Reliable Floating Chlorine Dispenser for Hot Tub in 2023

Keeping your hot tub water sanitized is a must as you bathe in it every day. Yes, chlorine and bromine are the chemicals to remove contaminants and odor from your tub water. But applying them directly into the tub can damage the surface by rusting or discoloration. 

In the worst case, over-apply of chlorine can make the water toxic- even if it can burn your skin if the chemical comes in contact with it. Regarding this, a floating chlorine dispenser will help you the most. 

It helps to dissolve chlorine tablets in the water optimally and balance your water. The best part is- every chlorine dispenser has an adjustable ring to set the amount of chlorine to spread in the water. So, you don’t need to hassle about dispensing the correct chlorine level in the hot tub. 

Whether you have a small hot tub or a big one, here is the rundown of the best floating chlorine dispenser for hot tubs that will cover everything you need to know. 

7 Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers for Hot Tubs

  • Best Energy Saver: GAME Solar Light-Up Derby Duck Pool Chlorinator

“This is a solar-powered floating chlorine dispenser to disinfect your pool in an energy-efficient way by dissolving chlorine slowly.” 

  • Best-Durable: Poolmaster Chlori-Critter Chlorine Dispenser

“Made of non-corrosive materials, you can use this chlorine dispenser for years to sanitize your pool and hot tub.”

  • Best-Overall: Life Chemical Chlorine Floating Dispenser

“Ease of use, functional, and affordable price are some features that make it the best floating chlorine dispenser for hot tub, pool, and spa.” 

  • Best Budget: WWD POOL Mini Floating Pool & Spa Chlorine Dispenser

“This budget-friendly chlorine dispenser is easy to fill and adjust and allows you to sanitize the water by dispensing chlorine optimally.” 

  • Best for Small Hot Tubs & Pools: Life Floating Deluxe Bromine, Chlorine Tablet Dispenser

“It’s a perfect fit for your small hot tubs and pools to remove unwanted contaminants and odors from your hot tub water.”

  • Best Multi-functional: 440 Mini Premium Floater Dispenser

“Whether you want to chlorinate your hot tubs or pools, this multifunctional will help you to disinfect the water by dispensing chlorine optimally.”

  • Honorable Mention: U.S. Pool Supply Floating Chemical Dispenser

“This honorable pick will help you sanitize your hot tub water by dissolving chlorine tablets gradually.”

Now, let’s check out the detailed and in-depth review of each chlorine dispenser to discover the best one for sanitizing your hot tub. 

#1: GAME Solar Light-Up Derby Duck Pool Chlorinator (Best Energy Saver)

Chlorinate your hot tub, pool, and spa in an energy-efficient way! This solar-powered floating chlorine dispenser has solar panels. They charge the LED lights during the daytime. Then, it automatically activates at dusk. Indeed, you don’t need electricity to run the chlorine dispenser, which saves your electric bills. 

Apart from its energy efficiency, it is also functional. It features an adjustable chemical-dispensing rate. Due to this feature, your spa or pool gets the right amount of chlorine to disinfect the water. 

The best feature of the Game Solar-powered Chlorinator is- its tips-over functionality. When the chlorine tabs get dissolved completely, the chlorine floater starts tilting or tipping over. As a result, you can know when it’s time to refill it or need to pull it from your pool. 

Now, let’s mention its holding capacity. Unlike other floating pool chlorine dispensers, it can hold a 3″ chlorine tablet. So, you don’t need to refill the chlorinator again and again to chlorinate a small pool. 


  • Energy-efficient
  • Dissolve chlorine optimally
  • Easy to use


  • It’s a bit challenging to adjust the holes. However, you can overcome this issue easily by taking help from others. 

#2: Poolmaster Chlori-Critter Chlorine Dispenser (Best-Durable)

Long-lasting is the only word we can find in our dictionary to define the Poolmaster Chlori-Critter Chlorine Dispenser. It uses non-corrosive elements as its construction material to ensure longevity. Because of its construction, water can’t bring any damage to the chlorinator no matter how long you leave it in your pool, spa, or hot tub. 

This floating chlorinator includes a telescoping chlorine-control ring. With it, you can adjust the level of chlorine you want to flow into the water. 

Easy to use is the best feature of the spa chemical dispenser we spot out. Just put chlorine tablets into the dispenser. Then, adjust the adjustable ring and make sure it is in an open position. Finally, set the dispenser in the water to let it do its job. 

Therefore, its different models like Butterfly, White Duck, and Alligator keeps other critters out of your pool. 


  • The adjustable ring dissolves the right amount of chlorine and dispenses them in your hot tub optimally
  • Convenient to use
  • Non-corrosive construction materials of this chlorinator ensure durability


  • The threads on the cup never seem to work right 

#3: Life Chemical Chlorine Floating Dispenser (Best Overall)

Convenient to use, functional, and affordable are some features that push us to rank this floating chlorine dispenser as the best overall. Its adjustable chamber lets you control the amount of chlorine to dispense in the water. 

Easy access to chlorine or bromine tab refill is the best feature we love most about this chlorinator. Due to this feature, you don’t need to readjust the feeder or unwind its system fully to refill it with chlorine. In other words, you can easily refill the feeder without disassembling the unit, which saves you time. 

Turns out, it features a fully adjustable flow erosion control. As a result, you can dispense the right amount of chlorine in your tub or spa to sanitize water without damaging the tub surface. 


  • Well-made and last for a long time
  • Least expensive way to chlorinate your pool
  • Easy to use


  • Some users complain that 1-inch tabs get stuck and don’t fall down

#4: WWD POOL Mini Floating Pool & Spa Chlorine Dispenser (Best Budget)

Budget is not a big deal when it comes to purchasing a floating dispenser as they are affordable. However, if you are on a tight budget, WWD Pool Mini Floating Pool & Spa will be your go-to option.

Though the price of this chlorine dispenser is affordable, it’s functional. You can fill and adjust the level of chlorine that will flow in the water. It has adjustable flow regulating ports at the bottom to set the flow rate based on actual water conditions. 

Now, let’s move on to its construction. The chlorine holder uses durable ABS plastic & PP materials to protect your floater against corrosion. 

Like other pool floating chlorine dispensers, it works with only 1″ tablets and can hold 3-4 tablets at once. Indeed, this floating chlorine feeder is perfect for small pools, spas, and hot tubs. 


  • Hangable and foldable design to let you store the floater with ease
  • Easy to adjust the chlorine flow
  • Made of ABS & PP materials to ensure longevity


  • Not perfect for a bigger tub or spa

#5: Life Floating Deluxe Bromine, Chlorine Tablet Dispenser (Best for Small Hot tubs and Pools)

Are you struggling to get a floating chlorine dispenser that fits your hot tubs, spas, and small pools? Then, Life Deluxe Chlorine Tablet Dispenser is what you need. 

Despite its compact size, it can sanitize your hot tub water optimally by dissolving the chlorine gradually. It features an adjustable chamber to control the feed rate. 

Apart from these, refilling the tablet holder will be a piece of cake. Easy access to bromine or chlorine tab refill makes it a breeze to change the tablet without unwinding the system fully. 


  • Perfect for hot tubs and small pools
  • Easy to refill
  • Simple to use


  • It would be best if it uses non-corrosive materials as the bottom starts rusting on the bottom after not too long.

#6: 440 Mini Premium Floater Dispenser (Best-Multifunctional)

What if a single chlorine dispenser will help you chlorinate your pool, hot tubs, and spas? Then, the 440 Mini Premium Floater Dispenser is here to turn your imagination into reality. The adjustable floater has 13 opening positions to release chlorine or bromine to disinfect your pool, hot tub, and spa evenly. 

Like other chlorine floaters, it works with a 1-inch tablet. Just unscrew the bottom and fill the dispenser with one or more chlorine tablets to sanitize the water. 

When it comes to durability, this floating pool chlorine dispenser is what you need. It uses durable material as its built-in element to ensure longevity. 


  • It never sinks
  • Made of heavy-duty material to ensure durability
  • Convenient to use


  • It seems a bit flimsier as it uses Plastic material

#7: U.S. Pool Supply Floating Chlorine & Bromine Chemical Dispenser (Honorable Mention)

At the bottom of this list, we bring the chlorine and bromine chemical dispenser from US Pool Supply. It features an adjustable control ring to flow a steady amount of chlorine in your pool. 

The remarkable feature we spot is- it included a built-in thermometer molded into the side of the dispenser. With it, you can get the accurate water temperature of your pool. 

Like most chemical dispensers, it also works with a 1″-1/2″ chlorine tablet, which is enough to remove contaminants and odor from your hot tub.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to remove
  • Provide accurate pool temperature


  • It would be best if the manufacturer uses durable plastic instead of cheap plastic.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Floating Chlorine Dispenser for Hot Tub

You can’t just jump the gun on buying a floating pool chlorine dispenser to chlorinate your pool. What you should consider is- whether the bromine dispenser functions properly or not. The following criteria we mentioned will help you to pick the best chlorine dispenser. 

Adjustable Control Ring

To chlorinate your chlorine pool or spa, you must ensure your spa or hot tub gets the right amount of chlorine. Before purchasing a floating chlorine dispenser, make sure it comes with an adjustable control ring. It helps to deliver the proper amount of chlorine in your swimming pool to balance the water. 

Holding Capacity

Here holding capacity means the size of chlorine or bromine tablets a chlorine dispenser can hold. Most of the floating chlorinators in the market can hold 1″ or 1-1/2″ chlorine tablets. However, some pool chlorine dispensers like Game Solar Pool Chlorinator can take 3-inch tablets. 

Energy-efficient or Not

A chlorine dispenser can’t merely propel or float around your pool by itself. It needs energy or power to swim and dispense chlorine around your pool. Most chlorinators use electricity as their energy source, which may spike up the electricity bills (though most models we mentioned on the list are energy-efficient). Regarding this, you can go for a chlorine dispenser that is solar-powered to chlorinate your hot tub, spa, or pool in an energy-efficient way. 


Your chlorine dispenser will remain in your pool, spa, or hot tub. So, you should pick the chlorinator that doesn’t get corroded. In simple words, get a floating chlorine dispenser that uses non-corrosive components as its built-in materials. 

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another feature you should consider before getting a chlorine dispenser. Almost every chlorinator comes with instructions. So, you can use them following the step-by-step guide. Apart from these, operating a floating chlorine dispenser is simple. Just insert the chlorine tablet into its chlorine holder. Then, leave it in your hot tub or pool. It automatically floats around your pool.


The guarantee of a product is like your life insurance. You can return or claim for a replacement any time within a time range if you are not satisfied with using a product. So, purchase a chlorine dispenser that provides a year of guarantee. 


Price will not be a factor when purchasing a chlorine dispenser (as most of them are affordable). Still, if budget matters to you, you can go for the WWD POOL Mini Floating Pool & Spa Chlorine Dispenser

Should I Use a Floating Chlorine Dispenser in my Hot Tub?

Yes, you should use a floating chlorine dispenser in your hot tub. It’s easy to use & affordable and requires minimum maintenance. On top of this, it evenly dispenses the chlorine tablet in your hot tub to disinfect the water optimally. Therefore, a floating dispenser also works with a bromine tablet.

The best part of using a floating chlorine dispenser is- the chlorine or bromine tablets dissolve gradually. As a result, it lasts for a longer time than the chlorine granule. 

However, check out the hot tub manual to see whether it allows applying that form of chlorine or not. It may be a reason to turn your tub water too acidic, which may corrode or discolor your tub. 

How to Use Chlorine Tablets in a Hot Tub

Chlorine tablets for the hot tub dissolve slowly. So, you must avoid direct application of the chlorine tablet into your tub of water. Otherwise, it may corrode and discolor the surface of your hot tub. 

So, the best way to use chlorine tablets in your hot tub is using a floating chlorine dispenser. Just pick any chlorine dispenser we mentioned above. 

Then, insert the chlorine tablet into the tablet holder. Next, leave the floater in your tub. Its adjustable ring will apply the right amount of chlorine to disinfect the water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put chlorine granules in a floating dispenser?

No, you can’t put chlorine granules or liquid form of it in a floating dispenser. A floating dispenser is specially designed to hold chlorine tablets or the tablet form to dissolve them in the water gradually. On the other hand, chlorine granules are a powder form for direct application in the water.

Is it better to put chlorine tablets in a skimmer or floater?

You should not put the chlorine tablets into a skimmer as it may damage the skimmer by corroding. Instead, it would be best to put the chlorine tablet in a floater to dispense the tablet slowly but evenly. 

How many chlorine tablets do you put in the dispenser?

Actually, it depends on the dispenser’s capacity. Most of the floating pool chlorine dispensers we enlisted can hold only a single chlorine tablet.

Final Thought

Hot tub maintenance is extremely important for a healthy bath. Indeed, no one wants to bathe in unclean water. And the floating chlorine dispensers we mentioned will help you sanitize your hot tub water by dissolving the right amount of chlorine.

Among them, we recommend the Life Chemical Chlorine Floating Dispenser most as it is functional, durable, easy to use, and affordable. You can optimally dispense chlorine in your hot tub without damaging the surface. 

However, you can also go for other bromine and chlorine dispensers from the list based on your personal choice.

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