will see a panel included. It could wonder you if you don’t know the uses. This panel is for fitting the door perfectly on any surface.

4 lock system: This lock system gives you the ability to full control of the door. Because you can set in only, out only, completely locked, and completely unlocked.


  • 14 inches height, 16.2 inches width
  • Manual control
  • Transparent plastic flap
  • Suitable for medium size cat


  • Jamming of the flap
  • Problems in the lock

#4: PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door
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PetSafe dog and cat door is a dog door with a timer. The smaller size is suitable for little dogs and all sizes of cats. But for bigger dogs, you have to install a bigger version. The smaller size of the PetSafe microchip cat and dog door is not much recommended for dogs. For dogs, we recommend bigger sizes.

Although it has lots of useful features. Let’s get into it.


Controlled access: This feature lets the door keep adjustment between inner and outer weather. The snap-on closing panel keeps the pet in distance before the second layer opening.

Matching interior: It has a paintable plastic body so that it could match the interior of your door.

Easy installation: The installation process of PetSafe is so much easier. But if you have any confusion then I recommend hiring an expert for your job getting done.


  • Matching interior
  • Controlled access
  • Best thermal dog door
  • Energy saving


  • Snap on the panel not working
  • Too small for large dogs

#5: Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap

Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap
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This is a chip-operated cat mate flap with an adorable price. Most cat owners like this pet door for its selective entry control feature. It has a two-way lock system so that unwanted cats can’t pass the flap. Smooth brush strips control the audio noise. Cat mate lockable cat flap comes with a thin design. So you can easily install it in your thin wall or paper wall.


White flap: A special martial called polycarbonate is used for the building of the cat flap. So it will not break easily. So raccoons can’t scratch or break the flap.

Waterproof: Cat mate is an automatic cat door microchip implemented. If it is not waterproof then all the money will be wasted. As a cat owner, you have to ready for every situation. So, a waterproof cat mate pet door will protect against worse weather situations.

Brush Strip: this feature controls the extra noise that may scare the pet.


  • Polycarbonate flap
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for thin wall
  • 12-month battery backup
  • LED indicator
  • 30 cats maximum


  • Not good for fat cat
  • Too deep cat flap

#6: Depets Large Cat Door

Depets Large Cat Door
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Depets large cat door is a simple but rich feathers electric cat door. It is much easier than the other cat door RFID. In the list of the weatherproof cat door, these Depets will be at the top. So, you can install it on your outer door. This Transparent flap gives the cat to see another side of the secure cat door.

Easy switching control of the Depets is another best feature. The flap size is much bigger for every kind of cat. So, your cat won’t feel any hindrance during passing the cat entry door. However, your cat is big or thin doesn’t matter. A dark-grey brush strip reduces the sound that makes a terrible sound for the cat. Overall, Depets large cat door is the best cat door.


Size: Inner and Outer size are 7.08″ x 7.48″(W x H), 9.25″ x 9.92″ x 2.16″(W x H X D). This size is suitable for glass doors and also a wooden door. You can also install it in the window and in any thin wall.

Brush Strip: Microchip pet doors have a noise issue. It scares the cat when passing through the automatic cat door. Depets comes with a solution that reduces the pain of the cat owner and the supplier.

Weatherproof: This is a weatherproof cat door. So you don’t need to worry about rain, snow or other weather that causes the problem.


  • Smooth interior design
  • Hard plastic made
  • Brush strip for soundproof
  • Good for big cats
  • Long battery support


  • Not best for thin cats

#7: SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door
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This is not just a cat door for your beloved pet. It gives maximum security with a remote connection. So you can control the mechanism of the SureFlap microchip cat flap and can monitor the movements of your cat. This is called a smart cat door for every type of door design and material.

The interior design of this microchip chip catflap is coming in two-color. Brown for the wooden door and white for others. It has a white and brown colored body with a transparent white flap.

No matter where you are, you will be updated every time your cats go out or come in. So you can concentrate on your work fully. 4 AA alkaline batteries are the power source of the flap. So the batteries are replaceable. And the charge of those batteries will last at least 12-month without any trouble.


Size: Door measurement of the flap is 5 5/8 inches width and 4 ¾ inches height. This size is perfect for all kinds of cats with big sizes. So your cat will not stick into the flap. The door is white and transparent. So your cat can see the other side of the door. The flap shutdown sound is low so that the cat doesn’t get scared.

Sensor: The door mainly works with scanning a microchip that is implemented into your cat. The sensor identifies the microchip with 15 (FDXB), 10 (FDXA), and 9 (Avid Secure) digits secret numbers. By confirming the access code the flap will let your cat in. If the sensor can’t confirm the access code then the flap will remain block. The technology that reads the microchip is called RFID. And a total of 32 microchip identities can be stored in the SureFlap microchip cat flap.

Dual Scan: This scanning technology gives an extraordinary build-in feature. It gives exit control to the owner. So you can control your cat every time.

Power: SureFlap has 4 AA alkaline batteries. Those batteries are capable of giving power for 12-month. And you can replace those batteries at any time.

Remote Access: SureFlap is accessible remotely with a wireless network connection. No matter where you are, and what you are doing. With a simple click, you can check your pet movements and can monitor them.


  • 32 identity limit
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries power
  • Remotely Accessible
  • Sure Petcare App
  • Dual Scan
  • One button programming


  • Ineffective for raccoons
  • Easily overcome lock

#8: SureFlap Petcare Microchip Cat Flap

SureFlap Petcare Microchip Cat Flap
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SureFlap Petcare Microchip Cat Flap is available in two varieties. One is standard and the other one is the microchip version. We will not talk about the standard version. Besides, we will talk about the microchip version. Here, this version comes with the best chip-activated cat flap.

All the pet doors are modernizing with microchip reader sensor technology. Though this technology works fine with its cat. But in the question of other cats, it is not satisfied. SureFlap Petcare Microchip Cat Flap is the solution to your problem. It can identify multiple pets at a single time. And you can install it anywhere like doors, windows etc.


This SureFlap Petcare has a feature called multiple identities. So, if your cats go out and play with your neighbor’s pet. And wanted to come into your home with them. Then other cat doors will not let them in. But this cat flap will identify multiple cats and will let them in or out.

Power backup is also satisfying with 4 AA batteries with the 12-month inconvenience power supply. But here is a point, those batteries are not rechargeable. You have to replace them.

The easy installation process helps this pet door fit in any place. It is a bigger advantage than others.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Multiple identities
  • 32 pet registration
  • Easy installation
  • Safe space


  • Not rechargeable Batteries
  • No raccoons control

How does microchip cat door work?

The microchip cat flap working process is so simple. It has a sensor that can read only RFID microchip data. When your pet comes near the door, the door scans pre-programmed microchip data. And open the flap for a short time to let the pet passing through the electric door.

Now, generally, a question peeking in your mind that if other microchip pets come near to the door? What will happen then? Don’t worry about that. Every microchip has a unique ID. So, you can program the door with your pet’s microchip ID. So without any matching ID, the door will not open.

Is those cat flap secure?

It depends on what door you want to install. Basic or standard cat flaps are secure until other animals notice the door. Because the standard door doesn’t scan or identify your pet. So it won’t control the passage. But if you install a microchip cat flap then your tension will go away. Microchip cat door identifies your pet so it will not let other unidentified animals peep at your house.

How to reset microchip cat flap?

Microchip cat door reserves your pet data into a memory situated under the battery lib. So if you want to reset the door, then you have to open the battery lib. And find out the memory button and press and hold the button for 10 seconds. After erasing the entire data indicator LED will light up. Then release the button and cover the battery lib. Now your door is completely reset to a new one.

Do I need to be an expert for installation?

No, the installation process is so easy. But it really depends on the type of door. If the door is made with glass or metal. Then you should hire an expert for installation.

Does a cat flap microchip needs a battery?

No, the microchip is a device that only stores data. So, it doesn’t need to scan or replace any data on its own. In addition, no battery needs a microchip.

How long after the battery should be replaced? 

Microchip cat flap uses 4 AA alkaline batteries. The power backup of those batteries recommended by the manufacturer is 12 months. But sometimes the backup does not last long. If you face any power shortage, then you have to replace the battery.


Here we reviewed the 8 best microchip cat flaps. After a long time of deep research, we find out those items that are the best and overall rich features. Since those are functional and have variations of color, You can install them at any door of your home.

Nowadays, we are leading busy lives. Pressure and stress killing our emotions and responsibility as well. It may be the main reason behind keeping pets at home. It gives mental relief and happiness.

No matter what is it but, we have to ensure the security of our domestic members first. For the save vain the Microchip cat flaps are more secure than another standard cat flap. If other animal wants to enter your house by following your pet, then the microchip cat flap will not let them enter.

If you are using any of them or other brands feel free to share your experience with us. We will love to hear from you.

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