Top Pool Light for Above Ground Pool 2022

Trust me, swimming in the dark pool is a horrible experience. Unfortunately, some people hardly manage time to spend in the swimming pool during the day. For their desperation to swim, pool lights are blessings. Also, the proper application of those lights can make your above-ground pool atmosphere sorcerer. Besides, lights are essential for security and lighting purposes.

But the challenge is to find out the best above ground pool light from all the existing lights. That’s because different lights have different features, RGB color, or all are not perfectly built.

To make your selection process more accessible, we have been working for a long time. We’ve compared all the possible above pool light options, their features, and original buyer reviews. Then finally, we prepare a list of some above-ground lights for your pool.

Know what above-ground pool lights are

Above ground pool lights are designed to not sink into the ground. These will light up your pool area so that you can comfortably use your pool during the day or night. You can use these lights with water without having to worry about accidents.

  • Removing bugs away
  • Safety and security
  • Monitoring your children
  • Improving backyard look
  • Delivering a romantic atmosphere

They are run by electricity directly, batteries, or transformers. Various benefits are there to use above-ground pool lights including.

Things You Must Check Before Buying Above Ground Pool Lights

Since many different brands make pool lights, they all are promoting their products as the best ones. So it becomes a bit confusing to pick the right one to meet your needs. Just stay calm and check all the essential features while you are buying. Here is a quick buying guide that may help you.

Remote control or not

Both the remote-controlled or non-remote-control lights are available. For the pool bottom surface lighting, this is essential to have a remote. Even if you have an RGB light, you must have a remote control facility in the lighting scheme. So when purchasing make sure to pick a remote control one for underwater use. For other uses, you may pick non-remote-control lights as they are inexpensive.

Magnetic installation

The magnetic pool lights for above-ground pools have both the fors and againsts. If you want to use the light on the deep pool, then magnetic lights are the best. It is extremely easy to install. However, you cannot install it anywhere. You must need a metal body for installing these lights. Don’t forget to consider it when making a decision.

Require voltage level

Using more voltage can be life-threatening since it can get you electrocuted. For this reason, the safe level is 12V. If a human gets electrocuted by a 12V supply, it won’t kill him, though he will get hurt for sure. Check the required voltage for the lights and try to avoid if it will be more than 12V.

Light draw insects or not

Generally, insects can see UV, green and blue colors. If you install such colors of light on your pool, it will draw insects. And, of course, you never want to have insects in your collection. Remember, the best above-ground pool light will never draw the insects. In the list of the color, only sodium vapor, halogen, and dichroic yellow draw insects. Here halogen is more affordable. Don’t forget to check this.

How Do We Determine Our Top Above Ground Pool Lights?

See the need for the best underwater pool lights for the above-ground pool for everyone will never be the same. Certainly, not all people have the same expectation. Some people want to have RGB to make parties in the pool. Where some people don’t like to go crazy with the pool. You will find some people are incredibly introverted who want only decent lighting. So you need to make sure what the thing you are looking for.

After defining your desire, things jump on the list. There we listed almost all types of best pool lights. And we check all of their controlling units, require voltage, and other essential things. There you will have the best thing along to your type.

Here is Our List of 10 Top Pool Lights for Above Ground Pool

1. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

Intex LED Pool Wall Light 110-120V
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The very first light on our list is the Intex LED pool wall light. Its magnetic wall makes it perfect for installing on the bottom surface. The reason behind choosing this light is its simple installation and decent performance.

Since this is a magnetic device, it does not require any holes or hooks to install. This LED pool is a perfect pick for a below 24 feet depth swimming pool for its 26 feet long cord. The special lens shape portions offer inner and outer lighting at the same time.

You don’t even need to have any charger or battery. A wireless charging feature has been added to it. It comes with a color-changing mode that allows you to change its color, depending on your mood.


  • Simple and Easy installation within 5 minute
  • Safe to use, for 24 feet or less then it pools
  • 4 different color mode with energy-saving
  • Long-lasting build with the Affordable price


  • Not suitable for the pools with no metal stand

2. LOFTEK Submersible Pool Lights (Best RGB light)

LOFTEK Submersible Pool Lights with Remote RF, Magnets, Suction Cups
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The second light on our list is a pool light as well as decoration stuff. LOFTEK submersible is one of the best above-ground pool lights for RGB lover people. You can inconveniently install it for its strong suction cup with magnates at its bottom.

Besides, this LOFTEK item can perform under 16 feet of water with a remote control facility. Because its remote has works by radio frequency, you can control it without aiming at the light. To bring a different vibe, it has 16 colors.

Unlike the previous model, you don’t need to add any external power cord to it. Instead of cords, it requires a 3AA battery. The 3AA battery set can work up to 35 to 40 hours long.


  • Portable and Does not require external power
  • Have both suction and the magnetic lock installed on the pool
  • 3 AA battery is enough for more than 30-hour lighting
  • RF remote control accepted from away without aiming
  • 13 LED lights with 16 different color schemes


  • Only for 16 feet or less pool use

3. Hitopin HP-LED4 Submersible LED Lights (Best for multipurpose use)

Hitopin HP-LED4,Submersible LED Lights,Waterproof Underwater Remote Controlled Battery Operated
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For lighting on the swimming pool, spa, and bathtub even in the party center Hitopin HP-LED4 is a good choice. This is portable, adjustable, and budget-friendly. Because of its adjustable design lineup, it can sink anywhere. Four different light units in a set of Hitopin and 4 remotes for each company.

Each unit of light has 10 LEDs and 16 different colors. Besides, it has 4 prebuilt colors that you can control with the attached IR remote. You need 3 AA batteries to run each of them for 10 to 15-hour long. Usually, people take this for use in a random place.

This is the reason there is no magnate, suction cup, or screwing feature on its bottom. This light can be a good option to keep the aesthetic vibe on your pool at Christmas, wedding, or any party night.


  • Impressive sunflower alike architectural design
  • Do not have any hassle with installation or power connection.
  • Easy to control for its powerful IR remote with each unit of light
  • Brighter light with versatile colors
  • Affordable and provide the best value for money


  • Need to tighten up this properly
  • Only 10 – 15 battery power span

4. Life-Bulb LED Color Pool Light (Best Deplorable RGB bulb)

Life-Bulb LED Color Pool Light Bulb for in ground pool
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Want an RGB light with a lifetime warranty for your above-ground pool? Get the Life-Bulb 120-watt light. It comes with 16 different color modes where 9 colors for adjustment and 7 colors are fixed. For celebrating the party or any occasion, this brighter light can be an essential part.

From the technical aspect, this is an E26 light. It needs 120 volts and 40 watts to power up. Besides, this is certified by FCC and CE. It does not have any power cord. Instead, you can install it on the regular light holder at the pool light. A remote controller has been attached with Life-Bulb to control all the lighting schemes.


  • Massive opportunity to customize the color
  • Properly optimized remote added
  • Simple installation process
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • It does not suit with 12V powering system

5. Pentair 2010-Convertible (Best for Convertible use)

Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator Aboveground Light and Water Return
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If you want to avoid making a hole to install a light, then Pentair 98600000 is for you. It holds hydro optic technology, which makes this light adjustable on the old water return hole. Even if the pool has an old lightning hole, you can install Pentair 98600000 there.

Besides, it is lightweight with a 5.5-pound weight. All the necessary screws, mounting systems, wires, lances, and adapter are provided inside the box. With its 12V power input model, you can stay out of the tension of any accident.

The manufacturer claims it has a lifespan of at least 3000 hours. Because it has both green and blue lance, you can use anyone along to your pool’s atmosphere.


  • No need to make an extra hole for installing
  • Long power cable with energy-saving
  • Long lifespan guaranteed (3,000 hours)
  • It comes with all essential accessories


  • Does not have remote control
  • Colorful lances are not so durable

6. Smartpool NL98 35 underwater NiteLighter (Best Chemical-Resistant halogen bulb)

Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG Pools
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People often need a pool light to use both above ground or underwater. Smartpool NL98 is such a type of light. The inside halogen light is ideal for swimming pool lighting. Moreover, its long-life halogen technology ensures a 10-time longer lifespan.

To keep the lance away from dullness, it has a chemical protective lance. You can expect a brighter and shiner lighting experience for this lance. Affordable price with easy setup makes the light more acceptable to people. Besides everything, It has ETL certification with six-month warranty.


  • A chemically protected lance keep is the crystal for a long time
  • Waterproof and no need to seal it up again
  • Easy to maintain and setup
  • Include transformer with large power cord


  • It does not have any built-in power button

7. NiteLighter NL50 Halogen (Best halogen light on the budget)

NiteLighter NL50 Halogen
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Installing lights on the swimming pool is troublesome work, especially for a non-technical person like you and me. But NiteLighter NL50 breaks these rules. Setting this on the swimming pool requires less than 30 seconds.

Since this is powered by halogen light, this saves energy yet provides a brighter lighting experience. With this single light with maximum illumination, you can make a swimming pool atmosphere dreamy. It comes with a 28 feet long wire that makes it perfect for deep underwater use.

Each of these lights at full brightness can generate 750 lumens. Since it takes only a 12v supply, it is safe to use. Besides that, it has a chemical protective lance. That’s why it does not get dull quickly. For any pool condition, this is a suitable lighting tool.


  • Easy installation in less than 30 seconds
  • Have a long power cord for deep underwater use
  • Easy to suit with any pool or pond condition
  • Perfectly safe for using


  • Build by plastic which is not that premium
  • Not suitable for underwater condition

8. Topist Submersible LED Light (Perfect RGB light for portability)

Topist Submersible LED Light, 10-LED RGB Waterproof Battery Powered Lights
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In the market, Topist Submersible pool light is one of the best ground pool lights. It’s a battery-powered light that eradicates the hassle of using any cords. It generates 16-colour, each light has 10 LED lights for a brighter lighting mood. Due to its simple installation process, this type of RGB light is getting famous for pool lighting.

This submersible light has around 20 hours of Lifespan. As usual, this light also has an RF remote control for better maneuvering. Changing the color mode and other things is a child playing with the remote. To make the party vibe, buying this light can be a good investment.


  • No need to drill on the pool even does not require a power cable
  • More than 16 RGB colors from the LED light
  • Affordable to buy and maintenance


  • This has only a 20-hours maximum lifespan

9. GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic light (Best budget magnetic light)

GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic LED Color-Changing Pool Wall Light with Remote Control
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Mentioning the name of the Game-4307, which seems like a gaming vibe. This is delicately designed for the above-ground pool and suitable to bring a party mood to the pool. The 100% waterproof architecture. and wire-free mechanisms make it perfect to use underwater.

This light does not need any power cable. Instead of this, there it needs a 3AAA battery. Consequently, you can use it deep down water without any hassle. With its advanced remote control, you can change its color, even turn it on and off. It has a metal plate on the bottom for comfortable magnetic installing.


  • Fit for any submersible environment
  • 12 random colors with 4 modes of using
  • Easy and simple to installation


  • Often found some issue about the remote controller

10. NiteLighter NL100 LED (best above-water mounted for night swims)

Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum
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The last light of our list is NiteLighter NL100. This is not a light, but a mini monster. This single unit of light can cover a medium size above-ground pool. For installation, there is no need to screw, magnet, or suction cup.

It comes with all the necessary mounting brackets. Simply put the light on the railing of the pool and power it up. This is not for submersible use and comes with 28 feet power cable.

Apart from that, it is ELT-listed that promises safety. Also, it takes below 12V electrical supply that makes it an energy saver and safer to use. Another impressive thing is its automatic shutoff. It will shut off automatically after every 2 hours to avoid electrical damage. So that you can leave your pool and go for a rest safely.


  • Highly energy-efficient and safer to use
  • No suffering for installing on pool
  • It comes with 28 feet long power cable for better maneuvering
  • Warranty of 6 months include
  • Follow the UL standard and ETL certified


  • Not usable in water condition
  • No operating button added to it

Quick Summary for Product Selection

Still in confusion? The market has huge variants of pool lights. Some of those have RGB, some of those built by halogen, even some are magnetics and others. Among all those variants, picking the right one is challenging and a bit confusing.

Instead, take another breath and check this quick suggestion that can change your observation. If you know your expectation, it will help you to find the proper light.

If you have a non-metal pool, maybe you don’t want to make any holes in it. In that situation, Intex LED Pool Wall Light Is the right choice.

Either maybe you are looking for an RGB light for your pool to bring a party atmosphere. You can check LOFTEK Submersible Pool Lights.

Do you think your pool light should be RGB and you need to use it for multiple purposes? Try Hitopin HP-LED4 Submersible LED Lights to have the best user experience.

Need a deployable and robust RGB light for your pool? Look no further but the Life-Bulb LED Color Pool Light.

Don’t be confused if you need a convertible pool light. In the budget range, Pentair 2010-Convertible is simply unbeatable.

Often people are looking for such a type of light, where its lance will never become foggy easily. Smartpool NL98 35 underwater NiteLighter made with chemical protection which ensures it will not become foggy easily.

For a medium-size pool, you need to have a light that will illuminate and save power at a time. NiteLighter NL50 Halogen is the perfect thing in that case.

Looking for a submersible LED in an affordable range? Go for multipurpose usable Topist Submersible LED Light without confusion.

If you need a long time using magnetic light, make sure it has all the necessary waterproof protection. In that case, GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic light can be a proper solution.

Are you still confused about choosing a halogen light for your large above-ground pool? Pick NiteLighter NL100 LED to have a long-lasting and hassle-free experience.

What are underwater pool lights for an above-ground pool? 

The market is saturated with versatile above-ground LED lights with versatile uses. Some lights are suitable for underwater, whereas some are magnetic as well. Have a quick overview that can help you to choose the perfect lights on your demand.

For an above-ground pool, you need to install some lights under the water. Those lights are built with the halogen bulb and are hardly airtight. To eject the heat, these do not use any heatsink. Instead, the water of the pool acts as the cooling agent.

Underwater pool lights can be RGB or non-RGB, but those must be water protective. Also, those must have enough lumen. Some of these lights are used to indicate the depth or the borders.

What magnetic pool lights are for above-ground pools?

Installing and uninstalling the pool light is pretty complex. It is even going to be more complicated for the deep pools. To solve this problem, the concept of magnetic pool light comes on the market in 2005. Due to the magnate covers, it does not need to screw up. But it requires having a metal base on pools to install.

I often suggest people use magnetic pool lights for above-ground pools when they ask which above-ground pool is best for its accessible functions and installation.

Comparison of Magnetic VS Non-Magnetic Underwater Lights

For Salvation from magnetic or non-magnetic confusion, let’s have a quick comparison. There are so many similarities between both categories. But now we are going to keep only the distinguished both of those alongside.

Magnetic underwater lightNon-magnetic underwater light
 Installation is easy and simpleA bit of a hard-to-installation process under underwater conditions
Often it uses a magnet to get installed in the basement. Or if the pool is non-metal, their magnet goes hole one another from 2 different ends. No need to use screwing up.No magnate on its base. Instead, it needs to use screws or hooks to install on the pool.
Not possible to install it anywhere in the pool. Only possible to establish where it has a metal base to connect with the magnate.Possible to install it anywhere on the pool. It does not need any metal base. Instead, it needs hooks or screws.
A bit expensive but affordable for ordinary peopleInexpensive.

Essential answers (FAQ)

  1. How to install above ground pool light?

    Installing above ground pool light is simpler than you think. First of all, wrap the wire end of the light's body with the water protective tape. Then push this light on the pool light connection hole. After inserting the light on the pool body, remove the tape. Now connect the cable with the power. Before connecting the water hose, don’t forget to wrap it tightly with thread seal tape.
    But if things are going about magnetic light, this process goes easier. Simply attach the light to the metal stand.

  2. What is the proper way of maintaining pool lights?

    There are two things you need to do for pool light maintenance. The first thing is keeping it away from the wet inside. Because once it gets wet inside, it can get a short circuit. Another thing is keeping it clean. To keep it dry inside, you can use resin Pool Putty at any possible water entry end.
    On the other hand, to keep the light clean, use a brush gently. Proper maintenance will give you better performance. Even it can increase its lifespan too.

  3. How many days an underwater pool lights last?

    This is not possible to mention the lifespan of pool light in a word. The lifespan depends on maintenance, condition, and water condition. On average, a pool light can last 15 years. But if the light gets proper maintenance, then it can go more than 20 years. This is the reason people are asked to take appropriate care of it. On the other hand, Long seating can decrease its lifespan. So use it on a regular basis to keep it excellent and fit for a long time.

  4. Does a pool light electrocute a human?

    People are often afraid of electrocuting. But don’t worry, because there never used more than 12 volts of electricity in the pool light connection. This level of electricity never kills people. By force, it can shock or hurt people.
    So there is nothing to worry about. But make sure to install the light correctly. You know, a small shock may harm due to an improper installation. If you think you can’t handle installation, leave it for an Expert hand.

  5. Can I use a regular LED bulb in the pool underwater?

    No, you can’t use the regular LED bulb in the pool underwater. There are 3 reasons. First, normal LED light is not capable enough of lighting an entire pool underwater. Then again, some of those lights need more than 12 volts of power supply.
    But pool light does not require more than 12 volts to keep the water safe from electrocution. And the final reason is their physical construction. Both of their physical structures are not the same. The chances are high that regular LED bulbs will not last long underwater. Also, it is not waterproof at all. So this is not going to be possible to use a normal LED light on the swimming pool.


Swimming at night is really fun. You can bring a party mood to your pool at night with proper lighting. On the flip side, dark pools can often be the reason for the accident. No matter how big or luxurious the swimming pool you have, this is worthless at night without lights. End of the day, you need to have the best underwater above-ground pool lights. When buying lights for your above-ground swimming pools, follow the essential buying guide we’ve attached today. I believe this session will help you to pick the perfect pool lights for you. Remember your gain Is our success. Stay happy and peaceful!

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