Best Above Ground Pool Ladders for Heavy People (Heavy Duty and for Big People) of 2023

Above ground pool owners can understand the value of a pool ladder. It helps them enjoy their backyard pool without worrying about the height of the pool. There are various pools that come with attached ladders. However, most of them still require a separate ladder that works for people who need proper support from them.

That is why we did our research and found out the top 5 pool ladder for heavy people on an above ground pool that works for everyone. On top of that, you do not need to worry about your weight or the height of the pool. 

Before we go ahead and give out the list, here is a to-the-point buying guide for pool ladders.

What to look for in a heavy-duty Pool Ladder?

Having an above ground pool can be a frustrating experience for people with some extra weight. That is why buying a pool step/ladder is the best option you have. It helps you get in or out of your pool without worrying about falling off. To make it a better experience, you need to consider a few things while choosing your next ladder for the pool. 

Usually, pool ladders for heavy people are for the convenience of using an above ground pool. However, it becomes crucial to check some other features for additional benefits.

Here are some of them:

Weight Capacity

The first thing to consider is the weight-bearing capacity of the ladder. You can find various pool ladders that can control up to 400 pounds of weight. Therefore, you can use your pool without struggling to get in or out. 

The material of the ladder helps you check the weight capacity. Hence, you must keep an eye out for some strong materials so that you can get a supportive and durable product for your pool.

Ladder Height and Number of Steps

You can find various ladders that come in different heights. Additionally, all of them have 3, 4, or 5 steps to help you reach the top of the pool. That is why you must consider the height of your pool and choose the ladder accordingly. The best way to avoid this situation is by getting an adjustable ladder. 

It can be adjusted as per your requirements and does an equally excellent job. As far as the steps are concerned, a 4-step ladder is enough for adults and kids to get in on a 56-inch pool. Additionally, going for extra wide pool ladders can help.


Some above ground pool ladders for heavy people are designed for a special type of pool. Thus, you must check the compatibility of the ladder with your pool. Additionally, you must understand the basic requirements of the product such as foundation and space. Some ladders require sanding to provide support to the ladder.

Thus, you must check the compatibility before going for one. 

Hand Rails

Hand Rails are something easily ignored while choosing a ladder for your pool. However, they are crucial in providing a proper balance and enhancing the security of the pool. You must check the hand Rails of the ladder so that your kids can use it to get a proper grip.

Additionally, it helps in providing support to the individuals, who face difficulty in getting on the ladder for some reason. We have listed 3 pool ladders that come with the hand Rails. 

Our list of best heavy-duty pool ladders for that work for every above ground pools:

1. Confer STEP-1VM 4 Step Heavy-Duty Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder (Editor’s Choice)

Confer STEP-1VM 4 Step Heavy-Duty Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

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This pool ladder by Confer does an excellent job in helping you get in or out of your pool. We love this ladder because it comes with handrails that keep you balanced all the time.

Although it is a bit expensive, you can expect an excellent job from this ladder.


Heavy Duty Steps

It is a pool ladder with a 400 lb weight limit. Thus, you can count on these stairs to get in or out of your pool conveniently. 

Easy Installation

You do not need to be a pool expert to set up these pool stairs. You can easily attach it with mounting brackets and some sand. 

Suitable for Backyard Pools

You can use it with any type of pool and enjoy its attractive design wherever you want. It goes great with a flat bottom and above ground pools.

High-Quality Material

It is made from strong plastic that makes it one of the most powerful stairs for your pool. With this design, you can expect it to support heavy weights easily.

What do We like:

We like this ladders because it is convenient, easy to install, and works for everyone. The weight capacity of this ladder is enough for heavy people and does not require any other support. Additionally, it can go with a different type of pool, making it the right product for your home.

What we didn’t like:

We believe that the manufacturers could have spent more time in maintaining the stability of this product. With kids running on and off the ladder, it may displace from its position a bit. Additionally, the material could have used some extra support from some other strong materials as well.

2. Confer A-7200 Adjustable Pool Safety Ladder (Best Adjustable)

Confer A-7200 Adjustable Pool Safety Ladder

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Confer Plastics Heavy Duty A-Frame Pool Ladder is an excellent example of a complete pool ladder. It is safe for kids and you can adjust it according to your pool’s height. Due to the wide range of varieties in pools, it can be adjusted from 48′ to 54′ in height. Additionally, it has a roll guard barrier that rolls out when not in use.

The material is made from plastic and can take up to 300 pounds of weight at a time. If you are concerned about the safety of your kids in the pool, you can go for this one. 


5 Comfortable Steps

It comes with 5 steps that make it easier for you and your kids to get in the pool. To provide a safe entrance, it comes with a better grip on steps.

Roll Guard Barrier

The roll guard barrier makes it a safe and convenient ladder for heavy people. You can use it without worrying about falling off.

Supports up to 54″ Pools

You do not need to worry about your pool heights as it is an adjustable ladder that can support up to 54″ pool height. All you need to do is adjust the height accordingly.

Light Weight

The item weighs only 1 pound and does not require a lot of space to store. Additionally, you can easily set It up with your pool, regardless of its lightweight. 

What Do We Like:

This pool ladder has convenient steps that make it easier to get into your pool without losing your balance. Additionally, it is affordable than most of the pool ladders and provides excellent features at this price. Thus, you can consider it for the additional safety of your children.

What we didn’t like:

The only bad thing about this pool ladder is that it does not go with an Intex swimming pool. Also, you can not use it with an inflatable swimming pool. Thus, you need to consider your requirements before choosing this one. 

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3. Confer Above Ground Ladder With Curve Pool Steps (Premium Look)

Confer Above Ground Ladder With Curve Pool Steps

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Here is something different from the previous products. Confer ladder comes with curve pool steps that provide an excellent grip on the ladder. Additionally, it can support up to 400 pounds of weight. Therefore, weight is not an issue for this pool ladder. 

You also get a handrail that helps you keep your balance for all types of pools. We recommend going for this ladder if you are looking for a premium one. 


Adjustable Base Pads

If you face problems adjusting it with your pool, you can go ahead and adjust the base pads. This is one of the top features of this pool ladder.

Handrail for Support

We love pool ladders that come with a handrail due to the convenience it brings. Hence, you do not need to worry about getting off-balanced while getting out of your pool.

High Weight Holding Capacity

You do not need to worry about the weight capacity of this pool ladder with a 400 lb weight limit. Install it and forget about the weak ladders forever. 

Strong Material

This curve ladder is made from strong chemical resin and plastic that makes it one of the stronger ladders for a pool. You can trust it with all types of above ground pools.

What We Liked:

It is made from a strong material that makes it a durable pool ladder option. You can trust it for the long run and enjoy its convenient design with your swimming pools. Additionally, there are other variants of this ladder that offers different type of decks and base pads. Hence, you can get everything you want with a single product.

What we didn’t like:

It is a bit heavy and may require proper focus and precautions while setting it up. It is a two-person job and you may need to work on the sand as well. Thus, it can be an upsetting process for some of the owners who do not want to go through all these steps.

4. Confer Plastics Access Pool Step (Easy Installation)

Confer Plastics Access Pool Step

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Confer Plastics pool ladder does an excellent job in providing an easy way to get in or off your pool. It comes with comfortable steps that provide a better grip and helps you avoid falling off due to water. Additionally, it has easy handrails that help you support your body while getting in a pool with 56″ inch height.

The design of this ladder works with every type of pool and provides a great fashion sense to the pool owners.


Easy to Assemble

It is an easy to assemble ladder that requires 40 pounds of sand for the foundation. After that, you can use it to match the height of your pool.

Side Openings

It comes with side openings that prevent algae from spreading on the product. It is an effortless way to get the job done without putting in any effort. 

400 Pounds Capacity

You no longer need to worry about weight problems as it can support up to 400lbs of weight. Thus, all you need to do is provide a strong foundation for the ladder.

Supports up to 56 Inch Pools

You can set it up for pools with 56-inch height. Hence, no more worries about using your Above Ground Pool in the summer season. 

What We Liked:

We like this ladder because of its weight-bearing capacity. Additionally, it does not require much time and effort in setting it up. Thus, you can trust this pool ladder to provide complete support to your pool.

What we didn’t like:

A-frame with this ladder would have provided better support and foundation. Additionally, above ground pools require a better material than simple plastic. Thus, you need to consider these things, especially if you are looking for a heavy-duty pool ladder.

5. Vinyl Adjustable Swimming Pool Ladder 48-56 inch Height (Great Stability)

Vinyl Adjustable Swimming Pool Ladder

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This A-frame Ground pool ladder is all you want for your backyard. It is the most affordable product that comes with all the features you expect from a ladder. Due to its A-Frame design, you can get additional support even while getting out of the pool. In simple words, it has steps on both sides of the pool so that you do not struggle while getting out of the pool as well. 

This ladder is made from chemical resin that provides excellent support to the above-ground pools.


In-Pool Step Ladder

The A-Frame design of this ground pool ladder enables it to provide in-pool steps so that you can use it on both sides of the pool. The convenient design can stay in water for as long as you want.

Side Lock

It comes with a side lock that protects your kids from getting injured while not using the pool. Thus, it provides additional security than other pool ladders. 


It has excellent stability and does not move from its position. This feature is helpful when your kids like to run around the pool a lot. 

Strong Material

This heavy-duty pool ladder is made from resin that provides additional support to the ladder. You can expect it to stay around for many years.

What We Liked:

In our review of pool ladders, this is the most affordable product you will find. Additionally, it supports you on both sides of the pool. Thus, we recommend this pool ladder for a complete experience. 

The stability of this ladder is quite impressive and you will love its stand while using the pool. 

What we didn’t like:

This ladder can only support 300lbs weight. These pool ladders for heavy individuals can use a better weight capacity. Hence, it can be a deal-breaker for some of the pool owners. You must consider this limitation of this ladder before going for this one.

How many years do above-ground pool ladders for heavy people last?

The durability of the product depends on the way you use it. However, a regular pool ladder can work for several years, if you use it properly. We recommend going with a ladder made with strong plastic or resin to use your pool ladder for a long time.

However, if you want to use a ladder for heavy-duty, then you must go with the Confer HeavyDuty pool ladder. 

How do you secure an above ground pool ladder?

Using the right set of equipment can help you secure your ladder for a long time. Adding proper sand to provide a foundation to the ladder is an excellent way to secure it. Additionally, you can refer to the user’s guide of the product for your peace of mind.

What is the most durable Pool Ladder?

Vinyl Adjustable Swimming Pool Ladder comes with a side lock that helps you protect your kids while you are not using your pool. Additionally, it has lockable pads that will help you keep it protected with your loved ones. It is one of the most stable ladders that eliminates the chances of any incident of falling it on your kids.

Tip: You can work on the foundation of the ladder to avoid such instances.

Final Words

This review covered the best pool ladders to help you enjoy uninterrupted baths in your above ground pool. You can go for any of the above ladders as all of them are for some specific users.

If you want an affordable option, then Vinyl Adjustable Swimming Pool Ladder is an excellent option.

However, if you want a complete pool ladder, you can go for Confer STEP-1VM 4 Step Heavy-Duty Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder..

Similarly, the Confer A-7200 Safety Ladder is the best choice for people who wants the best safe and adjustable ladder. Therefore, you can get something for your different requirements from this list.

Still, confused? Go with our editor’s choice and enjoy Confer STEP-1VM 4 Step Heavy-Duty Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder and enjoy your pool with the market-leading product.

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  1. Kathleen Rangel

    I Need Help for my Son. His weight is due to Medical issues. His weight is at 650 lbs. He’s going to have the Bariatric Surgery soon. The pool we got will help him exercising in the water. I NEED a Sturdy Ladder for him

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    1. The Honest Dig

      Thanks for asking for suggestions. Unfortunately, Type 1AA is the highest weight capacity ladder in the market, which can hold 375 lbs. Our advice is to fabricate a ladder from your local steel equipment/ladder manufacturer. Which will be more reliable for you.
      Wising a successful surgery and quick recovery of your son.

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