Best Above Ground Pool Heater 2021

You have a lavish pool in your backyard to invite your friends to a pool party, so why not take a step ahead and have a pool heater for the best experience?  The convenience of having a pool heater is beneficial for swimming any season and even in a chilled environment.

If you wish to host a night party in your above ground pool, you would require an above ground pool heater even if you live in a warmer area. In today’s stressed life, pampering yourself in a warm water pool will soak the stress out. The warm water detoxes your body and will make your mind calmer and relaxed. 

Since you have a pool to calm your senses, A low maintenance above ground pool heaters will revive your soul in the long run. 

Having a heater for above-ground pools is an excellent choice, but choosing the right heater is challenging. The variables you should consider while purchasing a pool heater are, of course, the size and type of the pool. The heater should be efficient enough to heat the whole water of the pool. There are many other factors, such as the price and heating properties of the heater.

We are here to help you find best above ground pool water heater, considering your interest and necessities. 

In this article, you will read about the brands available with high technology according to your needs.

List of 7 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

RankRecommended ProductsEnergy
Check Price
#1Fafco Solar Bear Economy Pool Heating System
Solar40 lbsCheck on Amazon
#2Sun2Solar Clear 18-Foot Round Solar CoverSolar35 lbsCheck on Amazon
#3XtremePower Above ground Swimming Pool Heater SystemSolarNot specifiedCheck on Amazon
#4SunHeater Swimming Pool Heating SystemSolar15 lbsCheck on Amazon
#5Hayward W3HP21004T Pool HeaterElectricity190 lbsCheck on Amazon
#6Blue Wave NS6022 SolarPRO XD3 Dome Above Ground Pool SystemSolar12.5 lbsCheck on Amazon
#7EcoSmart SMART POOL Tankless Pool HeaterElectricity24.2 lbsCheck on Amazon

#1: Fafco Solar Bear Economy Pool Heating System

Fafco Solar Bear Economy Pool Heating System

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The Fasco Bear Economy Heat system, as the name suggests, it’s a solar-powered pool heater. The company that fabricates this product is the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers—an excellent pick for the people at an affordable price.

High-level companies’ experiences make the design super functional and highly heat sensitive. The product quality is excellent, and the performance is highly satisfactory. 

The Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heat System is equipped with a 1.5 inch hose that works with a solar collector, and a bypass valve.

It can easily add 10 degrees temperature rise, and each panel offers 80k BTU.

Additionally, this product can heat an 18 to 24-foot round pool in a short time. The best thing is that you can customize your solar heater for the above ground pool as per your requirements. Once you have a measured size of the pool, you can decide the number of solar panels. The larger pool would require more than one solar panel to function efficiently. 

The system’s bypass valve has a unique feature that allows the heater to turn off when the pool’s water is warm enough to swim. It is what differentiates this heater from other products as it functions more economically. 

The heating system allows you to keep your pool water warm from morning to evening. Its solar panel needs to be fixed on the rooftop for better sunlight reach. The surrounding of the roof should be clear and directly exposed to the sun.


  • It can increase water temperature by more than a 10-degree ferrite.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • Customizable solar panels for your pool size requirement.


  • Hard to assemble for new pool owners
  • A bit heavy than its competitors

#2: Sun2Solar Clear 18-Foot Round Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Clear 18-Foot Round Solar Cover

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The Sun2Solar clear 18-Foot RoundSolar system is the first choice of every pool owner. It is unique because it uses solar energy to keep your pool warm all the time. The performance of the heater is outstanding and acquires our top rating. As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, this product has fulfilled all its promises. 

Heat loss is an affecting factor for a pool as the water evaporates. However, Sun2Solar prevents this process and offers an excellent solution for this problem. It decreases the rate of evaporation by more than 90%. Thus, it traps the heat by reducing the evaporation process.

Hence, It helps to keep your pool warm for a longer time with less energy.

The science behind it is quite simple. The thousands of bubbles on the transparent solar heater cover permit the sun rays to penetrate the pool water to heat. The bubbles perform as a thermal insulator, productively secure the heat within the pool. 

Using a solar thermal insulator pool heater, secure your money from electricity bills. It is a cost-efficient and energy-efficient technology.


  • The tiny bubbles on the cover are effective thermal insulators.
  • Minimum heat loss and evaporation of the water is another pro.
  • It is comfortably adjustable according to the size of the pool.
  • Function through infinite solar energy.


  • It is heavy and may require more space than a standard pool heater.

#3: XtremePower Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater System

XtremePower Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater System

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The Xtremepower Above ground Swimming Pool Heater System is another excellent pool heater. The round-pool owners prefer it. This heather’s design has a cove with tiny thermal cells that work as an insulator to trap the heat.

The thermal insulators heat the poll even when the sky is full of clouds, and you can still relax in the pool with the warm water. It is also considered one of the best solar water heaters in the market.

XtremePower pool heater is a UV Resistant cover held out against the exposure of UV radiation. Extension of the season is also possible because of the thick 12-mil blanket using the stored solar heating to warm up the water by 15-degree ferrite. 

The round cover present of thousands of thermal cells is an opaque material blue in color that is highly photosensitive. The pool is covered with a heater that drastically drops the evaporation rate and keeps the heat collected by the water. 

This product does not generate heat by itself. The system works on renewable solar energy, which is in an infinite amount. It is pollution-free and economical to use. The heating technique is advanced enough to retain the warm water long enough for the time. 

Solar blanket works are direct exposure to the sun, and will not destroy the heater. 

The solar blanket works for years in the harsh solar light without damaging the heater. The solar cover also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty to assure the quality of their product.


  • It is affordable and requires low maintenance.
  • The heating pool technique is cost-effective.
  • It works on eco-friendly Solar light.


  • Some of the users have complained about low quality

#4: SmartPool SunHeater Swimming Pool Heating System

SmartPool SunHeater Swimming Pool Heating System

Check on Amazon

SunHeater swimming solar heating system is blessed with the most acceptable heat transfer abilities. This product reaches out to the expectations of people.

The smart pool solar heating system is suitable for all shapes and sizes of the pool. According to consumers, it is the top-ranking ground pool water heater. We love it for the same reason too.

Solar pool heating systems are permitted to access the free sun’s rays in abundance. The installation is easy as it is adaptable in all kinds of pumps present in your pool system. 

They are very light and long-lasting. The polyolefin material effectively transfers solar heat energy to water through the patented tube and direct flow water circulation design.

Tube-web-tube design permits the SunHeater to capture the abundantly sun possible, maximizing square footage. It offers rigid flexibility, allowing panels to enlarge and contract with variable temperature, giving it the power to last.

The installation of the panel on the rooftop is easy. It is large and photosensitive. It is way more efficient and less expensive than the gas heater. It is one of the high demand products in the market because of its performance and flexibility.


  • It can be installed at the ground level or above the ground level pool.
  • Direct water circulation design works efficiently.
  • It does not cause any pollution and function on renewable energy.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Saves Electricity and Natural Gas.


  • Panels take a lot of space
  • The installation process is complicated

#5: Hayward W3HP21004T Pool Heater

Hayward W3HP21004T Pool Heater

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Hayward W3HP21004T Pool heater has a high capacity to heat water between the range of 95k to 140k. And it saves energy and in a low expanse. The 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC Union Plumbing Connections – Common union for installation, adapts to larger plumbing approved for higher efficiency. The product is safe from corrosion. It is a sustainable product in the market with the best quality. 

It has an Acoustic compressor cover and profile fan blade, making sure to create no noise and provide the best performance.

The Ultra Gold corrosion resistance works even in the area near the coast. The Titanium heat exchanger works efficiently for maximum heat transformation. For the prevention against cavitation and deterioration, Ultraviolet resistant body panels have been used in the system. 

It is affordable and is very salient while working that would not reduce the pool heating time. Operating this device is also easily understandable. It presents the LED screen as a verification control. You can use this water heater for above ground pool easily.

Many pool owners choose this heater for its diverse components and its efficiency. The heating unit is enough for medium or large pools. The reason for the popularity of this product is the reliability of the hardware. The self-diagnostic technology makes it more advanced and different from the other products in the market. 

It detects the pool pump’s performance and harmony with Hayward, Intermatic, Goldline control system, Aquaswitch, and compelling. It displays the temperature all the duration of its working use to adjust the pool’s desired temperature. The non-metal cabinet is a reliable set-up appropriate with easy-access electrical hook-ups.


  • Highly resistive to corrosion.
  • Self-diagnostic technology.
  • LED Display.


  • The heat pump is heavy

#6Blue Wave NS6022 SolarPRO XD3 Dome Above Ground Pool System

Blue Wave NS6022 SolarPRO XD3 Dome Above Ground Pool

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The Blue Wave Solar Dome Heater with the bypass kit has a different design than the other heaters present. The system is compact and durable. The dome is above the ground pool heater. It is an affordable solar heater for above ground pool.

People who prefer this product are homeowners who buy to enjoy the comfy warm pool water in decent weather.

This heater is not bulky like an above solar heater. It is like a minuscule of solar heaters. The circular base is 23 cm in diameter that presents heat-insulating pipes enclosed with a dome shape. 

The dome surface traps the UV radiation similar to the greenhouse effect and permits the heater to increase the pool’s water temperature. 

It can heat up to pool up to 5-degree ferrite in 3 to 7 days according to the pool’s size. It has 60 feet of hose responsible for maximum solar heat transfer. It also connects to 1.25-Inch, 1.5-Inch, Intex hoses. The footprint is so small and saves a lot of space. It requires no gas or electrical connections to install, including two flexible hoses, two claps, and a protective cover.


  • The design has made it take less space
  • Function with solar power
  • Cool design


  • Customization requires professional help

#7: EcoSmart SMART POOL Tankless Pool Heater

EcoSmart SMART POOL Tankless Pool Heater

Check on Amazon

Ecosmart Pool heater is an above-ground electric heater that works on one power supply. The heater was designed for small pools.

The pool heater is quite budget-friendly, is compact, and easy to install.  

This pool heater is a safe, high-performance device. People are used to electric equipment operating. This device is easy to understand. The device’s cabinet does not heat up, and would not harm you if you touch the device.  

Major pros of having an electric pool heater is it will work even at night in any season to enjoy the pool any time with your friends. It has excellent heating capacity. 

The system includes the eco-smart remote control. It uses the latest flow sensor technology and helps to increase reliability and longevity. The Smart POOL System is an energy saver irrespective of the ambient temperature.


  • It is functional in any weather.
  • It is an energy saver and a budget-friendly device.
  • Safe to use
  • Smart system and easy to use.


  • Had some assembly cost during initial installation  

What Should I look for in the above ground pool heaters?

Above-ground pools require a customized pool heater that can work for their pool size. Hence, it would help if you considered whether the pool heater system offers customizable solar panels for the pool or not. Additionally, the type of pool heater also plays a crucial role in helping you decide on the perfect heater for your above ground pool.

Types of Fuel

Heaters that work on natural gas have a high risk of a gas leak that can cause harmful accidents. It also requires high maintenance costs. The heaters operate on electricity also is a problem with an expensive electricity bill. Pool Heaters works on Solar radiation is a one-time investment. The requirement of fueling is non as it uses the sun’s light to heat the water. And it is more eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Pool size

The Heater model you select should be capable enough to heat the whole pole. The manufacturing chart has all the features mentioned so you can choose the right model for your pool. Some Heaters are useful for small pools and less powerful. The large pool owners buying a heater with the heat exchanger are more energy efficient. Higher is the rate BTU rate lesser time required to heat the pool. To rise one-degree ferrite for one pond of water requires one BTU. Hence higher the BTU more efficient the heater would work.

Type of Pools And Their Installation

If you are using a solar pool heater, you may need to help a professional. Solar panels are heavy equipment and have to be handled very carefully. Some heaters do not require expertise. Hence, considering this factor can help you decide what type of pool heater you want.

Control Panel

Solar pool heaters provide an excellent option for pool owners. However, finding the right pool heater is a challenge for them. Hence, you can check our list for the best solar pool heater and match it with your requirements.

According to our editor, Sun2Solar Clear 18-ft round pool heater is an excellent pick for the new and existing pool owners. They can use this inflatable pool heater at their home pool. 

Another factor to consider is whether the heater has a control panel or not. Digital control panels are the most efficient. It monitors the device’s functioning and provides consumer control over the desired temperature of the water. The control panels also have a feature to diagnose the technical problem by themselves.

What is best electric pool heater for above ground pool?

Out of all the pool heaters that we covered in this review, Hayward W3HP21004T Pool Heater is considered the best electric pool heater for above ground pools. The main reason is its innovative fan blade that reduces the heater sound. Additionally, its titanium heat exchanger ensures that the heat is transferred and used efficiently.

What is the best Intex above ground pool heater?

Intex has a wide range of pool heaters for their customers. However, the Eco-friendly Solar Heating Mat by Intex is the best above ground pool heater for you. It does not take much of your garden space and works efficiently. 

The best thing is that you can join multiple mats as per your pool requirements. If you are looking for an affordable pool heater by Intex, then this is the right choice for you.

It is a great choice for small and large pool owners to enjoy a hot bath at home.

What is the best solar heater for an above ground pool?

Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heat System is the first choice of every pool owner. The solar collector and rubber tube plugs allow you to transfer and utilize the solar energy to your pool.

The best thing is that it is much affordable and requires minimum maintenance. Additionally, it is a good option for beginners, as the setup is pretty easy.

What is the best propane heater above-ground pool?

Hayward H-series 100,00 can be an excellent choice for propane pool heater lovers. The best thing is that you do not need to worry about electric or solar energy for it to work. Additionally, it is much easier to install and requires no additional care to work. Hence, it can be the best propane pool heater above ground for you.

You may also consider of buying a thermometer for your pool to for recheck your existing temperature.

How many hours of direct sunlight does a solar pool heater need to work properly?

Solar heaters will work properly with the best output if they faced a southerly direction and get direct sunlight of 5-7 hours daily. So, the required panel should be calculated according to the weather condition in that area. You may need more or less solar panels according to daily sunlight conditions.


While buying an above ground pool heater, you should consider its advantages and disadvantages properly. The advantage of having a solar power heater is that it cuts down the electricity bill. However, it may not work at night time.

If you are looking for an affordable pool heater, then XtremePower pool heater is the best choice for you. 

Additionally, Sun2Solar clear 18-Foot Round system can be a great option as your next solar panel-based pool heater, if you are looking for the best solar above ground pool heater.

However,  Hayward W3HP21004T Pool Heater is still the best electric above ground pool heater option in the electric pool heaters category.

The article was for you to get the right ground pool heaters as per your requirements. Hence, you can now make a proper decision before buying your next above ground pool heater.

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